About – Jim Harmer

Why did I start this site?

I started Camper Report soon after I bought an RV for my family.  Ricky and I built the site by hiring writers and now the site earns almost $10,000 per month in passive income. There were lots of people talking about campers from an enthusiast perspective, but much of the information didn’t spell things out for people just wanting to get into the hobby. Our first few years with a camper, it broke down so often that we didn’t enjoy it. We’ve had to learn a lot about how to use a camper to make camping fun and stress-free for the family. Now others can have a resource to come to when they need it.

Campers I’ve Owned

-Jayflight 23′ Camper

~Rockwood Mini-Lite 2504s

~Gulf Stream 24′

~Toy Hauler

~Custom-built cargo trailer to toy hauler conversion

My Top 3 Camper Experiences

  • Trips to Anderson Ranch Reservoir in Idaho: We have a little favorite spot on the far-end of the lake where we can be totally alone on a little peninsula out into the water and wake up to the glass emerald lake each morning.
  • Exploring the Mountains and Remote Areas: We enjoy taking our Side-by-Sides up to explore during the day and coming back at night.
  • Late Fall Hunting near McCall: I love taking the camper up near McCall to hunt so that we are able to come back to enjoy a warm camper. My wife and I enjoy bow-hunting even though we haven’t done it in quite a few years with the kids being little.

Favorite Excursion Destinations


~Idaho City


~Basically anywhere in the Idaho mountains to be out in nature and the fresh air.

About Me

I live in small town Star, Idaho with my awesome wife, Emily, and my three kids Ruger, Cole, and Faith.  I’m only about ten minutes away from Income School’s offices, so it makes for a short commute, although I do miss the years of working from home.

When I’m not creating content for Youtube, I’m traveling with my family.  We’ve been to many far-flung countries and been fortunate enough to be able to see much of the world.  People always ask me what country I liked best, and the answer is unquestionably EGYPT!  I went with my two boys and it was the coolest experience of my life.  I love seeing my kids learn from each culture they experience.  When we’re in Idaho, we love spending time outdoors.  We fish, hunt, shoot, camp, ride side-by-sides, and live the typical country life.

When I was 15 years old, I made a bucket list of 50 things to do in life.  It was originally just a fun project, but has turned into a life-long obsession.  I’m now closing in on the last few goals on the list.  Below you’ll see the entire list, including which ones I’ve finished, and which I have yet to complete.

I met my wife at Brigham Young University-Idaho when I was 21.  We only dated for two weeks before getting engaged, and then were only engaged for two months.  She was the one and that’s all there was to it.  Best decision I ever made, and 13 years later I’m still in love with her.

Together, we have three kids who we spend all our time with.  When we moved out to the country, it helped us to focus more on just our family.  My wife started home schooling our kiddos (which we’re still new to, but enjoying so far), and we spend a lot of time riding side-by-sides and shooting bb guns in the public land by our house.  Being a dad is the most exhausting thing in the world, but I sure do love those kids.

I love learning new things.  I’ve listened to over 300 books on my Audible account, and I love listening to podcasts as well.  That’s really helped me in my work as I always have new topics for sites and Youtube channels.

That’s me!