Average Weight of a Fifth Wheel Trailer (with 18 examples)

Anyone searching for an RV questions themselves as to which one best suits their needs.  To fifth wheel or not to fifth wheel, that is the question.  It’s a dilemma, for sure, and requires due diligence and patience. Fifth wheels vary widely in weight.  From the lightest at 2,400 pounds to the heavyweight champ of … Read more

How Much Do Pop-Up Campers Weigh (and other considerations)

Welcome to the 21st century—gone are the days of your grandpa’s pop-up. Pop-ups have moved up to snazzy, efficient, cozy and comfy recreational vehicles.  They come with many amenities to keep the experienced camper happy or welcome the first time questionable camper. The weight of a pop-up can vary as much as any travel trailer … Read more


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