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7 Perfect Bunkhouse Travel Trailers Under 30 Feet Long

Published on July 8th, 2019 by Camper Report

Bunkhouse travel trailers are a great choice for traveling with a family on the road.

There are so many positives to the bunkhouse style in a travel trailer: individualized sleeping space, decreasing noise when the kids want to stay up and parents are ready to bed down, a much more comfortable layout and sleeping space, and less time converting dining spaces or couches into beds only to have to convert them again in the morning.

But all that comfort, space, and convenience often comes at a price. For travel trailers, the trade-off is often a longer trailer which can require a more heavy-duty tow vehicle and can be more difficult (especially for inexperienced drivers) to tow.

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Increasing your trailer size also decreases the amount of available parking space whether you want to pull off at the grocery store on your way to a campsite or you’re trying to reserve a campsite in a crowded campground.

Luckily, thanks in part to the tiny house trend, more and more RV manufacturers are making bunkhouse-style floor plans in much shorter trailers.

Here you’ll find seven perfect bunkhouse travel trailers under 30 feet long that has plenty of room for your family and are still easy to tow and easy to park. Read on to see if your favorite is on this list.

1. KZ Sportsmen Classic 181BH

Travel Trailer Length: 20’6″

KZ works to make affordable RVs with traditional appeal in a variety of floor plans. Their Sportsmen Classic line is one of the company’s top lines of travel trailers and is meant to be towed by most SUVs.

Another cool aspect of KZ is the free KZ RV app (available for Android and iOS) that helps you manage your trip from your phone. The app assists with trip planning (including a variety of checklists), keeping track of RV maintenance and service, and includes digital owner’s manuals for easy access.

The Sportsmen Classic line comes in 9 floor plans. Three of these have tent beds and another three have at least two bunks. For this list, our pick is the 181BH model for its simple functionality.

The Sportsmen Classic 181BH is great for those who like to spend their time enjoying the outdoors. The entry to this travel trailer has a friction hinge door with a solid step system that takes the stress off the side of the trailer while your family runs in and out.

The largest sleeping space, in the front of the trailer, is a 54 x 80 bed in the open living space. The master bed has overhead storage and touch lighting as well as a 12V charger and 110 plugs on either side.

Just past the dinette slide is a set of 28 x 75 bunks. The dinette also converts to a sleeping area, so this small travel trailer can easily accommodate six.

The open floor plan in this travel trailer is perfect for families who want a slumber-party camping feel.

KZ Sportsmen Classic 181BH Specs:

  • Hitch weight: 370 lbs
  • UVW: 2,840 lbs
  • CCC: 660 lbs
  • Exterior height: 9’4″ (without roof A/C)

2. Venture RV Sonic Lite SL169VBH

Travel Trailer Length: 21’4″

Venture’s Sonic line was developed to give consumers a travel trailer with towing efficiency without sacrificing comfort and style.

The Sonic Lite models are based on the same solid construction as Venture’s Sonic line but on a single axle frame for lighter weight and even easier towing.

An aspect that sets Venture RV apart is the LevelMatePro system that uses smartphone technology to level its towable RVs. This means that you can level your travel trailer on the first try regardless of the light conditions outside, day or night.

The Sonic Lite travel trailer comes in 7 floor plans and is available in three decor options. Two of these models include bunks, and we’ve chosen to spotlight the SL169VBH model because it has zero slides.

Slide outs are great for adding extra space in an otherwise cramped trailer, but they can also be a hassle, requiring additional set up and maintenance that you don’t always have time for.

The SL169VBH has a 60 x 75 Murphy bed as the master bed. In the daytime, this area functions as a dining space with a free-standing table and fold-away chairs.

Having the sleeping space double as the dining space allows room for a larger bathroom than you’ll find in other models of the same size with a spacious 36-inch tub.

The rear of the trailer holds the 28 x 87.75 double bunks, much longer than the 75-inch length bunks in other models, which is perfect if you have leggy teenagers that need to fit in this space.

The rear of the trailer also has a large Pack-N-Play door which gives quick access into the bunk area of the travel trailer and is especially handy if you use this area to store hiking packs or camping gear.

Venture RV Sonic Lite SL169VBH Specs:

  • Hitch weight: 410 lbs
  • UVW: 2,990 lbs
  • CCC: 1,010 lbs
  • Exterior height: 9’11” (with A/C)

3. Jayco Jay Flight SLX 174BH

Travel Trailer Length: 21’6″

Jayco is one of the most popular RV manufacturers on the road, and their Jay Flight line is a top seller. The Jay Flight SLX 7 line is meant to be a fun towable travel trailer with a smart design that leaves lots of creative areas for storage, functional lighting, and durable features.

Jayco may be most well known for its incredible two-year limited, three-year structural warranty which means that making an investment in their travel trailers also gives you peace of mind because they stand behind their product.

The SLX 7 line has 6 floor plans to choose from, and three of those models (154BH, 174BH, and 184BS) come with bunk-style sleeping.

We like the 174 BH model because it offers both bunk sleeping space and a queen bed without any moving parts like slides or having to convert a space like a dinette or a sofa.

(If you prefer a model with a slide for additional floor space, check out the 184BS for its nice layout and easy functionality.)

The Jay Flight SLX 174BH has a queen size master bed whose length runs the width of the travel trailer.

While this does mean that one bedmate (assuming two are sharing the space) has to crawl over the other for a midnight bathroom run, it also means that the length of the bed doesn’t impinge on the living space.

The dinette and galley are across from one another with the dinette having overhead cabinetry for storage and the kitchen featuring both cabinets and a full pantry.

The rear bunk beds are along the dinette wall and feature 4-inch-thick mats for a cushier sleep surface. The top bunk folds up and out of the way, making this area also great for additional storage.

Jayco Jay Flight SLX 174BH Specs:

  • Hitch weight: 305 lbs
  • UVW: 2,935 lbs
  • CCC: 815 lbs
  • Exterior height: 8’11”

4. Lance Camper 2185

Travel Trailer Length: 25’8″

Lance Camper, based out of Lancaster, California, began manufacturing truck campers in 1965. Lance aims to make eco-friendly, toxin-free RVs, perfect for consumers who want to be careful about their ecological footprint.

Today, it remains a leader in both truck campers and travel trailers, winning the DSI award for quality, rated Best in Owner Satisfaction, and awarded high ratings by Consumer Digest.

One of Lance’s distinguishing features on its travel trailers is the awnings which use lateral arm supports. These offer a sleek look with maximized shade while leaving more wall space on the trailer for windows and other additional features.

The direct response wind sensor also means that the awning will automatically retract when subjected to constant motion, so you won’t have to worry about rushing to close the awning in rough, windy conditions.

Lance makes 10 travel trailer models, and the 2185 model is the only one in its 6000 lb Tow Rating RV category.

Available in three decor options, this travel trailer has a sleek interior with a walk-around queen bed that can be optioned as a convertible sofa bed for a larger living space.

The “Super Slide” dinette is designed to seat at least 5 people and can be converted to sleep two adults comfortably. The dinette also has additional storage underneath the seating areas.

In addition to the full wet bath and galley with decorative details and storage, the real focal point is the awesome three-bunk design at the rear of the trailer.

The way this space is set up, three adults can sleep in the rear bunks, or the top two bunks can be used for sleeping space while the lowest bunk can be used for extra storage.

Lance Camper 2185 Specs:

  • Hitch weight: 755 lbs
  • UVW: 4,565 lbs
  • CCC: 1,435 lbs
  • Exterior height: 10’2″ (with A/C)

5. Coachmen Clipper Ultra-Lite 21BH

Travel Trailer Length: 25’6″

Coachmen are known for its exceptional value, and its Clipper trailers fall right in line. Clippers were created to be towed by smaller, more fuel-efficient vehicles without sacrificing the niceties of larger, heavier, and more expensive models of travel trailers.

Both Coachmen’s Clipper and Viking travel trailers are also rated Bronze by TRA Certification, Inc. to be “Certified Green” (since 2010) because of their performance in resource, water, and energy efficiency as well as indoor air quality.

The Clipper Ultra-Lite 21BH is perfect for those who want options for the master bedroom at the front of the trailer. This can be ordered as either a standing 60 x 74 queen size bed or as a Murphy bed with a sofa.

In either case, the bed has wardrobes on each side and additional overhead storage.

The rear of the travel trailer contains the bathroom with a generous tub and a linen closet as well as the 20 x 72 bunk beds.

If you’re planning to use the rear bunks for storage as well as sleeping, items in the bunks are easily accessed by a bike door that opens into the bunk area.

The bunk can also be flipped up and locked into place while traveling to make a much larger storage closet for camping and hiking gear, as well as bikes and other outdoor equipment.

This travel trailer also has some nice residential features, like the residential grade linoleum flooring, mortise and tenon cabinet doors, and laminated countertops.

Outside the 21BH you’ll find diamond plate front and rear wall protection, a front rock guard window, and radius entry and baggage doors.

Coachmen Clipper Ultra Lite 21BH Specs:

  • Hitch weight: 525 lbs
  • UVW: 4,468 lbs
  • CCC: 2,057 lbs
  • Exterior height: 9’10”

6. Forest River Flagstaff Micro Lite 25BRDS

Travel Trailer Length: 25’11”

Forest River’s line of Micro Lite travel trailers is perfect for those whose main concern in a travel trailer is towing size and weight. The Micro Lite line is designed to be within the towing capacity of most SUVs and minivans on the market. That means you may not need to upgrade your primary vehicle when towing this travel trailer.

The Flagstaff Micro Lite series comes in 10 floor plans, three of which are bunkhouse models (including the 23LB, 25BDRS, and 25LB). Our pick for this list is the 25BDRS because of the larger double bunks instead of the narrower “long bunk” models (23LB and 25LB).

Being just under 26 feet long makes this model easy to find space for, and the space-saving design inside is easy to maneuver.

The main sleeping area is a queen-sized Murphy bed that is incredibly easy to set up, even for those with limited physical strength. This Murphy bed also has a residential style mattress rather than just a thin layer of foam, making it infinitely more comfortable for sleeping.

During the day, the area accommodates a sofa with a reclining function. In addition to the seating space, there are also dual wardrobes and end tables (that also function as nightstands) on either side.

The u-shaped dinette is on the trailer’s only slide and can be upgraded to a free-standing table and chairs. The L-shaped counter in the kitchen has a dual basin sink and a countertop extension for extra food prep space.

The bunkhouse in the rear houses double bunks adjacent to the bathroom that is roomy enough for adults (or your teenagers) to sleep comfortably. The bunks are sectioned off from the living space with a curtain and each bunk has a window as well.

Forest River Flagstaff Micro Lite 25BRDS Specs:

  • Hitch weight: 709 lbs
  • UVW: 5,300 lbs
  • CCC: 1,569 lbs
  • Exterior height: 10’11”

7. Dutchmen Aerolite 2573BH

Travel Trailer Length: 29’4″

The longest travel trailer on this list, measuring at 8 inches under 30 feet, is the Dutchmen Aerolite 2573BH. The Aerolite line comes in 9 floor plans, 5 of those containing bunks.

Dutchmen’s Aerolite travel trailers are meant to be comfortable, elegant travel trailers that combine luxury and lightweight. Each Aerolite trailer is equipped with power stab jacks, a power tongue jack, and the iN-Command system to monitor and control your travel trailer easily.

The Aerolite 2573BH is the largest of its bunkhouse models that still hits the under-thirty-feet bar for this list and is a perfect choice for families who want the great reputation, innovation, and warranty of a Dutchmen RV along with its luxurious features and home-like interior.

Although this model is very similar to Aerolite’s 2423BH model, the extra 1’4″ of the 2573BH gives a roomier kitchen and living space, almost doubles the grey water capacity, and adds the outdoor kitchen.

The 2573BH has a rear entry, located just beside the outdoor kitchen, with large 52 x 74 double bunks at the rear of the trailer adjacent to the bathroom. These roomy bunks each sleep at least two adults easily.

The trailer’s one slide holds the u-shaped dinette and refrigerator (for easy access to drinks when having a movie night) across from the entertainment center with a fireplace and the L-shaped kitchen.

The master bedroom is at the front of the trailer and holds a walk-around 60 x 80 queen-sized bed with dual wardrobes. This bedroom can also be separated from the living space by a pocket door which ensures privacy and quiet, especially when traveling with rowdy kids.

Dutchmen Aerolite 2753BH Specs:

  • Hitch weight: 921 lbs
  • UVW: 6,282 lbs
  • CCC: 3.398 lbs
  • Exterior height: 11’5″ (with A/C)

4 thoughts on “7 Perfect Bunkhouse Travel Trailers Under 30 Feet Long”

  1. Do you know if a TT full length under 30ft exists with a bunk room ( not just bunks)?
    Our boys are growing fast….13 Year old is already over 6ft… we need more bunk space and these corner bunks that they can’t sit up in do not cut it. We’d also like them to have some private space away from the rest of the camper. Have you ever seen one? Thanks!


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