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9 Excellent RV Meetup Groups in the USA

Published on March 26th, 2019 by Camper Report

If you are an RV traveler, and yet you still like to be social and meet other people who share your interests, RV meetup groups can be an excellent way to combine this.

So what are the 9 Excellent RV Meetup Groups in the USA? The following include in-person groups and online communities:

  1. Hoosier Happy Campers
  2. Camper Connection
  3. Adventure Camping and RVing
  4. The Gals are Out With Their Travel Trailers
  5. WIN – Wandering Individuals Network
  6. Escapees
  7. Alumapalooza
  8. Loners on Wheels
  9. RVillage

There are several RV Meetup groups throughout the country, and if you search, you’ll definitely be able to find one that is right for you. This article has found 9 excellent RV meetup groups in the USA that are great ones to check out!

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1. Hoosier Happy Campers

Before going over this and other groups individually, it’s important to note that if you’re looking for a group, you can find many of them online.

One good website is, one that has a list of many different meetup groups where you can search for exactly what you’re looking for and find it.

One of the meetup groups mentioned on that site is the Hoosier Happy Campers group, located in Indianapolis, Indiana. This group currently has 2,357 members, and it has an organizer as well as tow assistant organizers.

While this group is not for strictly RV campers, as it includes any type of campers, plenty of the members are RV campers, and there’s a lot to connect about.

This group will even help out the newbies, as members may lend equipment to others if there is a need.

This group has plenty of events, which serve as excellent meetup opportunities. These will usually all be in Indiana, as that is where the group is focused.

They do outings to Summit Lake, a summer camp out/in at Brown County State Park, and campouts at Lake Monroe, and more.

This is a family-friendly camper meetup group. It’s public and open to anyone. If you live near Indiana, it’s an excellent one to join, and you can take your RV and meet some great new people. More details are included on their site page here.

2. Camper Connection

Centered around Ballwin, Missouri is the Camper Connection group. This has 1,302 members with a leadership team of four people. It’s a private group, but if you ask to join then you’ll likely get in after a bit.

This group is also for all types of campers, including RV campers. They plan trips for hiking, floating the river, regular campouts, cookouts, family events, plain old exploring, and more.

Their group site is here, and once you join the group, you can check out their pictures and see the events they are planning for the future so you’ll never miss out on anything important.

3. Adventure Camping and RVing

This group is based around Sarasota, Florida, and is 1,052 members strong as of the writing of this article. It has three organizers and is also private, so you have to click the “join group” button to see more details such as pictures.

This group is all about socializing with fellow campers, including RV campers. They have an extremely wide range of activities and events that they plan so that there will be something for everyone.

There are events for parties, before concerts and fairs, fishing and kayaking trips, family-oriented activities, and more. These vary in length of time as well, so there’s always an opportunity that can work out for you.

The organizer has stated that their goal is to hold at least one activity a month, and they welcome input from members, so there’s no reason not to be involved and meet up with fellow RV campers in the Florida area! Their meetup site is here.

4. The Gals are Out With Their Travel Trailers

The name of this group states exactly what it is- a meetup group for women who love camp with their travel trailers. It is based in San Diego, California, and it currently has 501 members, with a lot of organizers.

As a woman myself, it can be nice to have a chance to get away and meet up with other females who share my interests, and this is a great group for women who share a love of RV camping. This group also allows pets and children, but not men.

This group hosts a variety of activities, like camping in the Anza Borrego Desert, camping at the Guajome Campground, camping for music festivals, hosting birthday parties, and more.

For any woman who loves RV camping in California, this is a great group to join and partake in that female fellowship that is unique to women. The meetup site is here and this is also a private group, so you’ll have to join for more information.

5. WIN – Wandering Individuals Network

Maybe you’re a single RVer and you’d like to meet other singles who also enjoy RV-ing. The WIN group or Wandering Individuals Network is a great option.

This group is open to all legal adults 18+ who are single RV travelers, although it is usually older adults who participate.

This group communicates a lot, with a monthly newsletter, an online directory of members, a Facebook page, and email alerts for updates. They host a lot of events throughout the year and let you join in longer trips or hop in for only a few days, whatever works best for you.

Events they host are trips for kayaking, hiking, fishing, sightseeing, zip lining, boating, and more.

They have small gatherings for a few days, circuits, which is a series of gatherings with a few stops, caravans to see a specific area or get from one place to another, and “sundowner” caravans, which can be longer trips with multiple stops and a starting point and end destination.

These occur all throughout the US, so you can find events wherever you may be, or join one on your travels.

A benefit of joining this group is that events are planned well, and there is plenty of information provided, there are potential discounts, and there is a great community. And, since it’s fellow singles, you may even have a chance of meeting someone special during these meetups.

For more information, you can check out their website here.

6. Escapees

The Escapees RV club is a community of RV travelers who enjoy socialization with those like them. There is the larger group, as well as regional chapters for more local meetups, as well as subgroups for specific events and interests.

The Xscapers group is a subgroup for working-aged RVers, such as those raising a family while living on the road. The Birds-of-a-Feather or BOF groups are for people with all sorts of different interests, such as pet lovers, computer lovers, genealogy buffs, GeoCachers, Boomers, and more.

The Escapees RV club has a Head-out Program, also known as HOP, is for RVers that like to go to unique places, special events, or other fun activities.

HOPs are excursions for these events, with everything planned, reserved, and organized- the members just have to register and show up!

There is also a yearly Rally, called an Escapade, for all members of the Escapees RV club. The one for 2019 has passed, as it happened March 17th -22nd, but there will be one in the years to come. These are held in different locations each year.

These rallies include seminars, entertainment, social gatherings, prize giveaways, vendors with RV products, and more. There are even events and activities for kids, to keep them occupied and for them to have fun during these events.

The Escapade rallies go for about 5 days, and they sell day passes for a few of the days if you don’t want to attend the whole thing.

The Escapees RV club is a great community of people who love to RV, and there are many opportunities for socialization and events to go to. It’s well put together and has something that can appeal to everyone. To learn more, you can check out their website here.

7. Alumapalooza

Alumapalooza is for any Airstream RVer who wants to meet others who share a love of the Airstream brand of RVs. It’s an annual event held in Jackson Center, Ohio, at the Airstream factory, and it is five days of fun! The 2019 event is being held from May 28th until June 2nd.

This event includes seminars, entertainment, prizes, gifts, factory tours, socialization, vendors, group meals, and of course camping!

While it is geared toward Airstream owners, people with other RVs are welcome to attend, as it’s a great way to learn more about Airstreams and potentially buy one.

If you can’t attend every day, or if the campgrounds are full, you can buy walk-in tickets for $95 each day and still attend the seminars and events.

Campgrounds are $325 until January 1st, where they will cost $355 for all 5 nights. Adult tickets are $95 and kids under 15 can get in for free with a paid adult and campsite.

This is also a great event to attend because the local community organizes a festival in downtown Jackson Center during this time, with a street carnival and rides, bands that play live music, a craft and a car show, festival food, and more.

So you can bring the whole family and for those who may not be interested in Alumapalooza, there will still be lots of fun to be had.

If you want to register, or to simply learn more, then you can check out their website here.

8. Loners on Wheels

Like the WIN group, Loners on Wheels is another group for RV travelers who don’t have companions to travel with. It was founded in 1969 by Edith Lane, who met with eight other single campers and the group began.

There are over 1,000 members of this group now. Members must be legally single to join.

The headquarters is in Deming, New Mexico, but there are chapters in almost every state, so there’s always an opportunity nearby to meet up with fellow RVing singles. A bi-monthly newsletter gets sent out so members can always know what to look forward to and where.

In October 2019, on the 27th through 31st, the Loners on Wheels club will be celebrating its 50th anniversary at the headquarters in New Mexico. The headquarters, the LoW-HI RV Ranch, has 65 RV sites, with 54 of those being pull-thru and with full hookups, and with 20, 30, and 50 amp service.

It also has free WiFi, a laundromat, leisure rooms, a rec hall, dog parks, and more, to make it a great place for an event.

The local chapters have area representatives that can help inform you about their events. You can find that information on their website here.

This group has plenty of events such as camping, hiking, boating trips, and more. If you’re a single RVer, this is another good option for you, so that you can have a sense of community and companionship on your RV travels.

9. RVillage

We live in a world filled with great technology and advancements that can make socialization so much easier than it used to be. One of these advancements is through the app RVillage.

RVillage is an app with a membership (although you can try it out before joining) that lets you see other members in the area and organize your own meetups.

You simply search for a destination and select what you want to search for, be it members, groups, parks, get-togethers, and more. The map on the app will then show you these things where they are. Once you are a member, you can message people through the app and plan a meetup.

This service currently has 125,837 members and it is free to join. People may also post, and you can respond to posts in order to meet up with others as well. People also put in their interests, so you can meet people who have things in common with you.

RVillage also has a rally for any members who get tickets to come to and meet with fellow RV travelers who are members. The one for 2019 is March 27-31, so it may be a bit late to join that, but there will likely be one in 2020.

Like other rallies, this has seminars and speakers, social gatherings based on interests like crafting and cooking, live music, dining, vendors, and more. This is held in Live Oak, Florida.

RVillage has made it really easy to meet with other RV enthusiasts no matter where you are in your travels. It’s great for someone on the road who likes to socialize.

Technology makes things much easier, but it’s definitely important to always be cautious and not put yourself in a dangerous situation. You can learn more about RVillage on their website here.

Related Questions

What is an RV rally? An RV rally is an event held by any RV group or company meant to promote socialization, RV safety, specific RVs and products, and more. Usually lasting between 3 to 5 days, these often have seminars, activities, programs, and social opportunities. They help build a sense of community for RV travelers.

Does it cost money to join an RV group? That depends on the group. Some RV groups have membership fees and cost money. The money usually goes toward organizing events and rallies, and anything else that the group may need to spend money on. Other RV groups may be free and are simply a tool for members to use to organize on their own.

Why do people join RV groups? Being a member of an RV group is not for everyone. However, many people join them for the sense of community and fellowship that they offer. Some groups also offer special events and discounts that may make it worth joining. It all depends on how social one may want to be when they are traveling.

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  1. Hey, my name is Joe in south west Florida and I’m looking for a RV group who are musically inclined that tend to meet up at various sites and jam together. Thanks in advance, Joe Butler

  2. Hello

    I am in Northern California and looking foir a group of trailer and RV travelers that are interested in traveling. Any ideas onb traveling clubs in the SF Bay Area?

    • Hi There, I am female musician new to this world but like to learn more and find like-minded individuals to travel with. I do live in SF right now. Like to explore and exchange ideas. I do find it hard to be able to do this alone. Let me know your thoughts.

    • Hi Dave… I’m Sharon. I just found this group and see you are in northern CA too. Have you met folks here that like to travel together? just wondering. sharon

  3. I just purchased my first RV. 36’ 5th wheel. So far my son and i have been out in it a few times. I still work, but looking for single like minded Rv’s to meet up with. I’m close to houston and willing to travel. I’d love to explore more places. I do have a trip planned for thanksgiving week down in Corpus Christi. Seabreeze rd resort.

  4. Hi!
    My RV is stationary in Colorado at the moment but will love to travel with a down to earth group. I’m a young 70 and would like the group to be 60s-70ish. Have to be economic in my travels. Would love exploring US and Canada!
    If you know of an established group like this please contact me!

    • Carol,

      We’re new to RVing too and we’re looking for a group to travel with as well. How has your quest been to find people? We’ll my wife is 55 and I’m 62 so probably a little too young for what you’re looking for as tracking companions but if you’re in the PacificNorthwest we can meet up and travel a bit together.

  5. Former hippy turned capitalist in Southampton, NY—-Serious on RETURNING to the travel/hippy lifestyle….sooner than later, as in now !
    Any interested in joined this incredible man in every way ?

    • Hi Paul,
      Hows New York? Are you camping there? What kind of RV do you have?
      Im in Tenn, camping and getting ready for travel next month in my Winnebago.

      I enjoy the beauty of nature and look forward to getting to a beautiful blue, sparkling lake to enjoy in many ways. I look forward to catching rainbow trout and cooking it over an open fire, with music playing, breezes blowing, wine in my glass.


  6. Hello, My name is Philip I live in Souther n part if California and like other folks, I am interested in WIN and Loners on wheels. However, married I am not sure if my wife would like to join me in my traveling plans. I am getting my 25 ft Winegago and trying to learn the ropes of camping. I am looking for the information and hints possible. I am very excited about my options in retirement. If you feel like talking to me please respond. Philip

  7. My wife and I are both retired. We just sold our home in so. California. Bought a fixer upper in no. California and having it remodeled. We’re bought a older Beaver Motorhome to live in while construction is being done. Any suggestions as to keep maintaining the Rv . Have already replaced all new tires changed oil , coolant, fuel , coolant, air filters, fuel separater. It’s just a little scary. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

  8. Looking for a group in Elk Grove, Ca . I use to have a class A motorhome but lost it in a divorce. Looking for senior group. Love to camp and travel

  9. Hi. I am trying to help a fellow camper. A tree fell on his camper he rented and now he’s staying in a tent. It wouldn’t be bad if it weren’t winter and the campground is on the river. It’s cold and damp at night. Please view his story and if you can support us trying to get another trailer or even a house! Thanks for any support you can give.

  10. I am 70 and my widowed sister is 66. I am planning an RV trip from my home in Haines Alaska to several Provincial, and National Parks west of the Rocky Mountains in mid September,2022. Lasting 3 to 4 weeks. Ending perhaps in Arizona to leave my RV until mid March.
    I’m new at driving an RV, and could sure use some advice on inexpensive places to park at night, places to go to where I can park the RV and take tours into the parks, and perhaps other folks from Alaska who want to form a caravan.

    • Hello Greg, Did you find some folks to caravan with? I’m travelling from Vancouver BC to San Francisco area around Oct 21 and looking for folks to caravan with.
      Best regards, Karen

  11. I am wondering how to let these travel groups know about opportunities. I run a local ragtime and jazz music festival. It would be a great opportunity for travelers.
    While attending they can also visit our museums – The Charles Templeton music Museum, the John Grisham room and the Ulysses S Grant presidential library.

  12. Good Day !My wife and I are seniors and are looking for a travel group to hook up with to RV travel while visiting the USA ,I am 100% disabled from agent Orange but doing well from lung cancer !kidney cancer ,We have a fifth wheel pulling it with a F-350 Ford , My wife is a retired Operating room. Nurse .We love country music and festivals .We aren’t big drinkers but do like a drink to socialize.I was in aviation in the Army in Vietnam,

  13. Hi, my name is Doug, and am interested in “WIN” and “Loners on Wheels” info. I got a van and l got a plan! Please contact me, Thanks


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