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7 Best Motorhome Floorplans Under 20 Feet

Published on June 26th, 2019 by Camper Report
This post was updated on April 26th, 2021

Have you ever pulled up to a camping site, simply to realize that your motorhome will not fit? With one of these floor plans, you will never have to worry about fitting again! After all, no one said you need more than 20 feet to be comfortable!

When most people think of luxury living, their first thought is almost always, having plenty of extra space. This leads to people purchasing grand expensive Class A motorhomes to visit a simple camping site.

However, these large Class A motorhomes do not always fit in the space provided. Each of the floor plans I have chosen for you today, while not a Class A, are luxurious, cost-effective, and all guaranteed to fit in a space of 20 feet or less! After this, you will have a whole new definition of luxury!

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1. Thor Motor Coach Majestic 19G

Length19 feet
Motorhome ClassClass C
Seating Capacity5
Sleeping Capacity3

Perhaps one of my favorite things about these motorhome floor plans is that for such little room, there is so much space!

In the Thor Motor Coach Majestic 19G, the floor plan allows you to move around without feeling as though you are crammed inside.

Looking for an extra bed for a guest? In the 19G floor plan there is both an over cab bed and a double dinette.

One truly unique thing about the 19G floor plan (and what caught my eye about this model) is that the kitchen is found in the back of the motorhome.

This works well with the limited amount of space since someone is able to prepare or cook a meal without using the available living space!

Worried that a large bathroom is going to make the motorhome unlivable? More worried about not having a large enough bathroom?

The Thor Motor Coach Majestic 19G floor plan features a well sized wet-bath (shower and toilet combination). So enjoy the comfort of a larger bathroom without the loss of living space!

Learn more about Thor’s motor coach floor plans on their website!

2. Winnebago Revel 44E

Length19 feet
Motorhome ClassClass B
Seating Capacity4
Sleeping Capacity3

The Winnebago Revel 44E is one of the most popular Class B motorhome model on today’s market.

Whether you are looking for a motorhome for winter traveling, a toy hauling motorhome, or simply a small and stylish floor plan, the Winnebago Revel 44E can be it all.

Inside the Winnebago Revel 44E, you find an all in one wet bath and gear closet. In this floor plan, the gear closet is not simply found in the bathroom, but rather IS the bathroom!

While driving simply slide in a few shelves and convert your bathroom into a closet! This wet bath gear closet function is unique to the Revel and simply adds a little extra storage space to the small floor plan.

Possibly the most interesting thing about the Winnebago Revel 44E is the garage. In the back of the floor plan, you have 49″ by 79″ to store whatever gear you could possibly need to make your next trip epic!

Wondering where the bed fits into all of this? Well, it is above the garage! Once you arrive at your destination, unload any large gear and use the power lift system to lower your bed down for use.

In order to fit in all of these wonderful things, the Winnebago Revel 44E, unfortunately, does have a much smaller dining area.

However, this simply means you and your family can spend more time outdoors eating meals on the fold-down table attached to the outside of the motorhome!

The Winnebago Revel 44E is truly a unique motorhome floor plan sure to amaze all who see it. To learn more visit the Winnebago website!

3. Forest River Forester Mercedes-Benz 2401W

Length11 feet
Motorhome ClassClass C
Seating Capacity4
Sleeping Capacity4

We all love nights spent in a beautiful hotel room right?

While traveling in the Forest River Forester Mercedes-Benz 2401W floor plan, every night can feel like a night in a hotel!

This open concept floor plan features a queen size bed, a fold down couch, and an over cab bunk (this bunk is almost the size of a queen)!

While listed that 4 is the maximum sleeping capacity, larger families with smaller children are most likely able to accommodate 5.

Looking for a little more privacy in the master bedroom area? In the 2401W, simply extend the accordion door and separate your room and the bathroom from the rest of the motorhome!

Not a fan of an all in one wet bath design? No worries! In this floor plan enjoy a full stand up shower completely separate from the toilet and sink!

If you are one who enjoys cooking large extravagant meals that require extra counter space, then this floor plan may not be the right one for you.

The kitchen has a pop-up counter extension, a deep sink, a medium sized gas stove, a convection microwave, and a large RV fridge!

Take the hotel with you wherever you go when you travel in the Forest River Forester Mercedes-Benz 2401W!

View more floor plans and models on the Forest River website!

4. Airstream RV Interstate 19

Length19 feet
Motorhome ClassClass B
Seating Capacity4
Sleeping Capacity2

Who knew Airstream sold motorhomes, right?

Not only does the company known so well for their aluminum travel trailers sell motorhomes (what they call “touring coaches”), but they sell extremely stylish and quality motorhomes!

With two main models of touring coaches (Atlas and the Interstate), there can’t be that many floor plans available right?

Wrong! With 4 different styles of the Interstate alone and plenty of floor plans to choose from in each, there are so many ways for you to customize your ride with an Airstream touring coach!

The Interstate 19 may be the smallest of all of Airstream’s touring coaches, but it still promises style and function in a smaller package!

The Interstate 19 comes with a rear lounge and entertainment area, that folds down during the night to be a comfortable 2 person bed.

Moving towards the front of the motorhome, you will find a smaller kitchen area with a single basin sink and a two burner gas stove.

To make the most out of the 19 feet available in this floor plan, the Interstate 19 features a medium sized wet bath.

With the Interstate 19, you can travel almost anywhere and park in almost every space!

Travel in comfort and explore in style when you purchase the Interstate 19!

Learn more about Airstream and their touring coaches on their website!

5. Roadtrek Zion SRT

Length19 feet 7 inches
Motorhome ClassClass B
Seating Capacity5
Sleeping Capacity3

Looking for a quick and easy way to find an adventure? With the Roadtrek Zion SRT adventure can just be a few minutes away!

Entertainment inside your motorhome is easy with the large sofa lounge, a 2 burner stove, and a 5-foot refrigerator.

Need somewhere to sit and enjoy a meal? In the Roadtrek Zion SRT, the front seats swivel around and a collapsible table can be placed between them. Creating a comfy (and cozy) dining area for you and a guest.

For outdoor entertainment, this model features a 12-foot outdoor awning, LED lighting, and an outdoor shower!

On the inside of the motorhome, you will find an all in one wet bath, stylish interior decoration, a pull out sliding pantry, and a power sofa that lays back into either a queen or two twin beds.

While there may not be much inside the Roadtrek Zion SRT, the places it can take you, are sure to take your breath away.

Learn more about Roadtrek and their motorhomes on their website!

6. Hymermobil Exsis-i 504

Length599 cm (19 feet 8 inches)
Motorhome ClassClass Comfort Plus
Seating Capacity4
Sleeping Capacity (berths)3
Price67,990€ ($77,479.34)

Now, before you get all confused by the different units used in this table, let me explain that this is a German motorhome.

Hymermobil is a motorhome company in Germany that builds stylish and one of a kind motorhomes of all sizes!

While trying to find out what class of motorhome the Hymermobil Exsis-i 504 would be, I discovered that Germany does not follow the same classifications as the United States (go figure!).

At first glance this “Class Comfort Plus” motorhome looks like a Class A that has been shrunken into a Class B. However, coming in only four inches short of 20 feet, I decided to meet in the middle and call it a Class C. So, this Class C motorhome is unlike anything you have ever traveled in before.

Take in the full view with through the large front window or take a nap in the back loft bed!

In the Hymermobil Exsis-i 504, there is a fairly large, beautifully designed all in one wet bath complete with wooded grates on the floor! The bathroom in this floor plan is meant to be comfortable and stylish for you and everyone you travel with!

The beautiful kitchen features large sectioned off drawers to help you pack everything you will need while on the road.

While the Hymermobil already comes with a large fridge and freezer, they offer an upgrade which puts in a “jumbo refrigerator” and an oven with a grill. If you love to cook, this upgrade could be the detail that puts this motorhome’s floor plan over the top!

The Hymermobil Exsis-i 504 truly has it all from a large sleeping area, to a beautiful bathroom, an efficient kitchen, and a large comfortable dining area! Wherever you travel in the Hymermobil Exsis-i 504, you are sure to do so in comfort and luxury.

Learn more about the unique designs by Hymermobil motorhomes on their website!

7. Carado Axion Studio Loft Motor Home

Length17 feet 9 inches
Motorhome ClassClass B
Seating Capacity2
Sleeping Capacity4

Finally, we have arrived at possibly one of the most unique Class B motorhomes I have ever seen!

Carado Camper Vans pride themselves on featuring style, efficiency, and quality, without needing all of the space to do so!

The Carado Axion Studio Loft Motor Home offers a unique traveling, entertaining, and sleeping experience.

With this floor plan, absolutely no room is wasted. In fact, even the room above the motorhome gets used in the Loft floor plan!

Now when I was first learning about the Carado Axion Studio Loft Motor Home, I couldn’t understand how a Class B motorhome could possibly have a second floor.

However, after a little exploration, I discovered that this floor plan features a pop-up roof so that you can sleep in the “loft.”

This unique design leaves extra room for dining and living on the main level. So don’t be afraid to invite guests to your campsite when you travel in the Carado Axion Studio Loft Motor Home.

When you are done entertaining, fold down the couch into either a double or a twin bed (adding a little more sleeping room to the floor plan).

Not only does this floor plan feature ample lounge and dining area, but there is plenty of counter space in the kitchen as well!

Prepare your favorite meal with the convection microwave, the two burner gas stove, and the single basin sink.

The only downside I can find with this motorhome is that there is no permanent structure around the all in one bathroom area.

Instead, the bathroom consists of a fold up sink, a toilet, a shower handle, and a curtain in the back of the motorhome.

However, since the bathroom is directly against the back doors, this floor plan may work perfectly for anyone who is spent the day at the beach or on the lake and wants to rinse off before entering the rest of the motorhome!

With all of this, we can see that the Carado Axion Loft Studio, packs a big punch, in a small area.

To learn more about all of the features in the Carado Axion and any other Carado motorhome, watch the video below or visit their website!

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