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Airstream Trailers That Sleep 5 or More People

Published on December 11th, 2018 by Camper Report
This post was updated on April 26th, 2021

When traveling with a large family, you will want your Airstream trailer to sleep at least 5 people! If you’re an Airstream fan, you’ll want to find the best fit for you and your family before making your purchase. 

What Airstream trailers sleep 5 or more people? Most of Airstream trailers that are on the market can accommodate at least 5 people. From least expensive to most expensive, here is a list of Airstream trailers that can sleep 5 or more people:

  • Flying Cloud
  • International Signature
  • International Serenity
  • Tommy Bahama 
  • Globetrotter
  • Classic

Airstreams have been popular for decades and they’re versatile enough to satisfy any buyer’s tastes and demands. The ability to fit a family of 5 into your trailer has become increasingly important in the RV game. The trailer options that are available today with this requirement in mind have many different features to offer you. 

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Airstream Trailers for 5+ People

Airstreams are beloved for their sleek design, quality materials, and overall durability. Sometimes remodeled as a couples caravan, the Airstream isn’t just a retreat for a few but can be a vacation accessory for the entire family!

If you’ve ever slept in an RV with a lot of people, you know the sleeping arrangements can be difficult. Especially if your RV’s floor plan doesn’t allow for that sleeping space. 

You don’t want your vacation, camping trip, or semi-permanent home on wheels to make sleeping at night a burden to organize. A lot of the Airstream trailers have made accommodations for large families with many different places to rest your head comfortably at night.

It’s not hard to find an Airstream trailer that will sleep a minimum of 5 people. All but 3 of all Airstream trailers on the market today will sleep 5 people or more. 

The only ones that won’t are their Airstream Sport, the new Nest by Airstream, and the Airstream Basecamp trailers. These ones will fit 2-4 people depending on which you choose. 

This leaves 6 trailers made by Airstream that can accommodate that number of occupants. They are:

  • Flying Cloud
  • International Signature
  • International Serenity
  • Tommy Bahama 
  • Globetrotter
  • Classic

Each one has different features to offer an adventurer, so I will break each one down further to help your understand their differences, strengths, and weaknesses. 

Below is a table with information from the Airstream website with simple statistics they thought were important for a customer to know when comparing trailers. 

ModelSleeping CapacityAxlesLengthFloorplansBase MSRP

The last 4 trailers that have an occupancy range starting at 4 people just means that the size you choose can change. You will want to look at the bigger sizes of those trailers if you’re hoping to fit in 5 people. 

The prices are base prices and can fluctuate depending on where you buy it, if it’s new or used, and what floor plan and features you choose.

You will want to stay in the higher range of the length options in order to satisfy that need. The floor plan you choose will also change how many people can sleep in it.  Keep these two things in mind if you’re looking at the Tommy Bahama, International Serenity, International Signature, or the Flying Cloud.

“Which Travel Trailer is Right for Me” Survey

If you’re completely stumped about what Airstream trailer you want, have no fear! Airstream has developed a spot on their website where you can answer a few questions about you, your family, and what kinds of trips you plan on taking in your trailer and then it recommends one of their trailers to you in the end.

The recommendation comes about from the answers you choose during the survey. It’s supposed to be tailored to you and your individual adventures. If you’re lost then give it a try! Here’s the link

The first question asks how many people max will ever sleep in your trailer. This may seem hard to answer, but the maximum you can go up to is 8 so the choice doesn’t become too overwhelming.

If you choose either the “5-6” or “7-8” answers then the survey will automatically eliminate any trailer that doesn’t fit that criteria. Play around with it and see what you like best!

Airstream Trailers

In this section I dive a little deeper into each Airstream trailer that can fit a at least 5 people. As opposed to the introduction, I will start with the most expensive option and work my way down.

Classic Airstream

As you can see in the table above, the Classic Airstream trailer can sleep up to 5 people. It is also the biggest and most expensive option when considering base price and full length. 

This trailer was designed for long term use by the owners. This is not going to be the best choice for you if you only plan on using it occasionally.  The Airstream website explains it this way:

“Created for longer trips or full-time living, the Classic Travel Trailer offers every comfort of home you want – plus plenty of amenities you didn’t even know you needed.”

The Classic Airstream is high tech and allows for more homey touches that someone will appreciate when they live in their RV for a long time. Some casual travelers will find that they don’t need all of the extra bells and whistles for a travel trailer they only bring out on holidays or weekends.

Consider how often and in what capacity you are going to use your trailer before you settle on the one for you. 

This trailer comes with the option of picking from 4 different floor plans. A lot of customers enjoy the freedom to customize the layout of their RVs. 

The main differing factors of the four different floor plans are the choice between a queen bed or two twin beds and what side of the trailer the beds are located.

These may not seem like major, life-changing, decisions, but it’s important to consider your circumstances and traveling plans when making the choice. You’ll be happier with your purchase if you take the time to choose a floor plan that will make you happy!

Now let’s talk about price. The main difference in base prices among the Classic options depend on the length. The 30′ Classic trailers have a base price of $149,900 and the 33′ ones are closer to $164,400.

Airstream Globetrotter

The name of this trailer really gives it away. It gives you the feel of world travel as you embark on your adventures in it. The Airstream website has described it in this way:

“From its crisp, clean lines to its delicate neutral colors – the Globetrotter Travel Trailer is the epitome of modern style.”

The website claims European design influences went into the making of this trailer. It’s geared towards a sophisticated and well rounded traveler. 

It may seem like it has more fashion than function, but this popular choice includes everything you may need for a comfortable life on the road. 

Just like wit the Classic trailer, the  price changes depending on the length. For the 25′ choice, the price starts at $103,900. It then goes up to $106,900 when you choose a longer one. 

It also gives you the ability to choose between four floor plans. The floor plan options are the same as the Classic with regards to you choosing where to put the bed in the trailer and a decision between a queen bed or two twins. 

Unlike the Classic, this trailer can sleep up to 6 people. The “sleeps up to” number is just telling you how many people it can physically fit comfortably. You can, of course, opt to have less people in the trailer than it says. 

The Globetrotter has a relatively simple layout. It has all the necessities such as a kitchen, shower, bedroom, and eating area. It is made for more casual travel when compared to the Classic. 

It is very nice but won’t have all the house-like amenities. This is closer to an actual travel trailer you see all the time but with a modern twist in design. 

All of the appliances are top of the line and your sink and shower are enclosed in one room.  These spaces are very nice and well furnished, but that doesn’t mean that they’re spacious.

This is the downfall of all travel trailers no matter the brand. A tiny home means you have tiny spaces in which to live. It’s something we must accept before the search begins. 

Tommy Bahama Airstream 

The Tommy Bahama Airstream is the epitome of relaxation and good vibes. The website describes it this way:

“Two brands that are committed to living the good life come together in a trailer that feels as inviting and easygoing as it does luxurious.”

The style of this trailer can only be described as “beach vibes”. Nordstrom describes the brand in this way:

“Tommy Bahama embodies laid-back sophistication.”

I share their conclusion because that is what the Tommy Bahama Airstream trailer also tries to exhibit in it’s design and style. The beachy feel tries to make you more at home and relaxed. 

They have a 19′ option and a 27′ option. If you’re looking to fit 5 people then you will definitely want the 27′ option. This one has a base price of $124,400. It’s design includes sandier shades, Hibiscus floral patterns, and a general color scheme that reminds you of the ocean. 

These design elements are found throughout the trailer in the pillows, bedspread, and bathroom wall paper. This trailer is definitely geared towards a certain kind of adventurer. 

This trailer will either be your style or it won’t. Make sure to check out the interior before making your choice. The themes and general appearance don’t minimize the quality or functionality of the travel trailer. The appliances are still nice and the bathroom is all-inclusive in its design. 

International Serenity Airstream

The International Serenity Airstream trailer also has relaxation on the mind. This one, however, doesn’t have such an extreme style. 

It’s describes as:

“With easy, peaceful style and purposeful design, the International Serenity Travel Trailer earns its name everywhere you look.”

Airstream definitely has a knack for naming their trailers properly. This one breathes an essence of serenity. It’s made to transform your busy lives into a peaceful vacation. 

The snippet mentions a “purposeful design” and this is done by giving you the best quality essentials with little fluff. You won’t find any Hibiscus flowers on these walls. 

This versatile travel trailer comes with the option to choose between 12 different floor plans. These floor plans break the trailer options up into 5 different lengths.

  • 23′ ($86, 400)
  • 25′ ($97, 900)
  • 27′ ($104, 900)
  • 28′ ($104, 900)
  • 30′ ($111, 900)

As you can see from the list above, the pricing in the original table is quite deceieving. The advertised base price on the home screen is the lowest possible price option. For some of these trailers, that means that the base price advertised on the main screen isn’t even for a trailer that will fit 5 people. 

Make sure to check all the facts before choosing your trailer. 

There’s only one option (International Serenity 23FB) that doesn’t sleep at least 5 people, so make sure to check out those statistics before settling on one. 

The things that differ besides length are all the typical suspects. There is a queen or twin bed choice as well as the direction your bed is facing and its physical location. 

Each has a toilet and sink in one room with the shower separate. The appliances are all high quality, as always. 

International Signature Airstream

This trailer is simplistic in nature but completely modern. It gives you everything you need without all the hassle. It’s main design involves neutral tones throughout the trailer with a few splashes of color to keep it exciting. 

It’s described in detail on the Airstream website in this way:

“To those who love clean, modern sophistication as much as they love freedom and adventure, this trailer is the perfect balance. It’s adventure without compromising luxury, even for a second.”

This trailer is functional and sleek. It includes all the aspects that the other trailers did in relation to basic inclusions. 

This also has 12 floorplans each ranging in size and physical layout of beds. The size options are the same as the International Serenity, and the majority of options can sleep up to 6 people. 

The prices for this trailer range from $84,400 – $109,900 just like the International Serenity. They are the closest in size and price when compared. The International Signature is slightly cheaper at it’s biggest size. 

Airstream Flying Cloud

Flying Cloud is the most dynamic of all the options. With sizes ranging from 19′-30′ there is a Flying Cloud for everyone!

This trailer has 19 floorplans for you to choose from. The description for this trailer on the Airstream website states:

“The most popular, versatile, and family-friendly travel trailer. And the light and airy design keeps you ready to float from one adventure to the next, bringing your comfort zone right along with you.”

This is most likely the travel trailer for you! It has plenty of floor plans to choose from to fit your individual circumstances. It is functional and simple to get the job done!

Here is a list of all the Flying Clouds that can fit at least 5 people.

LengthModelPriceSleeping Capacity
19CB Bunk$68,4005
23′23CB Bunk$77,4007
25′25FB & 25FB Twin & 25RB & 25RB Twin$85,9006
27′27FB & 27 FB Twin$92,9006
28′28RB & 28 RB Twin$92,9006
30′30FB Bunk$99,9008
30′30RB & 30RB Twin$98,9008 & 6

The versatility of this trailer is amazing. Each one has different physical layout options, features, and styles. You can get one with a queen, two twin beds, or even bunk beds. This is definitely one of the Airstreams that you can tailor directly to you and your family. 

It also has some of the best prices so far. This is the trailer for the casual adventurer. It is durable, good quality, and open for visitors! 

Airstream is proud of their legacy and they are known for their ability to take decades worth of customer feedback and use it to improve the newer models of their travel trailers. 

Whatever your family wants and needs in a travel trailer, Airstream has it! 

The information above was all pulled from Airstream’s website where they advertise the new models. If you’re looking for a used one then look elsewhere. The floorplans and options will be about the same but will be dated depending on what year you choose!

Your next adventure is out there waiting fort you to have it!

Related Questions

How much is an Airstream Bambi? The Airstream Bambi was created in 1961 when Airstream created the first travel trailer with one axle. As the years have progressed, the “Bambi” has been used to create many new models of travel trailer for Airstream. It is now the name of all single axle trailers Airstream has to offer. They range in price from $36,000 – $47,000.

 When did Airstream stop making trailers? The Airstream company is still manufacturing new travel trailers and touring coaches. The 2019 series is out and includes a new single axle trailer. You can purchase used Airstreams that are in great working condition but that doesn’t mean that they stopped making new ones. 

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