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7 Awesome Little Camper Trailers with Bathrooms

Published on June 21st, 2017 by Nicole Malczan
This post was updated on August 24th, 2020

When nature calls, sometimes you have to answer that call…well, out in nature. This isn’t ideal, but when you’re camping, sometimes it’s the only option you’ve got. Or is it?

Space was probably a huge consideration for you when you bought your camper if you’ve already bought it. You wanted as much room as you could afford for basic amenities. That may have meant giving up on bathroom space, because, as mentioned, there’s a perfectly good bathroom right outside (nature’s bathroom).

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Well, it turns out you can get a smaller trailer and still have the perks of a toilet. These seven awesome little camper trailers are perfect examples. Before you read, here is an article we wrote that includes a complete travel trailer guide so that you will be prepared when buying a camper trailer! 

If you’re still shopping, before you make a big investment on your own camper, renting one is a great way to try before you buy. At RVShare, you can find tons of cool campers with on-board bathrooms including some of the ones below.  Click here to check out local inventory.

Jay Sport Trailer

Why spend money on a hotel room night after night when you can camp out in the Jay Sport Trailer from Jayco? New for 2017, this camper trailer has all the amenities you could ever want without all the extra space.

Let’s start with the exterior. Compact and simple, you’ll find great features throughout this camper sure to make life out in nature easier. You get:

  • double entry steps (which can retract)
  • stabilizer jacks for overnight stays
  • 15-inch mud tires intended for off-roading

You’d never guess the wonders inside from looking at this tiny Jayco trailer. The interior boasts:

  • residential cabinetry
  • a stainless steel stove that can be used outdoors or indoors
  • an acrylic sink
  • vinyl flooring from DiamondFlor

And I’m just getting started. Let the air in with a roof vent and mesh screening for those perfectly sunny days. You’ll also get such features as:

  • heated bed mats
  • reversible cushions
  • a plush dinette
  • stereo and TV capabilities
  • propane pre-plumbing

Of course, one of the best parts about this trailer is the bathroom. The Jay Sport Trailer has a water heater nearly the size of the trailer itself—a huge and impressive six gallons! That water tank gives you the option of showering outdoors or indoors and use of a toilet, sink, and running water.

Casita Travel Trailers Spirit Deluxe Trailer

If you have a small family, the Casita Travel Trailers’ Spirit Deluxe Trailer is a wonderful pick. This 17-foot trailer comfortably fits three. The dinette tables can be converted into two sleeping areas and vice-versa, so you can make more space as you need it.

This trailer is made to withstand all sorts of weather and traveling conditions. Its Marine-grade fiberglass body is customized to fit each Spirit Deluxe perfectly. Other cool exterior features you won’t want to miss are:

  • a 110-volt exterior outlet
  • a 12-volt battery pack
  • a fresh water fill you can lock for better hygiene
  • a city water connection for an alternate source of water
  • an exterior door light

Inside, the bathroom is one of the biggest areas of the camper. The shower space and toilet space are separated for optimal privacy. If you’re worried about airing out bathroom smells and humidity, the Spirit Deluxe comes with a power fan roof vent and screened windows.

Need room to stow your stuff? No problem. You’ll also get several overhead carpet-lined storage compartments to hide valuables or stash camping equipment.

Barefoot Caravans

Although based in the UK, Barefoot Caravans will ship to the US (for a fee). Tom Ogen, Lewis Earle, Matt Cullis, and Tom Buttigeig designed the Barefoot trailer, which received a Bugatti Trust Award.

One of the best parts about this trailer is its customization options. You can select the colors for the following features:

  • the Roberts Revival DAB Mini Radio
  • curtains (which can be custom-made or stitched based on your fabric picks)
  • bathroom and kitchen walls
  • seat upholstery (which is fabric or vinyl)

The colors available for most of those features are gray, lime green, navy blue, orange, stone, and duck egg blue. You can design your Barefoot Caravan so the whole thing matches or mix it up!

So what else, besides its curvy shape and fun design, makes the Barefoot Caravan such a standout? There are plenty of features worth noting, including:

  • L-shaped seating that can be configured into a spacious bed
  • cupboards and wardrobe space for storing belongings when on the road
  • roof lighting
  • eco-friendly polycarbonate windows
  • included freezer and an Isotherm compressor fridge

Of course, I must mention the bathroom. First, some specs: this camper trailer comes with a 30-liter onboard water tank and a hot water system from Truma Combi. You can hook up a source of electricity or gas.

The water tank and hot water system power the high-quality bathroom, which comes complete with a mirror, cupboard, shower, basin, and cassette toilet from Dometic. When you’re living this good, you’ll never want to leave your trailer!

Lance 1575 Travel Trailer

The Lance brand has produced travel trailers and truck campers for more than 50 years. Those decades of craftmanship come into play with the 1575 Travel Trailer, which weighs less than 2,700 pounds yet is stuffed full of awesome amenities.

Life on the road has never been so plush. You’ll have everything you need when you leave home, such as:

  • a spare tire carrier
  • roof vents
  • radius entry door
  • storage compartment doors
  • Thermopane Euro windows with laminated fiberglass
  • separate wastewater and freshwater systems

It’s the little things that make your camper trailer feel like home, and Lance didn’t miss any of them with the 1575. You’ll get:

  • an interior key hanger
  • wall clock
  • tables and countertops
  • shade and screen for all windows
  • dinette complete with wall backsplash
  • a three-burner range stainless steel stove
  • three-way double door refrigerator that can stash five cubic feet of food
  • wall thermostat for easy temperature adjustments

Yes, there’s a bathroom, too. The foot pedal-operated Marine toilet is plastic for easy use. It connects to a black tank flush that includes a valve. With beautiful dual pane skylights and a mirrored medicine cabinet, this bathroom might beat the one you have back home!

United Recreational Vehicles, LLC’s iCamp Elite

Colorful, sporty, and yes, pretty cute, the iCamp Elite is known for its diminutive size. Despite that size, it’s made of heavy-duty Styrofoam, high-gloss fiberglass, and aluminum tubing. That makes this mini camper quite the powerhouse!

The iCamp Elite is a little short on space compared to some of the other campers I’ve already covered on this list. As tiny as those are, the iCamp Elite is even tinier, so prepare for some accommodations if you plan on making this your home away from home.

For instance, according to the manufacturer, to save on space, expected rounded furniture with edges that are just right to fit the space constraints. The highest point on this trailer is five feet and 11 inches, so admittedly, this camper is not for everyone.

What the iCamp Elite lacks in space, though, it makes up for in interesting features, such as:

  • less drag and less fuel usage
  • iPod connection so you can listen to something else besides the radio on the road
  • semi-gloss painted plywood furniture
  • wallpaper throughout
  • easy towing

As mini as this trailer is, the manufacturers still found room for a bathroom nook. It comes with a toilet and shower and is one of the biggest areas of the whole camper.

Scamp 13’ Standard Trailer

Good things come in small packages, as Minnesota-based trailer company Scamp proves. Their 13-foot travel trailer is the tiniest they offer (the manufacturer sells trailers that measure up to 19 feet). Still, you get plenty of variation, as you can pick from two layouts, one of which includes a bathroom at the front (complete with a shower).

With that layout, you also get:

  • convertible beds that switch to tables
  • seats with storage
  • a gas stove with sink
  • two closets

Designed for a family of four, the Scamp uses every inch of space it has very well. There’s a 12-gallon water tank included for cooking, using the restroom, and showering.

The Sani Potti runs on city water, so you’re not contaminating your other water sources.

Still, if you don’t mind paying extra, Scamp will load you up with perks, such as:

  • fiberglass cabinets
  • vinyl flooring or carpeting
  • more outlets and lights
  • a 30-amp power converter
  • roof-mount air conditioning
  • roof air heat strip
  • front porch light
  • microwave oven
  • stove cover

Airstream’s 2018 Sport

Since the 1920s, the Airstream brand has produced vehicles meant for travel. The 2018 Sport is no exception. It’s full of name brand elegance sure to make your whole family’s stay in the trailer a memorable occasion.

Some of the Sport’s more high-end features are:

  • auxiliary heating strip and air conditioning
  • Fantastic Fan for natural air rotation
  • Ultraleather dinette set
  • appliances like a convection microwave oven/standard microwave, refrigerator, and two-burner cooktop (which can be folded)
  • Moen faucet
  • cutting board sink cover
  • blackout shades with panoramic front windows
  • LED HD TV and JVC stereo

The bathroom is as classy as the rest of the Sport. Roof fans and venting prevent warm air from filling the rest of your trailer. The porcelain toilet, Moen bathroom faucet, and Lavy sink add to the sophistication. Then there are the little touches, like a towel bar, the shower’s hidden retractable clothesline, and even a showerhead.

What about outside of the trailer? The Sport 2018 doesn’t disappoint. This is where you find the black tank flush system to remove bathroom waste. Besides that, other additions that keep your show on the road are:

  • tempered tinted windows
  • one-piece white aluminum roof for temperature control
  • Manual ZipDee patio awning
  • fresh water tank inlet
  • exterior shower with both cold and hot water
  • waste hose storage
  • cable TV hookup

Rent Before Buying

If you’re considering buying an RV or Camper, I strongly suggest you rent one first to make sure it’s one you’ll really love.  Campers can be very large investments, and buying the wrong one can be a costly mistake.  RVshare is a great place for finding RVs and Campers to rent in your local area. Here, you can find an article where we list the 7 most popular RV rental services. In this article, we go over pricing and the benefits of renting.


If you’re planning on spending weeks or months on the road at a time, you need basic amenities. Logic may dictate that you’d require a bigger camper trailer to enjoy a spacious living area, multiple beds, cooking appliances, and a bathroom.

As I’ve shown, that’s simply not true. It’s possible to shower, cook, sleep, and live in a camper that’s small enough to fit in your garage. You just have to know where to find them.

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5 thoughts on “7 Awesome Little Camper Trailers with Bathrooms”

  1. Nice article. Don’t forget to mention the woman behind the Barefoot camper too, though. Cathy Chamberlain was the one who had the idea to create the cute little thing and she worked with the students from Coventry Uni to design it. It’s her baby too.

  2. Hey Nicole, thanks for sharing this 7 awesome little camper trailers with bathrooms to all of your readers and followers! For me, I will go with the Jay Sport Trailer as I love its simplicity. Looking forward to hearing from you with lots of stuff soon!

  3. Great article! Thanks so much. I want to live in a camper for a year and travel the auS and Canada this was so so helpful!


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