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Alliance RV Toy Hauler Review – Valor 42V13

Published on January 25th, 2021 by Jimmy & Lisa Cox

Alliance RV Valor 42V13 Toy Hauler Video Tour

Alliance RV has rolled out their toy hauler line and Jimmy and Lisa of Find Us Camping were lucky enough to get a video tour from the line’s General Manager Jeremiah Dumka. Alliance RV has been making quite a name for themselves since they began production in the fall of 2019. Their well thought out floor plans, attention to detail, and superb customer service have gotten them a lot of attention in the RV community.

Now that Alliance has released their toy hauler brand, Find Us Camping wanted to bring you a video tour and share the brand’s details that set them apart from the others. 

Alliance RV explains ‘Disruptive Measures’

The BIG details that set Alliance apart are what they call their “Disruptive Measures”. According to Jeremiah, the full weather resistant ramp door that Alliance RV offers is an industry first. No more worrying about water damage on your ramp door.

The Valor 42V13 also comes with two 320-watt solar panels with a battery monitor. This is also an industry first for toy haulers at this price point. This allows you to see your battery life in real time.

Fully insulated garage

The fully insulated garage with a dedicated A/C and heat source makes sleeping in the “garage” as comfortable as the rest of the RV. Extremely lightweight, epoxy poured countertops add a lightweight but luxurious touch. After all, your carrying capacity shouldn’t have to be reduced just to enjoy nice countertops.

Largest furnace and three air conditioners

Alliance RV has also added the largest furnace in its class to the Valor, coming in at 42,000 BTUs. They also offer the most efficient A/C System configuration, with three A/C units producing a total of 40,500 BTU of cooling, while utilizing the least amount of ductwork in the industry.

These are also ultra quiet air conditioning units, so you don’t have to yell just to talk to one another. You can easily run 2 A/Cs on 30 amp service in the Valor, or run all three on 50 amp. Since there are three separate A/C units, there are of course three separate thermostats so everyone can stay comfortable.

Alliance RV Valor 42V13 Floorplan
Alliance RV Valor 42V13 Floorplan – Photo: Alliance RV

100% carpet-free Alliance RV

The Alliance RV Valor 42V13 is 100% carpet free, Lisa’s favorite feature. This is complimented by flush-floor slideouts, no more stubbing your toes on those raised slide floors. Let’s not forget one of Jimmy’s favorite features, the on board air compressor. Whether you have a tire that needs air on your toys, hauler, truck, or inflatable, you’re covered.

Best toy hauler for boondocking

Valor has more standard 12-volt systems in their coach, giving you a superior boondocking experience. Their 12-volt systems include the on board air compressor, fuel tank pump, power recliners, and USB charge ports.

The boondocking-friendly 12-volt systems extend to the garage TV, bedroom TV, stereo system, antenna, LED lighting, garage bed lift, and ramp. Finally, Alliance RV also has 12-volt systems in the gate lock, slide outs, landing gear, furnace 12V/gas, and the water pump.


All in all, it seems to Find Us Camping that Alliance RV has come up with a great toy hauler. Jeremiah did say they do look forward to the day that full body paint might be an option. The toy hauler that Alliance RV has brought to the table has some great options that set it apart from others in the industry. With the customer service reputation that Alliance has made for itself, it seems they will quickly become a prominent brand in the toy hauler market.

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