Author: Nancy Ferri

Do RVs Have To Stop At Weigh Stations?

Now that you mention it, how many have been on the road wondering if you’ll need to stop in at the local weigh station?  Well, I never imagined that possibility of perhaps having to do so, but you may wish to read on for the weigh station scoop. The answer […]

Pride RV Resort – Campground Highlight

The Carolinas in October sounds just about perfect, right?  For Dave and I who live in Florida, we were excited for a welcomed change of scenery and temperatures. From door to door, we were looking at a 602-mile trip to our destination of Pride RV Resort in Maggie Valley, NC, […]

How Much Does a Truck Camper Cost?

A truck camper, also known as TC, is not a vehicle on its own, but a camper specifically designed to fit over the cab of your regular or long-bed pickup truck.  It is sometimes referred to as a slide-in or cab-over camper.  These campers are versatile and loved by many […]

How To Flush And Clean An RV Black Tank

Now this is a topic that’s on everyone’s mind that owns an RV with a toilet, but one that few want to think about, let alone talk about.  Let’s get down to the nitty gritty dirt on keeping that RV black tank like new and running clean! Starting with the […]

Money-Saving Tips When Storing Your RV

So, you’ve found the RV of your dreams after many months, or even years, of researching, shopping, and visiting RV shows and dealers.  Congratulations!  It’s such a feeling of elation when you’ve picked out “the one.” Now onto the nitty gritty of storing your RV and purchasing those extras needed […]

How Much do Teardrop Campers Weigh?

A Teardrop Camper may be the solution you have in mind to keep life adventurous, fun and simple while still having some added comfort in the great outdoors. While there are not as many manufacturers specializing in teardrop style campers as other standard recreational vehicles, you’ll still find a wide […]

Best Travel Trailers Under $10,000

It’s generally a good idea to have a budget in mind in many aspects along life’s journey.  One journey that many want to take is the road to camping in an RV.  Maybe you’re a first time RVer or in the market for a newer model but your cash flow […]