Author: Ricky Kesler

Upgrading the Camper with Friction Fit Shelves

The travel trailer virgins made their first primitive camping foray over a four-day and three-night weekend. By primitive we mean there was no Wi-Fi. Heck, there was no phone service. We still had full hookups including, of course, water, sewer, and electricity. But not being able to have Netflix or […]

8 Top Must-Have Appliances for Your RV Kitchen

Description: Tired of flights, bookings and tickets, hours of flights and additional documents, hotel reservations, car rental, numerous calls, and correspondence, but want to go on holiday. These issues are increasingly affecting tourists and travelers. At the same time, many of us come to the fact that we want more […]

Surviving a First Camper Vacation

The travel trailer virgins took the rolling motel room on its shakedown cruise a few weeks ago. We survived. YAY! Turns out, it really is not brain science or rocket surgery. If you take your time and think your way through, you too can set up your own motel room […]