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How Long is a Class A RV?

When considering buying a Class A RV, there are many factors to consider. For starters, the length of your vehicle will play a very important role. So exactly how long is a Class A RV? These models can come in sizes as short as 22 feet and as long as 50 feet. What is a…

Class B motorhome covered with snow and ice.

Does My Camper or RV Have a Rubber Roof?

Photo via iRV2 member donnyman When deciding to take a look at my rubber roof on my camper to see if any repairs were needed, I wondered why rubber roofs are becoming more common on campers and RVs. It turns out there are several reasons. Rubber roofs are cheaper to maintain or repair, have low weight,…

Complete Camper Tools List for DIY Repairs

When you buy an RV, a complete list of camper tools should come along with it. RV campers need routine maintenance and occasionally some repairs. You never know what the road will bring so be prepared. Having the right tools with you for simple repairs leads to better RV trips. There are also some tools to keep…