7 Amazing Motorhome Horse Trailers (And what they cost!)

Traveling to and from one competition to the next proves to be quite difficult. Whether you are trying to find a place for you or your horses to stay, some problem always seems to arise. However, with one of the 7 amazing motorhome horse trailers, you never have to worry about these problems again!

  1. Equine Motorcoach 4 Horse ($449,000)
  2. Challenger 2/3/4 by George Smith Horse Boxes
  3. Super Luxury 26T Mercedes Actros by EquiCruiser
  4. Wade Equine Diamond Series ($390,000)
  5. Wade Equine Signature Series ($350,000)
  6. Equine Motorcoach 2 Horse ($479,000)
  7. Wade Equine Pioneer Series ($330,000)

You have never seen anything more luxurious than a horse trailer, motorhome combination (and you probably never will find something more luxurious)! At your next competition make sure that both you and your horses have rested well in one of my favorite models of motorhome horse trailers!

1. Equine Motorcoach 4 Horse ($449,000)

Number of Horses4
Sleeping Capacity (humans)5
Tow Capacity30,000 pounds
Type of TruckFreightliner

Content Courtesy of Equine Motorcoach.

First, we are going to start off with one of Equine Motorcoach’s largest horse trailers, motorhome combinations (Equine Motorcoach is one of the most popular manufacturers for combination motorcoaches).

The Equine Motorcoach 4 Horse is able to transport up to 4 horses (as it says in the name) and has the capability of accommodating up to 5 people.

Need to tow something behind the motor coach (perhaps a travel car)? Well, due to the larger engine (560 horsepower, 4000 TRV automatic transmission) of the Freightliner, you are able to tow up to 30,000 pounds behind the motor coach without worry!

Do you enjoy cooking but can never seem to fit everything in your RV or motorhome’s refrigerator? Leaves those problems behind, because with the Equine Motorcoach your motorhome comes equipped with a residential sized fridge!

Think that the Equine Motorcoach is not as luxurious as it sounds? Watch this video tour of one of the motor coaches’ floor plans, to see the detail, features, and expert design that goes into each and every one of Equine Motorcoach’s models!

2. Challenger 2/3/4 by George Smith Horse Boxes

Number of Horses4
Sleeping Capacity (humans)3
Tow Capacity
Type of TruckEuro 6

The Challenger 2/3/4 “horsebox” is not only designed to get you and your horses safely to the next destination but is also meant to help you get there in style!

A small portion of the amenities and features found in the horse trailer, motorhome combination include everything you could need to live in the motorhome, a generator, hook-ups, a heating system, both hot and cold water, a flat screen television, and a full sized bathroom!

Are you blown away yet? Well, you should be!

This horsebox comes equipped with a rear loading ramp for up to four horses.

Worried you do not have the skills needed to drive a manual version of the Challenger 2/3/4? Good news!

With George Smith Horse Boxes you are able to specify and modify certain features the motorhome to meet each of your needs and wants.

This includes choosing not only the paint on the outside of the motorhome but also the type of engine inside your motorhome!

The Challenger 2/3/4 is built on your choice of chassis and use only the best materials to work effectively with the newest and most advanced technology on the market!

Unfortunately, because George Smith Horse Boxes allow so much of the vehicle to be customized, finding a price for their horse trailer, motorhome combinations are hard to do for certain models such as this one.

Content Courtesy of George Smith Horse Boxes.

3. Super Luxury 26T Mercedes Actros

Number of Horses6
Sleeping Capacity (humans)5
Tow Capacity
Type of TruckMercedes Actros

Content Courtesy of EquiCruiser.

Once again, EquiCruiser (the sister company of George Smith Horse Boxes) allows customers the ability to customize much of their horse trailer, motorhome combinations.

Meaning, prices are only given when you fill out an application for your own customizable horsebox.

Anyways, this specific design of the Super Luxury 26T Mercedes Actros is fitted with everything you and your horse could ever want in a motorhome.

One of the most notable features for your horse, are the two hydraulic ramps. One ramp can be found on the side of the trailer while the other is located on the back of the trailer.

No need to worry about having any problems with the hydraulic ramps, each has its own manual override keeping you and your horse’s safe and sound.

Each of the dividers is padded in order to protect your horses and to make the trip comfortable for them too!

Now you would not think of it as a luxurious horse trailer for you if it did not feature all the newest and nicest features both inside AND outside the motorhome.

If you enjoy a barbecue at each of your competitions then the outdoor fridge and grill are sure to make your day!

Moving to the inside of the motorhome, you are greeted immediately by luxury tile floors.

Inside the kitchen you won’t find a small gas stove that can barely fit one pan inside; instead, with the Super Luxury 26T Mercedes Actros, you find a full kitchen with plenty of counter space and an electric oven and grill!

Top off this motorhome’s luxuriousness with both remote control air conditioning and a flat screen television fitted with a surround sound system.

With the Super Luxury 26T Mercedes Actros, both you and your horses can enjoy the finer things in life!

Be sure to watch a video tour of this coach!

4. Wade Equine Diamond Series (Australian Dollars – $390,000)

Number of Horses5
Sleeping Capacity (humans)7
Tow Capacity
Type of TruckMercedes Actros

Content Courtesy of Wade Equine Group.

This motorhome is built on a Mercedes Actros chassis just like the Super Luxury 26T and carries the Mercedes reputation of getting you where you need to go safely.

With the Wade Equine Diamond Series, you, your entire family, and all your horses can travel for an extended amount of time without any problems!

In the outside storage compartments, there is room for up to 6 saddles, all or your grooming equipment, and even space for tack storage!

Another bonus on the outside of this motorhome is the laundry portion. Since this is on the outside of the trailer, dirty tack no longer has to be brought into your living area!

Inside the trailer portion of this motorhome, you will continue to find storage hidden anywhere possible!

Keep your show equipment safe in one of the overhead storage bins.

Trying to find an easier way to clean out the trailer and wash off your horses? The Wade Equine Diamond Series features a retractable hose in the bay to make this task easier on both you and your horses!

Do not ever worry about running out of power in this motorhome. The Wade Equine Diamond Series is equipped with large lithium batteries, a self generator, and solar panels.

At night the batteries have already been recharged and you have no need to run the generator while you sleep!

Feel free to cook a family meal in the full kitchen and clean up with the assistance of a dishwasher.

Inside the Wade Equine Diamond Series, you can customize the interior to meet your specific style and needs (as seen in the video tour below!).

5. Wade Equine Signature Series (Australian Dollars – $350,000)

Number of Horses3
Sleeping Capacity (humans)5
Tow Capacity
Type of TruckHino 1426 cab chassis

Content Courtesy of Wade Equine Group.

Although this model may be smaller and more compact than the Wade Equine Diamond Series, you and your horses will still be able to travel in luxury!

This model is only able to trailer 3 horses and to sleep 5 people.

In the outside storage, you will find featured room for 6 saddles (same as the Diamond Series) and plenty of bridle hooks.

Wade Equine aims to make loading and unloading your horses as easy as possible by equipping all of their horse trailer, motorhome combinations with hydraulic ramps.

Once again the horse bay comes with a retractable hose to make clean up quick and easy! In fact, the hose extends to be the length of the truck, making it so no spot is left uncleaned.

Worried about the safety of your horses? Keep track of them with the cameras set up conveniently in the bay!

Inside the living portion of the motorhome, while still smaller, you will still find style and luxury.

Cook a meal in the full kitchen equipped with a microwave oven, and a full-size fridge and freezer.

Moving on to the bathroom, you will find a small (but comfortable) wet-bath.

Not sure what a wet-bath is? In simple terms, the toilet is placed in the shower in order to save space. It is not as strange as it sounds I promise!

With Wade Equine’s Signature Series you will always find a comfortable place for you and your family (and your horses) to stay at every competition you travel to!

6. Equine Motorcoach 2 Horse ($479,000)

Number of Horses2
Sleeping Capacity (humans)5
Tow Capacity30,000 pounds
Type of TruckFreightliner

Another one of the famous Equine Motorcoaches, the 2 horse allows you to carry fewer horses but to travel with more comfort.

Like many other Equine Motorcoaches, the rear ramp is made with hydraulics to alleviate the workload for you.

Unlike the Wade Equine motorhomes, there is not much exterior storage on this motorhome; however, inside the Equine Motorcoach 2 Horse, there is a luxury tack room.

In the tack room, you have the ability to store 4 saddles, 4 blankets or covers, and plenty of other room for your other tack needs.

The interior of an Equine Motorcoach looks more like a standard motorhome with chestnut colored trim and furniture.

While this model is not offered as luxurious living as the other models, you will be traveling with more space and comfortability then any hotel could ever offer!

To get an idea of what the interior of this motorhome, horse trailer combination will look like, check out the virtual tour featured with the first motorhome (Equine Motorcoach 4 Horse).

7. Wade Equine Pioneer Series (Australian Dollars – $330,000)

Number of Horses4
Sleeping Capacity (humans)5
Tow Capacity
Type of Truck2014 Isuzu FSR 700 Auto

Content Courtesy of Wade Equine Group.

If you still have not figured it out yet, the Wade Equine are my favorite models when it comes to a motorhome, horse trailer combinations.

As we covered in the other models I referenced, there is always a promise of style, luxury, comfort, and practicality in each and every Wade Equine motorhome, including the Pioneer Series.

The Pioneer Series is a little more compact than the other Wade Equine Series simply because it does not feature any slide outs.

Unfortunately, there is not a video tour of this model that I can show you, so I will just have to tell you about each of the amazing features instead of showing you.

In the Pioneer Series by Wade Equine Group, take a moment to kick back and grab one of your favorite bottles off of the wine rack or entertain all your guests with a delicious meal from the full oven and grill.

Like every other Wade Equine motorhome, the Pioneer Series features storage both on the inside and on the outside of the unit.

To save space for comfortable living, the Pioneer Series features an all in one wet-bath.

Following the same design of other Wade Equine motorhomes, the partitions in the bay are interchangeable so that you can give your horse as much (or as minimal) room to move as you desire.

With your retractable hose, you will be able to easily clean the completely stainless steel bay after each use.

Want to leave the trailer open while at the competition but worried about the weather? In the Pioneer Series, the back of the trailer has a drop down weather curtain so you do not need to worry!

Similar to the Signature Series by Wade Equine Group, the Pioneer Series has both the camera and monitor system so that you can check in on your horses as you travel to your next destination.

While this model is somewhat smaller in size, it is not lacking in the luxuries promised by the Wade Equine Group.

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