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9 of Our Favorite Pop Up Campers

Published on December 11th, 2018 by Camper Report
This post was updated on April 23rd, 2021

There are a ton of models to choose from when looking at campers, I’ve decided to list 9 of my favorite campers. Each is unique to the next in their own way. Campers can be a fun and new exciting way to bring the family together, the only thing left to do is choose a camper. 

There are various aspects to knowing and choosing a camper that will best suit someone and their needs. The list of campers below each have a unique twist to them and depending on the taste that you may have when it comes to the way a camper may look, and the features it holds you have plenty to choose from! 

1- Jayco Jay Series Sport Camping Trailer 

If you prefer something more rustic and rugged looking, or maybe you prefer a more cozy and comfortable look, the good news for you is that the Jayco can be both. 

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Not only is the look of the camper stylish, but it also has some pretty cool features that help confirm all the raving it is receiving from buyers. 

You can thoroughly rely on this camper since most come with lifetime warranties. It’s high-quality features like the vinyl flooring, sink, and faucet made from acrylic and a stove made from stainless steel (that can be used both indoors and outdoors) raise the rating for this camper as a #1 choice. 

TrailerSleeping CapacityLengthFloor-plansPrice
Jayco Jay Series Sport Camping Trailer2-7 People11-18 Feet $10,000 – $12,107 (Depending on floorplan)


  • 10-12 foot screen room with private panels are included 
  • It is equipped with water-resistant tents along with 1050 lb rated beds
  • Comes with mud tires and a high ground clearance 
  • It is also known to be one of the best pop up campers with a bathroom
  • Some features (carry-out stove, and a swing level galley Kitchen) makes the Jayco very convenient for a relaxing camping experience!


  • It’s not ideal for larger families 
  • Not durable for extreme weather conditions 
  • You can add a few towing adjustments but it will not work on bumpy roads
  • It can take some time cleaning the canvas though this is similar to other pop up campers as well 

The list of benefits for this camper is seemingly endless. 

2- LivinLite – QuickSilver Tent Campers 

This camper is unique for its fiberglass exterior that can come in 6 different colors. So if you have a specific taste, you are sure to express it. It also provides an option for different floor plans. Its main goal is to be as convenient as possible to your wants and needs. 

There is no lack of choices when it comes to this camper as well, there are plenty of options to choose from depending on your preferences! 

Not only does it provide numerous options but it also doesn’t break the bank. Its cheap price seems unbelievable, compared to the seemingly luxurious features it holds. 

TrailerSleeping CapacityLengthFloorplansPrice
Living Lite – QuickSilver Tent Camper2-6 People10-17 Feet$6,000 – 10,000 (Depending on the floorplan)


  • There are special features such as an awning room, electric brakes, aluminum rear storage deck, a 7-way plug, an air conditioning facility, and all-terrain tires with some extra ground clearance 
  • there are storage compartments under the seats and a laminated floor 
  • A hand pump sink and a water tank
  • Aluminum cabinetry and a crack-proof linoleum as well as some lightweight countertops


  • There is, unfortunately, no screening room available but you are able to buy it separately and add it on 
  • The set up takes a bit of time, especially if you are a first time user 
  • The towing feature can use some improvements as well 

This camper could be a purchase that is right for your family. 

3- Forest River – Flagstaff Hard Side Pop Up Camper 

This is not a typical pop-up camper. the hard walls on the camper resemble the kind you find on a regular travel trailer. So, in some way you get the best of both worlds with this model. 

The exterior of this model is made of fiberglass vacuum coupled with easy setup. You receive a large advantage with towing and storage in this camper. 

You can also enjoy all of the amenities you can find on travel trailers today! This model provides you with a fully enclosed living area with a maple interior and wood look linoleum. The budget-friendly camper can transform from a campsite into a home! 

Which is perfect for anyone that loves to be out in nature but return back into a place where it feels like home to them. 

TrailerSleeping CapacityLengthFloorplansPrice
Flagstaff Hard Side Pop Up Camper2-8 People19 Feet3$16,000


  • Has a Wi-Fi ranger and booster to have you connected to the world of the internet at all times! Other features it provides are: 
    • USB charging ports
    • TV outlet
    • Satellite hookup
    • Detachable power cord
    • Converter
    • Safety breaker
  • The camper is pre-plumbed and can house a 20-gallon freshwater tank, outside shower, heater, and water filter 
  • it has a large tinted read roof skylight shade and a few front roof windows that are tinted and can bring in light and airflow
  • The look of the interior makes it stylish and elegant! Not only does it look nice but it also provides some durability 


  • The hard side walls mean you do not have many options 
  • There is no screen-room in the camper
  • Does not come with mud tires or a very high ground clearance
  • While the space it has to place an ‘add-a-room’ is nice, it has been said that it makes towing the camper a bit more difficult 

If you enjoy the best of both worlds when it comes to travel trailers and pop up campers then this is the right purchase for you. Considering all of the great features, you won’t regret it! 

4- Coachmen – Clipper and Viking Camping Trailer 

This camper has state of the art technology within its design and aluminum. The camper is convenient to be set up and even more comfortable to be able to store away and use. 

Its comfort and ease is also something that brings it high on the list. It provides easy towing with its aerodynamic profiling, and its patent-pending tech of Glide-N-Lock is another plus. 

The number of floorplans should make it easy for you to find out what you will enjoy, or prefer the most. 

TrailerSleeping CapacityLengthFloorplansPrice
Clipper and Viking Camping Trailer2-7 People12-22 Feet14$9,000 – 17,999 (Depending on the floorplan)

Some pretty awesome features this camper holds is a 100% adhesive grade linoleum with walnut cabinetry, laminated countertops, cabinet doors, and 4-inch heated matress! 

The outside of the camper is laminated with aluminum skin walls, diamond plate rear and front wall protection with some laminated fiberglass, LED lamps, and other technology to keep the camper safe from poor road conditions. 


  • Comes with electric brakes, aluminum rims, radial mud tires, a spare tire, and aluminum rims
  • The inside is equipped with all you need to spend quality time at your campsite
  • The outside if laminated to make sure the longevity of the camper stays intact 
  • There are drapers that way any number of people can enjoy their privacy within the camper


  • This camper is unfortunately not available in many color options
  • It is a bit expensive compared to other options on the list above 
  • It is not designed for extreme weather 
  • There may be some leaks in the bathroom if it happens to rain 

This camper comes with two different models: The Clipper and The Viking. Both as customizable pop-up campers that can have bunks pulled out on every side, and seating, dinette and a storage area in the center. 

These models also both come with a shower, toilet, and stove. It’s an awesome set and definitely lives up to the ravings many have made since purchasing it. 

5- Aliner & Somerset – NewPort

This model of camper emphasizes the simplicity much more than anything else we’ve listed. It is an extremely cheap choice and can be quite suitable for anyone who does not want something really luxurious. 

If you are someone who does not spend much time in their camper, then this option is best. It can be easy to store, but the only downside is that its inside is not too fancy. It comes with the basics such as a fridge, a microwave, and some storage space but nothing too advanced. 

TrailerSleeping CapacityLengthFloorplansPrice
Aliner & Somerset2-6 People18 FeetN/A


  •  Its low price is its best feature, and even with the low price it does not compromise any of the features it holds
  • It only weighs 1150 lbs, which makes it quite easy to maneuver around! 
  • Its dinette can be converted to change into a small bed for a child or one person 
  • You can place two large mattresses with a 4-inch thickness 
  • Has plenty of storage room in the cabinets and compartments
  • It is equipped with a burner stove and a cover


  • It only has basic features and does not really have any premium ones
  • It’s not a durable product, so its best for those who do not camp often use it 
  • Has some cheap materials in them 
  • The sleeping capacity in this camping is a bit smaller than what some would have wanted 

Despite the cons, this unit is really built to last a long time and some tough weather but is also very lightweight and easy to set up. This can be a huge benefit to anyone who wants something of good value but not impossible to set up. 

6- Sylvansport Go Pop-Up Camper

 Despite the size of this camper, it is quite popular for its affordability and compact size. the small space can provide a perfect environment for stargazing, and the insulated bed platforms can keep you warm if you decide to go camping during the wintertime. 

It has a few options available for an extension kit, self-inflating camp matress, and camp and travel organizer. 

Neddless to say, this camper is perfect for any minimalist. 

TrailerSleeping CapacityLengthFloorplansPrice
Sylvansport Go Pop Up Camper4 People11 Feet2N/A


  • Waterproof gear storage in the top camping pod 
  • Cast aluminum wheels
  • Self-lubricating hubs 
  • Excellent ventilation
  • Multiple configurations for carrying gear 


  • Not as luxorious as previous camping models listed 

Despite its simplicity, this camper has many of its own unique features and not only that but it weighs a light 840 lbs. That is perfect for any small car to be able to tow around with ease. 

Try it out for yourself! 

7- Forest River – Rockwood Premier Pop Up Camper

If you’re one to enjoy luxury and camping, then this is the model for you. It’s interior is spectacular and home-like compared to the other models mentioned.  

The popularity surrounding this model camper is because of its versatility, durability, and reasonable price. Though the price may be a bit higher than the ones listed before its features can make up for it. 

The camper has tinted vinyl windows, maple interior, USB charging ports, and other cool features as well! 

TrailerSleeping CapacityLengthFloorplans
Forest River Rockwood Premier7-8 People19 Feet 


  • 4 floorplans available to choose from 
  • Solar panel prep
  • Five-piece tenting 
  • Tinted windows
  • 12V safety breaker 
  • LP leak and carbon monoxide detector 


  • If you are into a more minimalistic camping experience, where nature feels much closer this may not be the choice for you 

The list of benefits for this camper is seemingly endless. There are a ton of upgrade options to choose from such as 15,000 BTU air conditioner, bike rack, 40W solar panel and a screen room that have their and privacy panels! 

This model camper is a solid choice if you want something that is comfortable but still functional. 

8- Turtleback Trailer 

If your a big fan of the outdoors and especially off-roading then this is the camper for you. This camper can be taken on most off-roading trips you decide to stay overnight on. 

Another cool feature to this camper is that you can add on items you want to take along. Some campers won’t let you add on the weight but this can withstand it. 

The Turtleback doesn’t make you choose between your adventurous toys or sleeping comfortably. You can take along your mount skis, boards, bikes, kayaks, and the much larger toys as well. 

You can enjoy this adrenaline filled trip with friends and sleep comfortably once the adventure dies down. 

TrailerSleeping CapacityLengthFloorplansPrice
Turtleback Pop Up Camper2-6 People22 Feet$9,995


  • Tons of space to work in 
  • Stylish birch cabinets
  • 42 Gallon water tank 
  • Relatively good water pressure to faucet 
  • Gas cut-off for safety 
  • Water heater that gives out consistent hot water once it is warmed up 


  • No fridge available
  • The top drawer slide wore out 
  • Awning cover is a bit short
  • Seals for storage will need to be re-sealed after a few years of use 
  • No electronic additions available 

The most noticeable thing about the Turtleback is the kitchen. That is for a good reasonas well. It’s quite frankly, huge. When you open up the back door, you’ll immediately see two full-width birch drawers, with sub drawers as well. 

You can then pull a stainless steel table out which creates enough space to chop up your food and cook! There is also a small cabinet where you can place bowls, cups and other items that can fit in the space. 

9- Conqueror UEV-490 Extreme

This last camper is for those extreme adventurers who enjoy going out into rough climates or terrains for fun. This camper is military-style, which means the outside is quite durable and withstands most environments. It’s truly made to last. 

 The interior is organized and everything is placed where it needs to be in an easy-to-find spot. There are tons of pantry space where you can access from the outside or inside the camper. 

The camper layout on the inside is truly practical but still comfortable. There are two good sized beds inside the living space of the camper as well.

If style or look is not too important to you when it comes to the look of your camper then this is still a pretty good choice. But the olive colored camper gives a definite military feel to it. 

TrailerSleeping CapacityLengthFloorplansPrice
Conqueror 5 People N/A1N/A


  • It’s extremely tough 
  • Almost no setup time
  • Doors can be locked from the inside
  • Large living space 
  • There are a few military quality finishes 


  • Comes at an expensive price 
  • It’s purely functional, so not a lot of luxury is in this camper

Overall, this camper is a real champ. Its tough exterior makes to withstand any crazy trip you decide to take it on. It is also one of the most expensive campers on the market. 

Though despite its price, the worth it has really proved itself in the fact that it is not an overnight camper. This camper is made for sleeping in at months at a time, if not years. 

You can live perfectly normal in this camper, and experience adventure without sacrificing comfort. 

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Are pop up campers easy to tow? Most pop-up campers weigh enough for a small vehicle to be able to pull it. You do not need to attach it to a large car to be able to move it around, and it also comes with moveable tires that makes it easy for you to park it in the driveway.

 Do you need any special license to drive pop-up campers? All you need is your valid driver’s license to be able to drive a towable vehicle and nothing else. 

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