5 Teardrop Trailers with Bathrooms for Camping

I love the new trend of teardrop trailers for camping, yet my absolute favorites are the trailers with bathrooms. When you gotta go, you gotta go, right? It especially would be nice to use a regular toilet versus the outdoors when camping.

What are 5 Teardrop Trailers with bathrooms for camping?

  1. ICamp Elite
  2. The Happier Camper
  3. Timberline by Homegrown
  4. Scamp Trailer
  5. KZ Spree Escape Mini

If you are reading this post, you most likely agree with me on the necessity of having a comfortable toilet to yourself. Here are some reasons to help you decide which teardrop trailer with a bathroom works best for you and your camping trips.

There is even a section at the bottom to help you understand how your travel trailer toilet works and some tips.

1. ICamp Elite

Icamp elite is a beautiful little teardrop trailer that has fiberglass and produces a sturdy option for a trailer pick. Besides looking great and being lightweight, it comes with a bathroom!

Yes, inside the ICamp, there is a spot for a kitchen, a TV, a sleeping area, storage, AND a bathroom. A little mini home right there with you at all times on the go.

Details about the Bathroom

The bathroom includes room for a sink, cabinet, shower, and the best part: a toilet. It offers the best use for the small space that it does have. Not only does it have a bathroom, but also a stove, sink and kitchen area with a refrigerator and a shelf for a TV.

Not only this but overhead cabinets and a wardrobe for storage. Don’t forget there’s also a bed that can lay out at night! It is the perfect trailer size for exactly what you need while traveling.

Details about the Trailer

The ICamp Elite comes in two different package colors: Orange and Blue. There are two different floor plans that you can follow: one set up for the day time with room for moving during the day which can turn into space to fill for the bed to lay at night.

It weighs 2,366 pounds when unloaded (just the vehicle’s weight). The length of the exterior is 14′ and the width is 6’8″. It has a freshwater capacity of 22 gallons and Lp capacity of 20 pounds.

For more information about this trailer, check out their website for the full features, floor plans, and options: URVUSA.


Prices vary, but if you check out the website you can find information about the different dealers in each state or area which will provide you with their prices.

2. The Happier Camper

The Happier Camper trailer is pretty neat with its unique toilet option. It is an add on but wow does it change the game with its toilet option. It does not specifically come with a closed-off bathroom but does have a nice toilet option.

Details about the Bathroom

The Happier Camper provides a Dry Flush Toilet add on option. This toilet does not require any water for flushing, it uses a special compact system to keep all the waste together to clear out in a bag while keeping it smelling good and clean.

This one will vary very differently from the regular RV toilet. So how does it exactly work and how do you clean out the waste?

This specific toilet comes with liner bags inside the toilet bowl that closes after you do your business and flush it. This type of flushing is different though because instead of water coming through and taking the waste with it, the bag closes and twists tightly, enclosing the waste so you don’t smell it or have to deal with any clogs or leaks.

You don’t need to change the bag liners every time instead it comes in a bag cartridge so it will have several. When you are finished with all the bags, simply just replace it with a new cartridge of bags.

In addition, you can use whatever toilet paper you want because there is not any way to clog the toilet so that’s a bonus!

Details about the Trailer

I love this teardrop design for its retro-modern style and difference add-in options. It is made out of 100% bonded fiberglass construction, comes in 7 different colors, has great storage space and is able to fit in most areas thanks to its teardrop and small trailer appearance.

Inside there are lots of options if you want open space or add ons. It is 20″ by 20″ inside which gives you plenty of options for designing the inside how you like it. Need room for dirt bikes? You got it.

Although there is lots of space and may come with a toilet option, it is uncertain if there is a private space for the toilet closed off from the rest of the trailer. It seems to be that it is an add on along with a shower, so perhaps it does have a separate space but it does not say much about having an individual bathroom in this trailer.

Some other accessories that you can add that you may like include: portable propane heater, a single or 2x burner stovetop, a fridge/freezer, loading ramp(perfect for bikes), road shower, tailgate tent, and so many more. For more details about what the Happier Camper offers, check out their website: Happier Camper.


Starting at $24,950, you can get a Happier Camper and customize it the way that you like it. You can choose different add ons and accessories for extra, but for a price that is worth it. Visit their website to customize your trailer the way you like it, including the toilet option!

3. Timberline by HomeGrown

The Timberline Trailer by Home Grown is a little bigger than the other travel trailer but is very spacey, perfect for big trips and includes its own closed-off section for a bathroom.

Details about the Bathroom

There is a closed-off room designated specifically for toilet and shower purposes. Perfect for those long travels and for privacy which is much needed sometimes.

Not only does it come with a toilet but also a shower. The trailer comes with a 2.5 hot water gallon tank

Details about the Trailer

This trailer works perfectly with having a bathroom. There are several other features that already come with the trailer that you do not have to buy separately. It comes with a freshwater system with over 23 gallons of water to provide water when you use any of the sinks or go to the shower.

It really sleeps up to 5 people, instead of all sharing the same mattress like other trailers would require, you get a Queen bed and three bunk beds. It also provides a large kitchen with a sink, cooking area, and a fridge. Made perfectly for living in comfort.


There are two different styles of trailers to choose from: the On-grid package starting at $49,995 and the Off-grid package starting at $57,495. The Off-grid package is helpful for more extended travel camping trips and includes solar panels and battery capacity.

To see the different options and customize your trailer, check out their website: Homegrown Trailers.

4. Scamp Trailer

The Scamp trailer is another great option for a teardrop trailer with a bathroom. Most of the floorplans include a sitting-dining area and a bathroom. However, for the 13′ Deluxe Floor plans you can either choose a dinette area in the front with seats and a table or you choose to have a bathroom in the front.

Details about the Bathroom

The Scamp has a variety of different floorplans and different layouts for those floorplans. Each one is unique, so be careful to choose one with a bathroom option since that is what you are looking for.

The Scamp 13′ Standard floor plan has two layouts, one with no bathroom, and one with only a toilet option. The Scamp 13′ Deluxe bathroom includes a shower package which includes a sink and shower. There is also an option to add in a toilet. Or the option for a toilet only is available.

It is nice though the bathroom includes a closed-off area in the front of the trailer which provides for a private experience.

In the regular 16′ Floor plan, there are several different layouts. Most have the option for a bathroom or storage area depending upon which you prefer. In the Scamp 16′ Deluxe Floor plans, there is room for a bathroom in both options.

In the standard 19′ floor plan you can choose to have a bathroom or a private room. In the deluxe 19′ floor plan both floor plan options come with a bathroom.

Details about the Trailer

Like I said before, some of the floorplan options let you choose to add a bathroom or have space for other things like a sitting area or private room. Regardless of what you choose, the trailer will for sure come with a sink and gas stove and room for a small refrigerator. There is also a closet, storage, a water tank, and a table that turns into a bed.

It is also a lighter trailer, only about 1300 to 1600 pounds. There are also curtains to provide you with privacy.


Prices vary depending on what you would like to add and customize your trailer to look like. To customize and see how much your trailer would cost, give them a call and check out their website: Scamp Trailers.

5. KZ Spree Escape Mini

KZ Spree Escape mini is a great option if you are looking for a lightweight travel trailer with a kitchen area, bed, and a bathroom area.

Details about the Bathroom

The bathroom includes a toilet and a shower in a closed-off small room. Perfect for on the go travel!

It comes with a foot-flush toilet which includes a vanity and sink and counter space. There is also storage and an outlet.

There are four different floor plans for this model, all including a bathroom, most of the bathrooms include the sink, just be sure it is in your option when customizing it.

Details about the Trailer

The trailer includes the perfect set up for your camping and traveling needs. Not only is there a perfectly sized bathroom, and there is also a queen bed, a kitchen area including a sink, stove, microwave, pantry, and refrigerator.

There is also a couch with a little table pulled up to it perfect for dining for two. Then there is a closet and room for a television. It perfectly fits everything needed for two to travel, making it a wonderful traveling option.


Visit the website to use the dealer locator and find your local dealer. They will let you know the price of the trailer for the options you would like: KZ RV

How to Work a Travel Trailer Toilet

It’s important to remember that your toilet in your trailer will work very differently from the one in your house. One thing that’s different is that you need to do more than just flushing to get rid of your waste products.

Every time you flush, the waste goes into a holding tank underneath the trailer which you will need to help empty. Make sure when you come to dump sites that you make sure to empty the holding tank of waste.

How to Flush

Don’t worry if you don’t see a handle to flush like normally, this is normal. Toilets in travel trailers actually use a pedal to flush which is under the toilet bowl. If you push it, water will come out and the bottom will open, scooping up the waste. It’s important to close it after to save on water and to save the smells from escaping into your trailer.

It is important to remember that you need to be cautious about how much you flush due to a limited water supply. You only have a certain amount of water so be cautious not to flush too much and waste your water.

Bathroom Tips While Camping with Your Teardrop Trailer

These tips are great for regular toilets that require water. However, these tips do not apply if the trailer comes with a dry flush toilet that does not require water nor does it require a special type of paper.

  1. Buy a Specific Type of Toilet Paper

RV’s and Trailers work differently from a house toilet, it is easier to clog your trailer’s toilet. There are not pipes that can carry big wads of paper and such so it can lead to clogging for your trailer toilet. This and bring some nasty smells… Yuck!

Buy a different kind of toilet paper meant for trailer and RV travel… it will dissolve better and lead to overall better smells. It can be called singly-ply toilet paper which breaks up much better than house and regular toilet paper. Click here to purchase some from Amazon: RV Toilet Paper.

2. Empty your Toilet Tank Often

This one is important to keep from any clogging and bad smells from sticking with you. You should empty or dump your toilet remains often but be careful not to leave the sewer connection open. You also don’t want all the liquid to leave if you dump too often because then all the solid waste will get stuck or clogged in there.

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