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Nine Best Affordable Trailers Under $10,000

Published on March 29th, 2019 by Camper Report
This post was updated on August 25th, 2021

If you are researching the best affordable trailers under $10,000, you will soon realize how many options you have choose from. With the number of budget towable trailers out there, it’s important to do your research before you buy a trailer. Price is important, but so are other factors like durability and what trailer camper your vehicle can tow.

When it comes to travel trailers, you can get anything from super luxury to extremely cheap. If you’re on a tight budget, your research won’t last too long. The selection gets pretty slim when you are looking at affordable trailers under $10,000.

If you are looking for an affordable RV, checking out used RV listings first would be the best choice. There are many websites, dealers and private sellers who offer quality RVs at affordable prices. Just use good judgement and don’t get fooled by used RV scams.

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Your Best Options for Affordable Trailers Under $10,000

Every RV listed here has gone through an extended research period. You should be able to find plenty of new and used versions. This list includes an overview of:

  • Customer reviews
  • The number of floorplans offered
  • Each trailer’s specific and outstanding features.

We want you to get the best bang for your buck in your new or used, affordable trailer under $10,000. This list is a great place to get started finding it.

1. Forest River Flagstaff E-Pro Travel Trailer

# of Floor plansUnloaded WeightSleepsLengthPrice
71133-3161 lbs2-4 11-21 feet$9,995+

Why did the Forest River Flagstaff E-Pro Travel Trailer make it on the list of most affordable travel trailers under $10,000? Many reasons. This travel trailer is a great option for those who are looking for more of a lightweight trailer.

Since this trailer usually weighs under 3,000 pounds, it classifies as more of a lightweight trailer. With the seven layouts offered, four of them are just under $10,000 which is a great deal for what you are getting.

If you want to stay in the lower $10,000 range, something like the Flagstaff E-Pro 12RK will be a great option, while if you are willing to spend a little bit more you can get something with more room such as the Flagstaff E-Pro 19FD.

Many features included in the Flagstaff E-Pro that make it a great buy, like a Wi-Fi ranger, vacuum laminated roof, and walls, tinted bonded frameless windows, roof and ground solar prewire, a 20,000 BTU furnace and 7 unique floorplans.

For tailgating, or just enjoying an evening by the fire, this trailer includes external speakers, a manual awning (or upgraded to a power awning), solar prep if you are not at a trailer park, and a tongue mount bike rack that is optional.

With the range of floor plans, the lightweight yet affordable quality will make you fall in love with the Flagstaff E-Pro. It is not too big, not too small and perfect for all your weekend getaway dreams. This travel trailer sleeps 2-4 people which is perfect for a couple or cozy little family. This is a great option with many options for an affordable trailer under $10,000.

2. Jayco Jay Flight SLX Travel Trailer

# of Floor plansUnloaded WeightSleepsLengthPrice
172350-7445 lbs3-912-36 feet $9,000+

The Jayco Jay Flight SLX Travel Trailer is not shocking to be on this list. It has 17 floorplans, amazing reviews, and many features. If you are looking for something small, yet great quality this travel trailer is for you.

With 17 floor plans, this travel trailer is very versatile and covers dry weights from 2,300 pounds to 7,400 lbs and ranges in length from 16 feet to 36 feet.

If you are leaning towards are smaller trailer the Jay Flight SLX 154BH is the best option. If you are wanting to go a bit more spacious, the Jay Flight SLX 294QBS would make a better fit.

The list of features that are included in the Jay Flight SLX travel trailers will make you think they are a lot more expensive than they really are.

The Atwood furnace, 8,000 BTU wall mounted air conditioner, and the fully integrated A-frame on the outside are just a few of the amazing features in the travel trailer. A lot of these features are normally only offered in more expensive RVs so take advantage.

More features include 17 different floor plans, the ability to sleep 3-9 people, pleated window shades, a black diamond plate sidewall skirt, double-wide corner mold extrusions, and mission-style maple cabinet doors.

With a travel trailer that suits all of your needs, and is in your price range, this is a win-win for sure.

Take advantage of all of these amazing features with a group of friends or families and start making memories in your new travel trailer!

3. Forest River Rockwood Geo Pro Travel Trailer

# of Floor plansUnloaded WeightSleepsLengthPrice
71133-3161 lbs2-411-21 feet$8,995+

The Rockwood Geo Pro 12RK is the only floor plan among the seven-floor plans offered that is priced below $10,000, but if you are interested in the other six they are not far behind price wise.

The other six that are a bit more expensive do offer more spacious room and easily towability. If you are wanting something a bit bigger, the Rockwood Geo Pro 19FD is a great option.

Whether you choose the more affordable version or the more expensive ones, this trailer has the same basic features throughout all the different versions.

Some key features that are included in this travel trailer are:

  1. Seven different floor plans
  2. Roof mount solar prep
  3. 20,000 BTU furnace
  4. Tinted bonded frameless windows
  5. 6-sided aluminum cage construction
  6. Wi-fi ranger

4. Riverside Retro Travel Trailer

# of Floor plansUnloaded WeightSleepsLengthPrice
181937-6100 lbs2-613-32 feet$9,500+

With 18 different floorplans to choose from that come in different weights and sizes, the Retro makes the perfect travel trailer for under $10,000.

If you are looking for smaller, affordable trailers under $10,000, the Retro 509 Jr is the one for you. However, if you are looking for a trailer that can fit more than a few people comfortably, this one might not be for you. If you are looking for a bigger model, try looking at a Retro 265RB.

With the Riverside Retro Travel Trailer, there are many options for windows, doors and interior designs to choose from. Some of the key features that are in the Riverside Retro Travel Trailer include:

  • 18 different floor plans
  • Aluminum cage construction
  • Spacious cabinets with hardwood doors
  • Powder coated chassis
  • Radius windows and doors
  • 5/8-inch one-piece floor decking

Other options include an exterior grill, a flip-up sofa rather than the rear bed, birch interior, outside speakers, power awning and more. If you are looking for a stylish, affordable and feature-packed trailer, this is a great option.

5. Dutchmen Aspen Trail Travel Trailer

# of Floor plansUnloaded WeightSleepsLengthPrice
363125-8126 lbs3-1021-39 feet$9,999+

The most impressive line of affordable trailers that the Dutchmen company makes is the Aspen Trail Travel Trailer. It brings many great things to the table, besides the price points. With 36 different floor plans and ranging weights and sleeping capacities, you are sure to find the perfect fit for you.

Even though there are so many options, the positive reviews and price point of the Aspen Trail 1700BH makes it one to consider. This one is priced under $10,000. If you are ready to spend a little bit more, start by looking at the Aspen Trail 1900RB.

The Aspen Trail 1700BH has many features that will make this a great purchase while staying within your budget. This travel trailer shares the same aerodynamic profile as the other 36 floorplans. This includes bunk beds, and a large queen bed (that can hold 5 people.)

There is a shower and tub combo in the bathroom that provides you the option of both while saving space. It also has a large refrigerator which is a huge bonus. Many travel trailers lack this feature that is so greatly desired!

Other features of the Dutchmen Aspen Trail Travel Trailer include:

  • 36 different floor plans available
  • Radius overhead cabinets
  • Seamless one-piece walk-on roof
  • Hardwood cabinet doors
  • Tinted safety glass windows
  • High output furnace with auto ignition

6. Oregon Trailer Do Drop

# of Floor plansUnloaded WeightSleepsLengthPrice
1550-700 lbs1-23.5-4 feet wide$6,150+

The Oregon Trailer Do Drop is the perfect trailer for the stylish minimalist. This trailer is also perfect for you if you are on a tight budget as most of these trailers are priced around $6,000.

This trailer is very customizable with options for it to be equipped for either a paved road or off-roading. It also comes with two configurations of either 3.5 or 4 feet wide, depending on how much room you prefer inside (or how many people you plan on having inside.)

Other than the few tweaks you can make to the size and wheels, this trailer is really as simple as they get. It does the job and is very sleek and aesthetically pleasing.

This is the perfect trailer for those looking to go out and go camping but does not have a large vehicle to tow a trailer with.

It is simple, lightweight and affordable making it the perfect weekend trailer. When it equipped with a chuck-box/camp-kitchen the Do-Drop has everything you need!

Because it is so simple, it gives you the chance to customize it to your liking. If you prefer the minimalist type of trailer, then you can leave it the way it comes and enjoy the simplicity.

7. The American Dream Trailer

# of Floor plansUnloaded WeightSleepsLengthPrice
3650 lbs1-2+11 feet$8,900+

If hardcore off-roading trailers are not your thing, but still want an interesting one, the American Dream Trailer is the one for you. The retro design on this trailer is stylish and widely popular.

This trailer was inspired by a vintage 1961 model. It was designed with simplicity in mind. Even though it appears to be simple, there are some fun features that it provides. The roof of the trailer doubles as a removable boat. Simply pop off the boat off the top of your sleeper, and attach it back on when you’re done. The rooftop boat removes and attaches with five latches. A separate roof under the boat keeps your trailer enclosed. The boat can carry up to three people (500 lbs). It also has a motor mount and can handle a motor of 2 hp.

The trailer comes with oars to row your boat, oarlocks, curtains, a checkerboard floor, and a tailgate for storage and food preparation. Options for this trailer include an interior table and two-tone color schemes. If you are planning on ordering, deliveries take up to six to eight weeks.

If the detachable boat on the top of the trailer is not enough to interest you, the American Dream Trailer also features a custom full-mattress, a rear-mounted cooking and storage galley, and pop-out windows that provide a nice breeze whenever you prefer.

8. BCT Moab Gobi Trailer

# of Floor plansUnloaded WeightSleepsLengthPrice
21890 lbs1-313.8 feet$7,995+

The Gobi is nicknamed “M.O.A.B.- the Mother of All Adventure Bivouacs” and for good reason! This mighty travel trailer is tiny but packed with essential equipment that you won’t find in just any trailer.

For less than $10,000 the BCT Moab Gobi Trailer is loaded with interior sleeping and storage arrangements. This towable sleeper is surprisingly spacious and luxurious.

The sleeping area is comfortable, there is a series of internal wood storage cabinets and even an exterior kitchen.

The kitchen includes a functional sink and a dual burner camp stove. You can cook meals and clean them up right after without any problem.

The trailer also comes with off-road tires if you are wanting to trek somewhere neat. The Moab Gobi also has its own electric brake system for safety but can be upgraded.

Some of the features that make an appearance in the Moab Gobi Trailer include:

  • 7-inch foam mattress that fits two people
  • 2-burner cooktop
  • 20-pound propane tank
  • 24 gallon (91 liter) fresh water tank
  • Tank-less propane water heater
  • Doors on each side of the trailer
  • An outdoor shower
  • An electrical system with charger, inverter, 12/100v outlets and LED lights

9. CVT Off-Road Trailer

# of Floor plansUnloaded WeightSleepsLengthPrice
11150 lbs1-2+5 feet$7,200+

The CVT Off-Road Trailer is a very minimalist trailer. It’s less focused on sleeping people, and more focused on carrying gear. This is one of the most affordable trailers built from sturdy steel, with big tires for off-roading, and comes with a 7-way trailer plug and bus system, perfect for your powering needs. There are upgrades offered as well if you need something more powerful.

If you are looking for a trailer to haul your toys to a fun camping adventure, this is a great budget-friendly option. If your budget has more stretching room, there are several upgrades such as tents and racks. Other features include:

  • Frame constructed of 10 ga steel
  • Tub constructed of 14 ga steel
  • 3500HD Timbren axles with brakes – 6 lug standard, 8 lug optional
  • Aluminum lid
  • Locking slam latch on lid and locking tailgate
  • Full length, bolt-on fenders with 2” tube outers
  • 31” tires standard
  • Full led lighting
  • 7-way trailer plug and bus system for additional electrical upgrades
  • Fully powder coated

Conclusion: Buying Tips for Affordable Trailers Under $10,000

Once you’ve thought about buying a travel trailer, you probably know how often you’ll get to use it. Some trips are only going to be weekend trips with the family, and others will be longer excursions.

Your trailer selection will also depend on your hobbies, how many people you will be bringing with you if children are coming etc. All of these things are important to consider when picking out a trailer that fits your budget, your needs and makes you feel the most comfortable.

Think you’ve found the best affordable trailers for you? In my personal experience, it is not a good idea to put a deposit to hold an RV that you are not 100% sure that you are going to buy. If you happen to change your mind, you might get stuck in a situation where you either have to buy another model from the same dealer or fight hard to get your deposit returned to you. Take things slowly and don’t be in too much of a rush. The RV marketplace has plenty of affordable trailers under $10,000. You just need the patience to find your ideal one.

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  2. We would love a camper trailer with less frills.
    Just need it to sleep 4, have bathroom and shower, and refrigerator.
    Does anyone build these?

  3. forest river rockwood Geo pro is it still for $8,995.00 and if a little more where do they sell them or ar these old adds.


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