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9 Most Popular Travel Trailer Brands

Published on March 26th, 2019 by Camper Report
This post was updated on April 29th, 2021

Stock exterior photo of Arctic Wolf 5th wheel.

It’s always a good idea to go with a well-trusted brand when picking out a travel trailer, so you know what you are getting and what to expect. There are so many brands that I love and hope to educate others about.

What are the 9 most popular travel trailer brands?

  1. Gulf Stream
  2. KZ-RV (Thor)
  3. Grand Design RV
  4. Jayco
  5. Coachmen RV
  6. Starcraft RV
  7. Forest River Inc.
  8. Heartland RV
  9. Airstream

These are the very best of the best travel trailers. All have their own unique stand out assets and shared qualities.

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1. Gulf Stream

Gulf Steam has been in the business since 1971 and it was founded in Indiana. It is simply one of the most popular and best brands in the business and has been for a long time.

The business originally started off as a handcrafted furnishing business, so everything put in the RV’s and trailers that Gulf Stream created was detail-oriented.

One thing that I think is very awesome about this business is that it is family-owned, even after all this time. They have made nearly 3,000 RV’s, and so it is pretty common to see a Gulf Stream today.

This brand is usually known for the RV’s but you get the same quality in the travel trailers they produce.

Gulf Stream has 13 light-weight travel trailers, as well as some toy haulers and destination trailers. Basically, there are a ton of designs to choose from.

The most popular model is the Ameri-Lite with 19 different floorplans on what best suits your family. They are all lightweight as well. Seriously, there is a lot to love about the brand that offers so much variety in just one model.

You can pick for your price range and your families needs. There are private bedroom options and ones with more storage. Basically, you can find something to suit everyone’s needs.

Gulf Stream is really popular, they can be found at almost every RV dealership that you go to. If you hit the forums online, you might find that people have some problems with the brand.

One of the most popular complaints is about the cheap quality of some of the finishes. Complaints of mirrors looking tacky or some of the curtain rods being a little crooked.

The price of these travel trailers is usually cheaper than a lot of popular brands. Sometimes when you go the more cost-friendly route, you end up with some of the more unfortunate qualities.

You are still spending more than $20K most of the time, so I understand the frustration of sometimes having to replace or fix little things.

There are not many complaints of structural issues or big things, which is what matters big time when it comes to buying a trailer. Gulf Stream has high-quality service when it comes to dealing with things that do go wrong, so you can have some confidence in purchasing something from this brand.

If you want to try out a Gulf Stream before buying, or just think a Gulf Stream might be ideal for a getaway, check out local rental options for Gulf Streams on RVShare.

2. KZ-RV

Sportsmen Classic travel trailer on dealer lot.

Thor is a company that owns multiple of the highest rated RV companies in the industry. You can trust this company’s taste and advice.

KZ-RV is a pioneer brand. They offer ample, long time, living space if you intend to stay in your travel trailer for a longer period of time then just a “travel” period.

But on the other hand, they make products perfect for short term fun as well. Their products all have more interior space, in the sense of square foot, then the majority of other options.

They offer diverse layout plans including, kitchen, sleeping, lounging areas, restrooms (full showers), and a dining area.

There are options for full kitchens with stoves, microwaves, refrigerators, and pantries. And you have a number of bed options all the way up to a queen-sized master.

They have excellent exterior and interior entertainment system options as well so that you are always having an awesome time.

When you are parked there are slide outs to give you even more space! And there are storage areas inside and outside of all of the travel trailers.

You do not need any special towing hitch with this brand which can save you a lot of hassle. Along with that, they have very low profiles to offer you more roof storage and height clearance.

Considering a KZ-RV? Check out the local rental options for KZ-RVs on RVShare.

3. Grand Design

This particular RV brand values customer relationships over everything. Their business model is “doing the right thing,” and they mean it!

Being customer-focused means that when you even beginning considering one of their travel trailers your satisfaction is their top priority, and their buyers love it.

Their desires have long term backing. They want you to be able to get “more features and superior value for your dollar”.

And, should anything happen to your new trailer you have a 3-year structural warranty to catch your fall. That is a significantly longer period of time than your average warranty.

They are very open about how products made by people sometimes have troubles, that just realistic. But they work hard to ensure to meet the needs of each customer. And if you check any of their review pages, you will see the masses are pleased.

Another extremely nice thing about this brand is that they want to ensure you get the best of the best so much so that before they ever ship your product to a dealer they ship it to PDI.

PDI is Pre-Deliver Inspection. Their products are sent to PDI after being inspected in house. After they clear the 288 plus checklist they are finally sent out.

They are easy to contact if you have a problem. They really take care of the customers, and that is why they are a popular brand.

Grand Design is a luxury brand, which means that you get really high-end detailing, but the price for your trailer is going to be more expensive than most brands.

Want to try out a Grand Design RV? Check out RVShare for Grand Design rentals near you.

4. Jayco

Stock exterior photo of Jayco Jay Feather travel trailer.

If you love the outdoors, being there and taking care of them, Jayco could be the perfect brand for you. You have probably seen the logo of this brand on trailers that you pass everywhere. It’s one of the most common brands you see.

They are invested in taking care of the environment with their “Jayco eco-advantage” commitment. They named their campaign this in 2008 but have been leading brands in eco-friendly fun for years.

They are constantly working toward reducing their carbon footprint. They are always working with new ways to cut down on waste and energy consumption.

They are committed to better RV fuel efficiency. Eventually, that last one will help preserve the planet and your wallet.

They have been a reliable and beloved company for over 50 years. Families that grew up using Jayco seem to have stuck to them. That is generations of positive opinions.

Because of their target audience, families, their floor plans are focused on the goal of being family friendly.

They are designed with Magnum Truss Roof System which can withstand 4,500 pounds and it has added weatherproof bolsters.

Climate-Shield keeps your travel trailer safe from extreme heat and freezing. It’s designed with Sting Foundation frames to ensure durability.

I personally love Jayco’s and I trust the brand a lot. If you buy a travel trailer secondhand I would pick a Jayco because of how well they hold up after time.

Before buying any RV, I recommend renting to try one out. If you feel the same way, why not check out what’s available to rent right now in your area. Just click here to see what Jaycos RVShare has available.

5. Coachmen

Coachmen is another super popular brand for RV’s in general. They have a ton of different travel trailers that are commonly seen on the road.

This brand has been on the market since 1964 and has been trusted since. Coachmen really focusses on customers and their company principle is to be “dedicated to the enrichment of your life.”

They try to fulfill this promise by offering a big range of travel trailers – 12 different models, and different floorplans within each model.

3 of these models have won best in shows, the Catalina Legacy Edition, the Apex Ultra-Lite, and Spirit/Northern Spirit.

They have options for bigger travel trailers, as well as light-weight trailers. Coachmen RV tries to supply options for customers of all different lifestyles with the idea to get more people traveling and out in nature.

Something I really do like about this company is how easy they make it find just what you need. On the Coachmen RV website, you’ll find an RV Finder tool. You can access it here as well for ease.

This tool will help you narrow down the options. You can go to the “Travel Trailers” section and it will help you eliminate what kind of siding, the weight, length and what kind of beds. Once you put in what you want, you’ll get floorplans that fit your needs.

This is really convenient to help customers start a search that is personalized.

Overall, Coachmen RV has about a 3-Star rating. Reviews consist of 5-Star and1-Star ratings, about half and half of each.

Although Coachmen makes a lot of promises, there are a number of people who are not satisfied with their trailer. Many reviews complain of electrical problems as well as complaints or water damage/leaking.

The warranty usually lasts long enough for a problem to start, and then there is nothing that can be done without you forking over some more money.

Even though this brand is widely popular, there are still some issues of manufacturing that haven’t been fixed. I would recommend doing your research thoroughly if you are going to buy a Coachmen trailer.

6. Starcraft RV

The set up of Starcraft RVs are known for their convenience and comfort. They do this by offering a plethora of floor plans and can offer sleeping quarters to up to ten adults.

They build their products to be long-lasting. Made with what is called TuffShell vacuum-bonded lamination. The walls are combined with welded aluminum framing, metal backers and fiberglass sidewalls.

This ensures that your RV can withstand all kind of climates and experiences with you as you head out on adventures.

This brand also offers insulated, heated and enclosed underbelly. There is also a 3-year structural warranty and a 1-year manufactures warranty.

It is made with Magnum Roofing to ensure a long-lasting roofing system, this particular roofing is 50% stronger than any other roofing in the RV industry.

Starcraft also has committed to keeping the environment as safe as they can with their ECO advantage program. This means they are doing what they can to use fewer resources or to use natural resources.

They have committed to “build a better RV so that we can do a better job of protecting our planet”.

Starcraft is another brand that is part of Thor Industries, so you can rely on the value and trust that Thor has built up. The models are well-made and built to last.

Starcraft really relies on keeping up with the styles and trends, so your new travel trailer won’t look tacky or cheap, but really high-end.

The average rating is 3.5 stars. Different models rank better than others. Most reviews say that the travel trailers and roomy, good storage.

Reviews that are negative talk about individual’s faulty features or some things that leak. Make sure you get the warranty if you have any troubles.

Before buying, you might even like to try one out. RVShare has local options available right now. Check out RVShare now.

7. Forest River Inc.

Stock exterior photo of Arctic Wolf 5th wheel.

Forest River was founded in 1996 by Peter Liegel. The company has expanded to multiple locations and makes all kinds of RV’s as well as pontoons mark models.

The business has become very popular and is definitely a go-to option for those who are enthusiasts.

The company pledges to not cut corners or rush production. On the company page, they make a pledge. It says,

Our commitment goes beyond the manufacturing process as we invest in creating those exceptional moments of laughter and joy.

They focus on customers. In addition, another reason this company is popular is because of the promise they make to make options for all different kinds of needs, from budget to size.

This is very true because they offer 36 different models of travel trailers. There are many floorplans for each model so there are seriously a ton of options for Forest River Inc trailers.

5 of these RV’s have won awards, some even multiple.

This is another reason it is seriously popular. If you want options, Forest River is a good place to start looking.

Forest River also makes Coachmen, so some of the problems you see with this company are pretty similar to Coachmen RV.

There are issues about some manufacturing things, but Forest River tries hard to resolve issues.

If you are looking to buy a Forest River, I would look at reviews of the model, because some are rated higher than others. This is the best way to steer clear of trouble in the travel trailer world.

Want to test our a Forest River? RVShare has RVs in your area for rent. Click here to see which Forest River models are available.

8. Heartland RV

You have undoubtedly heard of Heartland if you are a fan of RV’s, especially when it comes to toy haulers. Heartland has a lot of great features, mostly when it comes to Fifth Wheels.

Heartland has a ton of great perks for travel trailers as well, so don’t worry. This company offers a wide range of possibilities. They design with customers in mind, which is why the inside of their travel trailers feel luxurious and feel spacious even in small trailers.

Heartland has 9 main models of travel trailers. One of the most well-known is the Sundance model.

The cabinetry can be customized, and there are high-ceilings in this brand’s travel trailers.

Heartland has some really lightweight trailers as well as some larger ones to make sure there is a size and weight that fits every family.

Heartland is another company that tries to be as green as possible. They recycle what they can and try to reduce any unnecessary waste.

The average rating for Heartland is 3.4 Stars, according to Most of the models are equally ranked, so one’s not highly favored over the others.

Some reviews report some leaks and problems with slide outs. But for the most part, this brand is good, just minor things here and there.

There is a warranty’s on any travel trailer you buy, and the service is pretty quick about fixing things. To be fair, fewer people take the time to leave reviews when things are going great than they do when something goes wrong.

It’s a great idea to try out an RV before buying. That’s why I recommending renting one before buying. Click here to see your local Heartland rental listings.

9. Airstream

Small airstream travel trailer on boat ramp as kayakers push off.

Airstream is the single-most recognizable RV company. If you have ever seen a shiny, silver trailer, then it is an Airstream.

Airstream has a very high reputation, and they are known for lasting a long time. Airstreams are expensive, but well worth trailers if you can manage the cost.

The original Airstream was founded in the 1920s by Wally Byam who started to make mobile tents on top of a vehicle. This later become the birthplace for the Airstream, and the business has been on the boom ever since.

One reason this company is so popular is because of how iconic it is. They are clean cut and can easily be indentified.

Modern ones are luxurious while older ones still hold their charm.

Because Airstreams are popular and hold their value really well, the price is sometimes steep. One thing I really like about the company website is that it easily tells you the base price of all of their travel trailers model.

The base price for the itty-bitty trailer is $37,400 going all the way up to the classic that is $152,400. Remember that is just the starting price.

In total, they have 9 different travel trailer models on the market.

There are several floorplans for each and are customizable to an extent, so you can create the perfect one for your family.

While using the Airstream website, you can use an interactive tool to help pick out the best travel trailer for you, if you are not sure where to start. It’s well designed and very helpful.

If you would like to explore which Airstream travel trailer is best for you, click here.

Airstreams tend to live up to the hype. This brand has the highest average rating of 4.4 stars.

Poor reviews talk of minor details being wrong, such as little leaks in showers or screws coming out on bumpy roads.

Most people really love their Airstream and preach about how durable their trailers are. This brand really is popular for a reason. If you want to learn why before dropping a lot of money to buy one, renting may be a great option. Click here to see all the Airstreams available for you to rent locally.

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What travel trailer brand is the best? There are many reliable travel trailer brands, but the most popular and trusted brand is Airstream. Other brands that are great are Forest River Inc. and Jayco.

What are the most luxurious travel trailers? Airstream, Grand Design, and Heartland are all brands that offer luxury travel trailers. Often upgrading and adding packages to your travel trailer will make any trailer feel more luxurious. Here, you can read an article we wrote about the top 5 luxury travel trailers on the market.

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