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Airstream Basecamp: Is it a Good Choice for Couples?

Published on December 10th, 2018 by Camper Report

So you are thinking of getting a travel trailer for yourself and your partner. The Airstream Basecamp is a compact travel trailer that is great for exploring and traveling! 

Is an Airstream Basecamp a good choice for couples? For those who enjoy camping together and in style, the Airstream Basecamp is a great option and more cost-effective than some other Airstream models. If you and your partner are okay with smaller quarters and have a desire to travel and see the beautiful outdoor world in clean, modest style, the Airstream Basecamp will be a great fit for you.

There are many great benefits and amenities found with the Airstream Basecamp and couple traveling. To learn more about it, read on!

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The Airstream Basecamp is a travel trailer that is sixteen feet in length and sleeps two people within it. Its key feature is the aluminum and rutted exterior and the modern finished interior.

Every square inch of the Airstream Basecamp has been considered and has a use. Almost everything within the basecamp is multifunctional. There are two doors, an entrance door, and a rear hatch so you can load things within such as bikes, paddle boards, and more.

This camper has everything you may need for your travels and adventures. Screens are also included with the doors and large panoramic windows in front of the kitchen and along the sides for a gorgeous view of wherever you are. 

The Airstream Basecamp was designed with the desire for you to be able to tow it with the vehicle you have now and not have the need to buy a whole new vehicle to tow it. This is extremely convenient if you have a specified budget or prefer a certain vehicle in traveling conditions. 

The Airstream Basecamp is extremely lightweight only weighing 2,585 pounds and having a carrying capacity of 915 pounds. The weight of the Basecamp is helpful when considering gas mileage and towing vehicle tolerance. The wheels are large and carefully considered so that you can tackle any terrain.


As said before the Airstream Basecamp is built with the intention of smaller living and having a use for every single square inch within. To begin, the back of the trailer has two separate modular benches that can seat five and also can transform into a bed size of choice whether that be half sized of full-sized.

The full-sized bed dimensions are 76′” by 76″. The material of the cushioning is syntex marine fabric that is antibacterial, mildew and stain resistant, and flame retardant. Two collapsible tables are optioned as well for dinners, studying, or other activities. 

This small travel trailer also includes a smart kitchen with a collapsible sink to offer more counter space, two gas burners, a microwave, a refrigerator, and plenty of storage space for your groceries.  

Finally, the Airstream Basecamp offers a fully functional wet bathroom. This means that everything in the bathroom is able to get wet and no damage will come to anything within it.

This perk allows for more condensed space. Within the bathroom, there is a toilet, sink, and shower.

Aside from everything you need to live comfortably there is a ton of storage space including on the walls, and in the benches. Draws and cabinets are included towards the kitchen too.  

7 Advantages of the Airstream Basecamp for Couples

There are many advantages when it comes to the Airstream Basecamp and also for living in a tiny-home manner while camping and traveling. Much like the tiny home movement, the Airstream Basecamp encourages reduced space living which can be a draw for many people and has many great benefits. I will list some below. 

#1: Lowered Expenses All Around

If you are choosing to live out in the great outdoors for a time, having a smaller camper such as the Basecamp and not a large camper like one of the other Airstreams will result in a lower cost.

Because you will be constantly moving in the Basecamp, you will not have to pay rent or make house payments! Along with this, you will not have to pay much for water or electricity.

You may not even need to pay for electricity, due to the solar capabilities the Basecamp has. 

#2: Freedom to Roam

With the Airstream Basecamp, you will have the freedom of movement to travel wherever you want whenever you want. This is a very empowering thing.

Because you have a Basecamp or other mobile home of sorts you will not be tied down to one single place but can roam around to wherever interests you and where you think you will be the happiest.

#3: Easy Maintenance

This is an advantage that can be found within the Basecamp because since it is small and made of aluminum you will not have much maintenance to uphold other than possible plumbing and electrical problems.

These problems if presented will be very minimal due to the compact size of the Basecamp.

#4: Harmony with Nature

Harmony With Nature. Because you will able to move around where you please, you have the option to be in nature. Many studies have proven that living in nature is extremely beneficial to the well-being of individuals.

Living off-grid or anywhere in nature for that matter offers individuals or couples to find peace and solace in nature and not feel the stress of modern cultural society. 

#5: Easier and Simpler Lifestyle

With the Airstream Basecamp, you will be able to have an easier way of life. By this, I mean that you will be able to experience the freedom of having few possessions. While some may see this as a negative aspect, many see it as a positive.

I remember when I moved across the country I only had two suitcases that I fit my entire life into. The feelings of freedom and independence I felt was undeniable and thrilling and I would highly recommend it to anyone who has not experienced this yet. 

#6: Social Aspect

Social Aspect. One thing you will find with travel living is that you will gain a social community of friends who are living the same dream as you and your partner.

You will be able to connect and learn from others along the way of your travels, you will be shocked by how much your knowledge and perspective expand by interacting with on the same journey just different paths. 

#7: Strengthened Relationship

One thing about living your life together in this way is that you and your partner will be able to strengthen your relationship. By traveling together, you will be able to experience freedom together, you will find new things and learn at the same time.

Without the stress of a regular daily life, you will find that you will be able to grow affection and love for each other easier due to the time you have with each other in an environment where it is free to grow without interruption.

Related Questions

How much do Airstream campers cost? Airstream campers can have a price range of anywhere between $35,000 and $140,000. The price of the camper is based on what model you buy and where you buy it from. Larger models bought straight off the market tend to be on the higher priced side.

The smaller the model gets the more the price will decrease. If you buy an Airstream camper from a different source like a sidestreet sale or other means such as online the price is set by the seller and can vary based on location, need, and desire. 

What are the best road trips to take with an Airstream Basecamp? The world has many beautiful places to find and see. Road trips are great to take your Basecamp on so that you can find special, interesting, and beautiful spots in the world.

You will want to be in nature with your Basecamp, so the road trips I would recommend is the Ultimate New England Road trip and the National Park road trip of the west.

The first goes through all the New England states, taking you through the Northern Appalachians and through beautiful eastern forests and along the Atlantic Ocean. The latter gives you the options to hit the major national parks of the west including Yosemite, Yellowstone, Zion’s and more! 

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