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9 Horrific Motorhome Accidents Caught on Video

Published on May 13th, 2019 by Camper Report
This post was updated on July 24th, 2019

A relaxing weekend in your motorhome can quickly turn sour in the event of an accident. Everyone’s worst fear is that their motorhome may end up in wreck along the way. No matter whose fault (if anyone is even to blame) any automobile accident can be quite frightening.

Always be sure to be driving safely and cautiously when in your motorhome. Still wondering what could happen while your motorhome is traveling down the road? Well, then watch these 9 motorhome accidents that were caught on video so that you know what not to do in the event you are faced with a similar situation.

Alright, you caught me, while this video was not real, the following videos are. Vlune may have put a little humor into the situation, it’s time to get down to the seriousness of the subject.

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Some images shown may be considered graphic and viewer discretion is advised.

Remember, if you are witnessing an accident never to block emergency vehicles and first responders from being able to access the scene of the accident!

1. Truck Crushed Under ATM Awning

While this video may not include a motorhome, the lesson to be learned still applies!

Always be sure to double check if your camper, truck, or motorhome is short enough to fit under a roof like the one featured in the video!

Don’t let thousands of dollars be destroyed because of a moment of forgetfulness or because you are in a hurry to hit the road.

Thankfully the driver of this vehicle was fortunate enough to survive the incident and damage was only done to the front of their RV travel trailer.

However, while in this video there was not an excessive amount of damage, not double checking the height clearance on your motorhome can cause plenty more damage and injury to you and your vehicle!

2. RV Kitchen Fire

Motorhomes while extremely handy for living and traveling away from home, come with plenty of added risks.

Be sure to never leave the propane tanks open or running if you are not currently using them and to practice common sense when cooking in your motorhome’s kitchen.

Don’t let your brand new motorhome end up looking like what was left of the Class C featured in the video above.

And as I mentioned before, don’t stand in the way of first responders! They all have a job to do!

3. RV Blows Tire

This video captures one of the many dangers that accompany driving motorhomes for long distances.

A tire blowout can not only be scary but can be deadly as well!

Unfortunately the status of the driver and passengers in this video is unknown but we can tell you that the driver made some very smart choices that may have saved the life of others.

When the motorhome crosses the median, it is about to enter oncoming traffic in front of two smaller vehicles. Had the motorhome been allowed to enter the lane, the drivers and passengers of those vehicles would have been in trouble.

The motorhome driver steered the motorhome out of the way and subsequently rolling the vehicle in the process.

Not sure how to handle a blowout when driving you motorhome? Watch this video to help you stay safe in case you ever come across a situation like the one featured above!

The video may outdated, but the information provided certainly isn’t!

4. Another Motorhome Fire

Once again, we have evidence that driving a motorhome can be more dangerous than just the potential for a collision.

Not only does this motorhome burn itself but it throws fire up the lush mountainside and onto the power lines.

In this video, you can hear the propane tank as it blows flames out the motorhome.

The cause of the fire in this motorhome is unknown but we are happy to say that no one was injured!

5. Parked Peril

When approaching a vehicle parked on the side of the road, always be courteous and move over to the opposite lane of traffic.

Not only does this prevent tragic accidents like this one from occurring, but it protects the lives and well-being of the officers involved!

No one in the motorhome was injured but the driver of the car was not as fortunate.

Be safe, courteous, and smart when traveling on the road!

6. Water Damaged

This video may not be horrific to watch, but imagine if this was your motorhome!

Thankfully they were able to get the motorhome out of the water and to rescue the runaway boat.

Just remember folks, don’t leave your animals unattended in the vehicle, you never know when something like this may happen to you!

7. Class B and the Trash Truck


This video definitely falls under the horrifying category or vehicle accidents.

As cars approached an occupied crosswalk, a distracted semi-truck driver swerved to avoid the stopped car in front of him.

In doing so, he not only hit the people crossing the street and the three cars stopped at the crosswalk, but also plowed into the Class B motorhome as well!

Watch for pedestrians folks and never be a distracted driver! You could save lives simply by being responsible!

8. Caught in Collision

In many accidents involving motorhomes, it is not the motorhome driver that is to blame.

Remember, motorhomes are much larger than a normal vehicle and if traveling at higher speeds (like the one featured above) can cause plenty of damage to you vehicle.

Always check both directions before pulling out, and never shoot the gap!

Chances are the vehicle approaching you will not be able to stop in time!

So look twice and judge wisely before you turn onto a busy road.

9. Over the Edge

Last but not least is this terrifying incident where a motorhome flipped over a cliffs edge due to strong winds.

When driving your motorhome, camper, travel trailer, or any other recreational vehicle, never underestimate the power of the wind.

If you feel as if the wind may be too strong to be driving in, then don’t risk your life and that of others and just stay put!

Driving and living in a motorhome can be extremely dangerous and poses some uniques risks as we just witnessed in each of the videos above.

Never assume that just because you are an experienced driver or have spent plenty of time in a motorhome that none of these accidents will ever happen to you!

But on a brighter note, have fun traveling and getting to see more of the world, and all from the comfort of your very own motorhome! (Just don’t end up in one of these videos!)

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