Furrion Wireless RV Backup Camera: An owner’s review

As soon as I bought my first vehicle with a backup camera pre-installed, it has become standard and required equipment as far as I’m concerned. I have three little kids, and I’ve just heard too many heart-wrenching stories of parents accidentally running over their kids, so for me it’s essential for making my vehicles safe….

Backup camera being held in a hand.

Auto Vox Backup Camera and Mirror: The complete review

When I bought my Ford F-150, I loved the whole truck, but I wished it had a backup camera.  My previous vehicle had a backup cam that I used all the time and I decided that I couldn’t go back to a vehicle without one. For towing a travel trailer, a backup camera is a…

Average Cost of New Travel Trailers (With 16 examples)

I recently purchased a brand new travel trailer and did tons of price shopping to find the best prices.  Brand new travel trailers const significantly more than lightly used travel trailers because they depreciate quickly; however, since trailers can easily have things break, for many users it is worth buying new so they know everything…

Old travel trailer in fall outdoor setting.

Hybrid Trailers vs Travel Trailers: 14 important considerations

When I first walked through the endless lots of campers in Boise, I immediately decided that I didn’t want a hybrid; however, I later talked to someone who owned one and learned some interesting benefits (and drawbacks) to the hybrid. In the end, I still decided to go with the traditional travel trailer, but I…

Large 5th wheel on scenic highway

Travel Trailer vs 5th Wheel: 23 differences to know before buying

I bought a Rockwood 25′ travel trailer a few weeks ago and I had to make the tough choice of whether or not to get a 5th wheel.  In this post I want to share some of the things that helped me make the decision. But first, the quick answer: 5th wheels are better suited to…

3 Best Solutions for Mounting a Generator to a Trailer Bumper

I saw this generator mounted on the bumper of a rental travel trailer and liked the setup. The bumper was a little too low to the ground, but I liked seeing the platform frame welded onto the frame of the trailer and not hanging off as a dangerous appendage. When I first bought my 25′…



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