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9 Excellent Small Motorhomes for Ultimate Mobility

Published on December 14th, 2018 by Camper Report
This post was updated on March 20th, 2019

If you are looking for a great small motorhome to get you around as you travel and explore the world around you, I have nine recommendations for you. I’ve done some research to find you some of the best models and give you a bit of information about them!

So, what are the top 9 small motorhomes for ultimate mobility? The 9 best small motorhomes may vary depending on your needs, but here are the top ones I would recommend you check out. 

  • Winnebago View 24J
  • Coachmen Freelander 20CB
  • Coachland Freelander Class C
  • Jayco Melbourne
  • Roadtrek SS Agile
  • Thor Chateau Class C
  • Forester Class C
  • Coachmen Leprechaun Class C
  • Thor Four Winds

Like I said, depending on your needs this could be the perfect list for you, or it couldn’t. But, this article will save you hours of research so you can get right to looking for the vehicle that will take you to your next adventure.

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1) Winnebago View 24J

Courtesy of Winnebago Industries, Inc. Unauthorized use not permitted. “copying of images for further distribution or commercial use is prohibited without the express written consent of Winnebago Industries, Inc.

This particular model of camper is one I highly recommend because of its economy and luxury combined. This small class C vehicle is perfect for small families of two or three who want to travel in a vehicle that is able to enter campground spaces. 

Some of the features of this particular model are the overhead bunk-beds that are stationed above the driving cabin, seating flexibility, large kitchen sink, and fold out bed.

Unlike some other small motorhomes, the Winnebago View does not have a specific area set aside for the bed, instead, the bed is incorporated as a part of the seating design. 

One of the drawbacks of this model is the limited amounts of floor plans. This particular model only comes with four different floor plans. However, you can choose what customizations you want to make to the interior and exterior decoration, making it feel more like home.

Unfortunately, I didn’t see if the company listed the price range for this particular model.

2) Gulfstream Conquest

This small motorhome provides you with the chance to choose from a variety of floor plans so that you can travel freely in an environment you love. 

It easily goes to any campground you visit, and it comes with a good quality interior. However, it is not nearly as high end as some of the other models on this list. So, you might consider that if you are really planning to travel a lot. 

3) Coachland Freelander Class C 

This class c is great for parking on a campground to enjoy a restful stay while still being able to go out and enjoy the pleasures of the great outdoors.  

One of the best features of this motorhome is its capacity to sleep a larger number of people. Most people searching for small motorhomes are looking for smaller living spaces for only two people. But, this particular model sleeps around five people. 

The interior is nice, though not as high quality as some of the other models and companies on this list. However, it does come with a large number of floor plans that vary in price.

4) Jayco Melbourne 

This high-quality model of motorhome comes with beautiful interior design and the same easy mobility that the other vehicles on this list have. What makes the Jayco Melbourne different from the others is its incredible storage space.

This model comes with glass cabinets where you can store your items for travel. Also, the bed is built into the design, so it feels like you have a room as you travel. 

One downside to this model is the small kitchen space. Though the model offers a fold out section of counter for extra space, other models have more available counter space in the initial design. 

There are only two floorplans on this model, and the price range is from $115,000 to $116,000

5) Roadtrek SS Agile

This motorhome is attached to a Mercedes vehicle, unlike the Ford trucks of some of the other models on the list. So, if you are a Mercedes person, this could be the motorhome for you. 

Some of the features of this particular motorhome are its higher level storage space, customization of interior design, and compact space. This particular motorhome is smaller than some of the other models, so it is great for traveling in a more compact manner. 

The price range starts at around $123,000 and only comes with one floorplan.

6) Thor Chateau Class C

Now, this is one of the most luxury vehicles on this list. It comes with a lot of interior perks that some of the other models skip out on to include other features or to make the motorhome for affordable. 

The Thor Chateau class c is still extremely mobile, but it also includes a full range/oven in the kitchen area, a large queen-sized bed, and beautiful cabinetry.

So, if you are planning on doing a lot of traveling and want a nice motorhome that feels like home, this could be the model for you.

The prices vary greatly depending on which floor plan you choose. For example, it can go from $87,000 to $119,000.

7) Forester Class C

This motorhome is a little tighter on space but still works well with mobility. But, with two floorplans to choose from, you will be able to get one that suits your space needs. 

Some of the best features for this model are the high-end appliances in the kitchen area and the bedroom space at the back of the motorhome. 

However, I was unable to find the price range on the website. You may need to ask for a quote from them in order to know how much they will charge.

8) Coachmen Leprechaun Class C

This durable family motorhome will get you where you need to go and let you bring your family come along with you. There is potential for five people to sleep in the motorhome, but that number also depends on your family’s close quarter tolerations. 

This motorhome does boast a large seating area for watching TV and an even larger amount of floor plans to choose from. So, you will be able to find one that fits your situation whether you are going solo or taking your spouse or family with you. 

I unfortunately have not been able to include the price for this vehicle. 

9)Thor Four Winds

This lovely model of class C motorhome from the Thor company is full of high-quality features that are perfect for you next travel trip. One of the biggest advantages of buying the four winds model is the mobility of the vehicle. 

Also, there are many floor plans to choose from with this particular model, so you can find one that fits your traveling need. Most models are built on a specific type of Ford vehicle and include a kitchen, bathroom, seating space, and a queen-sized bed. 

There are luxury features such as cherry cabinets, beautiful inner design elements, and great kitchen appliances. 

Depending on the floor plan you choose, the price range for this particular model can be anywhere from $87,000 to $115,000.

Related Questions

How much does a small motorhome cost? Depending on the level of luxury and the class of motorhome, a vehicle can cost anywhere from $10,000 to $200,000. Typically, a small motorhome attached to a van of some kind will start around $100,000 

What is a class c motorhome? A class C motorhome can be characterized by its overhead cab and it’s built. Usually, a class c motorhome will be built with a camper on top of a truck.

They typically have a little overhang on the top that makes them easy to recognize. They are smaller and easier to maneuver, so they are great for tiny living.

Do you need a license to drive a motorhome? Most states do not require a license specifically for driving a motorhome. However, if you are doing this for a living (as in you are making money driving others around) you may need to get a license. 

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