10 Most Common Complaints Against RV Parks

… site possible. If you are sent out to pick your own site, ask which ones are most level. It’s also a good idea to always carry leveling blocks for those times when a perfectly flat surface simply isn’t available.

8. Mud, sand, and dirt

Mud, sand, and dirt are also complained about often …

The 10 Best RV Campgrounds in West Virginia

… RV campsites has full-hookups! About the only negative is RVers say the campsites are extremely unlevel. Whether you have a fifth wheel or motorhome, many RV leveling blocks are needed for maximum comfort.

Pipestem Resort State Park, Pipestem, West Virginia

Huge RV campsites and plenty of adventure at Pipestem Resort State Park. (Image: @User1054 …

Do Fifth Wheel Tripods Really Help Very Much?

… but every little bit of stability helps!

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What Accessories do Fifth Wheels Need? Some good items for every fifth wheel to have include, wheel chocks, leveling jacks, stabilizer jacks, landing gear, leveling blocks, and a battery box.

Do Electric or Manual Jacks Work Better? Electric jacks require less physical effort to operate, but …

21 Most Popular RV Accessories

… Step StoolFive Gallon Buckets (Seriously)RV Internet AccessSurge Protector(Quiet) GeneratorFirst Aid KitHoses and Hose SupportsWater Pressure and Tire Pressure MonitorsWater Tank Filler ValveWater FilterGas CanCleaning SuppliesLevel, Leveling Blocks, and Wheel ChocksRV GPS

In this article, I am going to go into each of these accessories one at a time and explain why I think …

Complete Camper Tools List for DIY Repairs

… Tools List for Roadside Emergency Repairs

10-1 screw driverSocket setHammerLevelBig flat head screwdriverPliersMulti toolTire gaugeInflator – 12v110 to 12 v converterSafety glassesSiliconeHatchetSawDrillDrill bitsDuct tapeWd40Wenches½ impact gunBottle jackLego leveling blocksMulti-testerNon contact testerZip ties

Tools to Keep at home

Grease gunWash brushFloor jackJack standsCaulk gunRV caulk

You Cannot Live without these Camper Tools in Your RV …

Packing List for RV Trips: A Complete Guide So You Don't Forget Stuff

… people use a simple block of wood in between each of their tires for this job. Just don’t assume there will be a suitable wheel chock (block of wood) where ever you go. Always bring wheel chocks from home.

RV leveling pads are also essential. They slide under your RV’s landing gear to …

Latest Survey Recommends SnapPads Come Pre-Installed On RVs

… rubber base to “snap” on securely.

SnapPads can be left on the leveling jacks once installed, creating permanent jack pads. This eliminates the need to manually place blocks under the jack feet or utilize some form of drive-on leveling system.

The heavy-duty rubber base adds about 1-inch of thickness to each leveling