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Airstream Reveals Their Most Popular Floor Plans Of 2022

Published on September 16th, 2022 by Emily Lawrence
This post was updated on September 30th, 2022

Airstream in campsite at sunset

What Are The Most Popular Airstream Floor Plans For 2022?

Airstream travel trailers have been popular ever since they debuted in the 1930s. Over the years they have changed and modernized in many ways, although they’ve always retained that classic and shiny aluminum exterior.

As the company looks forward to the release of their 2023 models, they shared details about their most popular floor plans for the previous year.

Five floor plans stood apart from the pack during 2022. Many of the bestselling models fell under the Silver Bullet family, although some small and uniquely designed trailers also earned a spot on the list. These models ranked well due to their passenger-centric designs and top-tier amenities.

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Without further ado, let’s explore the most popular floor plans that Airstream sold in 2022!

Silver Bullet 27FB

There are 19 different models under the Silver Bullet lineup, so the competition is fierce. One floor plan stand apart though, and it represents 18% of all the Silver Bullets sold in 2022. This star is the 27FB. This is a classic Airstream design with a riveted aluminum exterior and rounded edges.

At 28 feet long, it’s a good size for traveling because it isn’t held back by being too large and bulky. It can even be towed by SUVs as well as trucks. On the other hand, 28 feet still provides plenty of space for passengers to relax and unwind after a long day on the road. It’s a great combination of function and comfort.

Up to six people can sleep comfortably in this floor plan, so it’s perfect for families and groups of friends. The main bed at the front can be a fixed queen-size bed or a set of twin beds that could be converted into a larger one if necessary. The windows on the front and back wrap around, giving you a beautiful panoramic view of your surroundings.

interior of flying cloud airstream
Inside the Silver Bullet 27FB. Photo: Airstream

There are also tons of optional upgrades that have made the 27FB tempting to Airstream customers. For example, buyers can add solar panels, an extra A/C unit, or a convection microwave to their trailer. Each 27FB also comes with different decoration/color scheme choices, so it will match the style you’re looking for.

Overall, this is one of the most popular floor plans Airstream has ever released, and its easy to see why!

Silver Bullet 25FB

A close runner-up to the 27FB is the 25FB floor plan. This one is a bit smaller, measuring in at 25 feet, 11 inches long. Its design is quite similar to the previous model and the numbers reflect this. Sales for the 25FB represent 17% of all Silver Bullet sales, so this one is just barely behind the 27FB in terms of popularity.

The design of the main living space is almost unchanged, but there is slightly less space because of its smaller size. This has caused a reduction of space in the countertop, the wardrobe, and the pantry.

The bedroom design is also a bit different! While the headboard of the 27FB bed aligned with the front of the trailer, the 25FB bed headboard has been rotated 90 degrees and placed against the wall. It’s a queen-size bed and there’s space at the foot of it, but this alignment choice has made it slightly awkward to access the bedroom.

However, the rest of the layout and amenities of this trailer are a force to be reckoned with. The main living room is as big as ever, and it still features those lovely wraparound windows. There’s plenty of room for a full kitchen, a wardrobe, and a split bathroom (shower on one side of the hall, toilet and sink on the other).

In addition, because the 25FB is smaller and lighter than its competition, it can be towed by a wider range of vehicles. It also has plenty of holding tank capacity, which makes it a great choice for boondockers. Overall, this is a slightly smaller version of the 27FB that includes all the benefits in a more compact package.

Single Axle Silver Bullet 22FB

Another model that earned a spot on the list of the most popular floor plans is the 22FB. This is a single axle Silver Bullet Airstream model, so it’s a bit smaller due to the weight restrictions of this class. However, it has a great layout that customers love!

The front of the floor plan contains the bedroom, which mostly consists of a full-size bed. Storage shelves are installed at the headboard and foot of the bed, so there’s space for personal items. Panoramic windows surround the bed, but blackout curtains are also available for privacy.

The center of the 22FB has a U-shaped dinette against one wall and a full kitchen setup along the opposite side. The dinette can be converted into a second sleeping space as well. A large wardrobe sits next to the refrigerator so there’s space for clothes and bulky storage items.

The rear of this Airstream model has a bathroom that spans the width of the vehicle. Plenty of countertop space is available in the bathroom, and even the shower has a lot of room for soap and toiletries.

The 22FB is a neat and compact design that people are definitely drawn to!

Silver Bullet Airstream Flying Cloud

The Flying Cloud has been one of the most consistently popular floor plans ever since it debuted in 1949. It’s been reinvented many times since then, but the Flying Cloud is always a model you can trust! Each design is different, but that means that there’s bound to be something for everyone.

The Flying Cloud was reintroduced to the world in 2009, but 2022 was a fantastic year for this model. Many sizes and layouts exist under this title, including some of the Silver Bullet models! Some are as long as 30 feet, while others are 23 feet or shorter.

Some Flying Cloud designs include bunk beds, while others have office desks that are perfect for remote workers. Every design has huge windows that wrap around the curved walls, providing an open and airy environment for every passenger.

In addition to the Silver Bullet models we mentioned above, almost every Flying Cloud model has earned a spot on the list of the most popular floor plans.

Basecamp 20

Finally, let’s talk about one of the smallest and most popular Airstream models in 2022. The Basecamp 20 still has the signature aluminum exterior and rounded ends that customers expect from the brand, but it’s smaller and flat on top. This creates a unique and modern look that has made it extremely popular.

The Basecamp trailer is just over 20 feet long and it’s extremely lightweight. Many different cars can tow this trailer without any issue, so it’s perfect for customers who want to explore without changing their travel plans.

The front and back of the Basecamp 20 are designed for comfort and family time. There’s a semicircular dinette at the rear and a pair of opposing padded benches at the front. These benches can be converted into a two-person bed when necessary.

A small kitchenette occupies one wall of the middle section, while the other holds a compact wet bath and some storage closets. If you need something that’s lightweight but heavy-duty, the Basecamp 20 is an excellent choice.

For even more inside scoop on the silver bullet, connect online with other Airstream enthusiasts on or check out the latest listings on

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