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Best Built Fifth Wheels You Can Buy, Now

Published on March 22nd, 2019 by Camper Report
This post was updated on June 30th, 2021

Recently, I researched the best built fifth wheels on the market after getting overwhelmed with all the different models and choices. I wanted to know which fifth wheels are best, and for what purposes.

What are the best built fifth wheels on the market?

After hours of research, here are seven of the best built fifth wheels that I recommend:

  1. The Keystone Montana series
  2. Redwood’s namesake model, the Redwood
  3. Forest River’s Wildcat Series
  4. Dutchman Voltage Series
  5. Grand Design Reflection Series
  6. Grand Design’s Solitude
  7. Jayco’s North Point North Point model

All seven companies make dependable, well designed fifth wheel trailers. They all make my list for different reasons. Once you know how and why you want to use your fifth wheel, you can choose the best built fifth wheel model that fits your family’s needs.

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Best Built Fifth Wheel ModelsPrice Range (USD)Can comfortably sleep
Keystone Montana$25,000 to 90,0005
Redwood’s Redwood Model$35,000 to 100,0006
Forest River Wildcat $25,000 to 50,0005
Dutchman Voltage Series$40,000 to 90,00010
Grand Design Reflection$35,000 to 80,0004
Grand Design Solitude$35,000 to 80,0003- 6
Jayco North Point$40,000 to 90,0006

If you buy a used fifth wheel, you are almost guaranteed to get a better price. All prices are based on what year that vehicle was released, and the number of options it came with. As I researched I have found that if you buy fifth wheels and other RVs that are four to five years old, you will get a great product at the best price.

Also keep in mind, these are large fifth wheels that require a medium or heavy duty truck. Know the kind of truck you need for towing a fifth wheel model you like. Understand your towing abilities before you decide that a certain fifth-wheel model is for you.

Here are my favorite best built fifth wheels to start your search.

Keystone Montana

Keystone Montana best built fifth wheels list

The Keystone Montana is great for some of us who have experience with large trailers. It is also great for people who spend a lot of time in their RV. If you plan to be traveling a while, it’s a great choice. The Keystone Montana is one of the most popular brands in the fifth-wheel world. Over 100,000 have been sold in this model alone.

This camper is ready to hold all you need, it has plenty of room underneath and out of the way for your storing needs. This fifth-wheel has most accommodations of a small home. With a large refrigerator and oven. It also comes with washer and dryer hook-ups and a dishwasher.

This is great for a small family with a suite in the back equipt with a nice queen-size bed and storage. There are hide-away beds, at least one but with the family package there can be two. The couches are statium seating with recliners.

For safety, you have a backup camera on the back of the Fifth-Wheel that can help you when trying to park or get out of an unwanted situation.

You can buy a Keystone Montana used or new the prices vary on year of the model. When buying used it can go anywhere from 25,000 to 90,000 depending on the year. If you chose to be the first owner it is going to move the price up at least 20,000.

The Keystone Montana is just a safe bet for anyone looking for a new fifth-wheel. It is versatile, luxurious but also great for practical use.

Redwood’s Redwood Model

Redwood luxury fifth wheel model

Redwood’s flagship Redwood Model is great especially for those of us who want to go on the road full-time. People who are thinking about long-term excursions or just constant use. We see this company is becoming more of a household name in the camping world.

The newest model from them sleeps 6 and has 5 different pull-outs for the optimium room in your camper. With a spacious kitchenette including an island ready for steady cooking, this is a great camper for families.

In this camper, we see that there is so much room for storage both inside the camper and underneath. They are prepared for long-term storage, with heating even in the underneath component to keep things from feeling the effects of the harsher climates.

With a king-size bed and full closet in the master suite, it makes it more private for those trying to have a quiet moment from other guests in the vehicle.

The kitchenette is full of stainless steel appliances and the dinning table has a full buffet to make family dinners on the road manageable and less crowded.

These spacious and luxurious campers can run from about 35,000 to 100,000 depending on the year of the model. It weighs over around 17,900 pounds making it one of the heavier models. So if you are uncomfortable with towing I would be aware of that.

Forest River Wildcat Series

This vehicle was recently awarded Best of Show. It makes our list of the best built fifth wheels because it has a reputation as one of the more affordable luxury RV trailer models. It also has great amenities that can make your camping experience wonderful.

They are seen most in the Mid-Western and North-eastern areas. This is because of its ability transition so well into the colder areas. It is a smaller model and easier to move. Making it ideal for those driving in riskier weather and less manageable roads.

With a full king-size master suite, a queen hide-a-way bed and flip-out bunkbeds. There is room for the entire family. That does not even include the recliner couches and 360 spin captain chairs all filling your vehicle with ample room for anyone you want to join you on your excursion.

This camper has accommodations for both inside and outside kitchens. With full cabinets, microwave, and a smaller conventional oven. It also has an outside grill attachment, with a covering for outdoor cooking. And honestly isn’t that why we are camping to be outside?

The Wildcats are known for being on the more affordable end of the spectrum. But it is still beautiful and spacious with everything that you need. I see these going from about 25,000 to around 50,000. Keeping these machines at the cheaper end of the spectrum.

Dutchman Voltage Series

This fifth-wheel is a bit different than our other models. The Dutchman company has revolutionized hauling. If you want a fifth-wheel but you also need to carry all your ATVs, dirt bikes, etc. This is going to be your guy.

With over 7000 pound axel to hold up your nitrogen filled wheels this guy can hold what you need. It has a huge full-door to get your different toys safely inside and out.

But these great hauling capabilities did not take away from your sleeping or other amenities It sleeps up to ten people! A Voltage can have two different suites. One with our king-size bed and wardrobe and the other with twin beds and an adjustable couch. Making your home feel quieter and more secluded even when you are all together in your camper.

The second suite is what transforms into the garage area. But with the twin bunk beds that fold up against the wall and the other seating that can fold in. It is a breeze to transform between the two settings.

This vehicle does not skimp on the luxury either, when you buy new you can design the color skeme or different look of everything. There is a large TV, and fireplace for ultimate relaxation.

The kitchenette is fully equipt with everything you will need. And the eating area is also part of that second suite, giving you a quite area that you can eat in peace away from everything else.

The Voltage can run anywhere from 40,000 to 90,000 keeping it at a similar price point with the other brands we have been looking at.

Grand Design Reflection Series

This makes our best built fifth wheels list because it’s so different from all the rest. One of the hardest part of buying a fifth-wheel is buying the huge trucks that have to haul them. Well, the Grand Design is the lightest of our models and can be pulled with your half-ton truck. They are never heavier than 15,000 pounds. Which is great for the new camper who is not used to having huge trailers being pulled behind them. And if you do not have to buy a new truck, it takes off the hit of the price quite a bit.

Obviously, with the lighter models, there is going to be less room. This is a more compact model. There still is our master suite, and it has ample room and a large walk-in closet. Then there is a tri-fold couch if you need bedding for a guest or a kid.

The kitchen has an optional free-standing dinning table, that is great for meals. And of course there is a full-sized kitchen ready for use. The pull-out gives you space to be able to work in your kitchen comfortably.

Something that is nice if you aren’t traveling with as many people. There is a “den” area in some of their newer models. A place where you can sit on the couch and add a TV if you want and have some space. Making camping with maybe a significant other a little more pleasing.

The price point is anywhere from 35,000 to 80,000 dollars. Keeping it in the luxirious area of camping.

Grand Design’s Solitude

The great thing about the Grand Design is that there are so many different floor plans for their different models. The different floor plans make it much more customizable, and would gurantee a change in you and your family’s camping experience.

It is great for storage, including a full pantry it will change the way you stock your camper for your next outdoor excursion. Grand Design just makes great machines, so there needed to be two of their models here on this site.

This sleek design allows for comfort room and for what you need. It is a very customizeable vehicle. You can choose what kind of dinning area that you want either it be room for a free-standing or a booth area to fit your needs. With two couches you can chose between the recliner stadium seating or two pull-out beds to fit sleep a more people.

This camper has the idea that you need more room, for food, camping supplies, clothes,etc. It has a full walk-in closet in your master suite that can fit enough clothes that you can live there for months at a time without giving up your wardrobe.

The kitchen is stocked with a large pantry for room to store food, and to avoid leaving your camping destination to go restock your food. And a large under carrier for your camping supplies and more.

Grand Designs are both at similar price points we have seen models from 35,000 to around 90,000 dollars.

Jayco North Point’s North Point model

Jayco is known for with all of their campers for being family friendly and this is no exception. This is the fifth-wheel for people that are bringing along a young family. If you have loud teenagers with you this is your vehicle.

With a master suite on one side of the fifth-wheel while the other side has bunk bed capabilities/ entertainment area on the polar other side. It will make your traveling experience much more enjoyable for all parties. In our master suite we have our queen bed and closet. But on the other side there are two pull down top bunks that hang over gaming chairs on one side, and on the other a smaller refridgerator and storage to keep the kids things in one area.

This trailer is ready for your families needs. It has your full-kitchen, with three possible TV hook-ups to disperse throughout the camper. The fifth wheel is beautiful and sleek and ready for guests to join in.

You also get outdoor cooking capabilities and can customize many features if you buy it new. If you are planning on going somewhere nice and warm to camp it has 3 different Air Conditioning units capable of being used to keep the entire camper nice and cool for you.

If you choose you can change the set up from being family friendly to either being shorter or it can fit your needs. They are aware that people who buy campers have diverse needs and that will necessitate different layouts.

The best built fifth wheels are different for everyone

As you can see, the best built fifth wheels serve different needs for different people. Your family’s size, lifestyle, and the kind of truck you will tow it with will impact which fifth wheel is going to work for you. Consider these models carefully and take your time research to make sure you’re happy with this sizeable purchase.

7 thoughts on “Best Built Fifth Wheels You Can Buy, Now”

  1. Have a Keystone Montana for the last 3 years and it has given us nothing but enjoyment. Like everything else, look after it with Love and you get it back just like a Wife. 😃😍

  2. We are considering buying a 5th wheel and new truck. Use to have a used Damon 37 ft diesel and it was a nightmare in problems. So we need advice as to the best one to purchase. Hubby is 6’4 so want a tall unit with king bed around 33 tom34 feet. Any recommendations.

  3. i have a keystone Montana 2019 and had nothing but trouble from the day we got it home, used it three times with in the year and the other times was in and out of shops, but the kicker is the manufacturer does not care once they have your money you are useless to them, and i was on the phone the entire time with the manufacturer to fix the RV, had to sale. Please don’t buy a keystone.

  4. I disagree. Had Grand Disaster junk and the fact you listed two of them I know you are clueless about RV quality. Oh it was gorgeous but huge major quality issues. J U N K

    • We had a Grand Design Solitude & the frame separated from the subfloor. The rear wall separated & we didn’t realize it until a couple of months after the structural warranty expired. We contacted GD & they offered to fix it & instructed dealer as to how, never telling us the truth about the frame separating. Just told us the rear wall needed a few more screws. The rear wall kept re-separating & we finally took it to an independent rv repair man who discovered the dealer had patched the frame to the subfloor with thin squares of aluminum per GD’s instructions, which too had broken & were by then poking out the sides of our rv. Sad thing is GD nor dealer told us the truth! It’s a miracle it didn’t fall off & kill someone. Will have to be totaled or rebuilt from ground up. BEWARE!!!

  5. I have a 2007 coachman chaparral never had a minute of trouble with it.I guess it has a lot to do with how you take care of your camper.

  6. Would never buy another Key Stone product. Have a 2016 Cardinal Light out side walls coming apart and had trailer back in shop many times . Called Key Stone and was told need to keep it under cover. Bought the trailer to travel with. Had the roof seal many times.Have on travel trailers most of my life. Never seen a company that did not care like this one.


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