Vintage RV

How Much Does a Vintage RV Cost?

Does the thought of owning a vintage RV sound appealing to you? There’s a prestige to owning such a vehicle and a certain culture of individuals that follow the vintage look. But what’s so great about vintage RV’s besides their unique aesthetic? Behind their classic looks comes quality construction and real materials as opposed to … Read more

How Long is a Class A RV?

When considering buying a Class A RV, there are many factors to consider. For starters, the length of your vehicle will play a very important role. So exactly how long is a Class A RV? These models can come in sizes as short as 22 feet and as long as 50 feet. What is a … Read more

Carpinteria State Beach—Camping with White Sandy Beaches

When thinking about camping a few immediate images come to mind. Trees, hiking, and roasting marshmallows. What if some of those images also included white sandy beaches, surfing, and tidepools? Well, at Carpinteria State Beach, you can get all of those things. If you want to camp on the beach, hunt for sand crabs, and observe harbor seal … Read more

14 Tips for Functional Camper Storage and Organization

When it comes to camper storage, you can never have too much. Proper storage is key to maintaining order and organization in your camper. Tips for Functional Camper Storage and Organization People have come up with creative ways to increase storage utilization within their campers and I’m here to share just a handful of the … Read more

Fallen Leaf Lake—A Hidden Gem in Central California

If you’ve ever been camping at Lake Tahoe, you know that it’s crowded all year round. There is no “off” season for Tahoe and sometimes, a highly populated campsite is not relaxing or fun. Luckily there are several alternate campgrounds that are near Tahoe that are just as beautiful if not more breathtaking than the … Read more

13 Tips for Buying a Class C Motorhome or RV

So, you’ve decided on a Class C motorhome. Great! You’ve knocked out the hardest part about purchasing a recreational vehicle which is deciding on the kind of model you want to buy. However, you’re far from close to the finish line. Before you head out to the dealership to pick up your Class C Motorhome, … Read more