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5 Great Keyless Locks for Motorhomes (My favorite upgrade!)

Published on June 24th, 2019 by Camper Report
This post was updated on April 28th, 2021

Persons hands up close with a large jumble of keys on keyrings, RVs out of focus behind them.

In this new day and age, upgrading your motorhome to have all the newest technology is no longer a luxury but is a necessity! One of my favorite upgrades that we have added to our motorhome is the keyless lock and entry system.

  1. RV Lock V4 Keyless Entry Handle w/ Integrated Keypad and Fob ($235-$245)
  2. Bauer NE Keyless RV Deadbolt Door Lock by AP Products 013-509 ($150-$160)
  3. RVLock Compact Keyless Entry Handle w/ Integrated Keypad System and Remote Fob ($195-$205)
  4. Lippert Keyless – Wireless RV Entry Door Locks ($195-$205)
  5. Bauer EM Alsentis Motor Home Door Lock by AP Products 013-531 ($240-$250)

When you are camping in your motorhome you never know when a spontaneous adventure could occur. When that time arrives, you do not want to have to be worrying about whether or not you have lost your keys. Installing a keyless lock on your motorhome solves the problem and calms your worries!

Below we will learn about 5 of the most popular keyless motorhome entry systems to install in your motorhome! After we review each of these locks, I will even throw in a bonus upgrade for you to install!

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1. RVLock V4 Keyless Entry Handle

with Integrated Keypad and Fob

For anyone who may be a little confused on what a keyless entry system is, let me take a moment to explain. Simply put, a keyless entry system, does not require a key to enter it! While there are keys included in case of emergency in most models, for typical day to day use, your motorhome’s doors can be unlocked with a short digit key code.

The model we are about to discuss is sold by RVLOck, the original keyless entry system company. RVLock was the first to introduce the innovative and stylish keyless door locks to your motorhome!

For around 240 bucks you can update your motorhome’s simple entry system to a much easier, effortless keyless system!

The RV Lock V4 Keyless Entry Handle is one of the most popular models of the keyless entry system used in motorhomes. Why might this be?

Well with easy installation that takes up to 15 minutes, an instantaneous programming, and effortless daily use, there is no reason for anyone to dislike it!

With the RVLock V4 Keyless Entry Handle, you will also receive a remote entry fob. This fob resembles that of your car keys, except this remote key fob allows you into your RV instead!

You do not even need the key code when you have the fob in hand!

One thing to keep in mind when purchasing a keyless lock for your motorhome is whether or not the handle will cover the entire handle cutout. For example, the RVLock V4 Keyless Entry Handle will not completely fill every motorhome handle cutout.

To solve this problem, the RVLock company sells a waterproofing gasket that you can insert between the handle and your motorhome’s door. This gasket not only protects your brand new handle from water damage but this gasket also seals any uncovered space in the handle cutout!

Check out this video of a couple installing and reviewing the RVLock V4 Keyless Entry Handle to see for yourself how truly amazing the product is!

To learn more about this keyless entry system, check out RVLock‘s website!

2. Bauer NE Keyless RV Deadbolt Door Lock

by AP Products 013-509

The second most popular keyless entry manufacturing company is Bauer Products.

Bauer is sold by AP Products and offers you a simpler less “showy” design for your motorhome’s keyless entry system.

Quite a bit cheaper than the RVLock V4, with your purchase of the Bauer NE Keyless RV Deadbolt Door Lock, you will only be receiving the handle, two keys (in case of emergency), and all the screws needed to attach your system.

While this model may not come with the handy-dandy key fob, you are still able to enter your motorhome simply by entering the key code that you choose yourself!

Key codes for this handle are only 4 digits long and the handle even lights up during the night so you do not have to scramble in the dark to enter your key code into the motorhome entry system!

Looking for some guidance on how to insert the batteries in your new Bauer keyless RV lock? Follow these 4 simple steps from in order to insert them with ease like a professional!

  1. Carefully remove the two 4 x 40 screws to open the battery compartment.
  2. Insert 4 AA batteries (being sure to place them in the correct direction as listed inside the battery compartment).
  3. Realign the 3 tabs with the 3 slots to replace the compartment lid.
  4. When finished, simply re-insert the two 4 x 40 screws tightly onto the door handle.

If you are still looking for some help learning how to install your new Bauer Keyless RV Deadbolt Door Lock? Watch this helpful video to make sure you do not miss any important steps!

As you can see, the Bauer NE Keyless RV Deadbolt Door Lock entry system by AP Products is simple to install and can even be done by just one person!

No need to wait for your wife to get home to help install the new lock, you can complete the installation on your own in order to surprise her with a brand new motorhome keyless entry system!

To learn more about the Bauer NE Keyless RV Deadbolt Door Lock, take a moment to visit!

3. RVLock Compact Keyless Entry Handle

with Integrated Keypad System and Remote Fob

After the V4 Keyless Entry Handle, comes another one of RVLock’s most popular keyless entry system models, the RVLock Compact Keyless Entry Handle.

If your motorhome only has a limited amount of space for you to install your new keyless entry handle system, then the RVLock Compact Keyless Entry Handle might just be the perfect fit for your motorhome! (and yes, pun intended).

This system is capable of doing every that the V4 Keyless Entry Handle could do, but the RVLock Compact Keyless Entry Handle requires less width in order to do it!

This lock is much cheaper than the other keyless entry systems costing only $149.99. However, while you may think “less cost, fewer benefits,” this is not true for the RVLock Compact Keyless Entry Handle.

This smaller purchase comes with the integrated keypad on the handle, 2 keys, 1 remote fob, and to seal the deal, the batteries are included too!

Now you may be wondering if every time you add an RVLock keyless entry system to your motorhome, fifth-wheel, or travel trailer are you going to need to keep track of each of the fobs you are given (and potentially label them if you end up with enough)?

Well, this brings us to another one of the biggest perks of purchasing an RVLock system!

With every handle to add to your motorhome, fifth-wheel, or travel trailer, you are able to program up to 10 remote fobs (so each member of the family can have their own remote key fob).

To make things better, you are able to connect each individual remote key fob to an unlimited amount of keyless handles!

As long as each keyless handle you add to your motorhome is an RVLock model, then you will be able to use the same remote key fob for all of them!

So you have no need to be labeling and sorting your key fobs! After all, one of the main reasons to get a keyless entry system is to not to be responsible for keeping track of keys (or in this case fobs).

Now, if you are going to be changing all of your locks to a new keyless entry system it is important to know not only that your new keyless lock system is going to be convenient, but that the entry system is going to protect you, your family, and all of your things.

The RVLock keyless entry systems are designed and made with a heavy-duty steel core. Not only do they offer you a convenient way to enter your motorhome but they offer you a secure one as well!

With an RVLock keyless entry system, you are able to travel knowing that your motorhome is equipped with one of the highest quality security systems for recreational vehicles on the market today!

To calm your mind, even more, if something goes wrong with your RVLock keyless entry system within the first year of purchase, you can receive a replacement one with the one year warranty by calling one of the helpful RVLock staff members!

Want to learn more about the RVLock Compact Keyless Entry Handle, RVLock as a company, and about everything they have to offer? Hop on over to the RVLock website to find everything you could need to know!

4. Lippert Keyless – Wireless RV Entry Door Lock

with a separate keypad and remote fob ($198.88)

Now the Lippert Keyless – Wireless RV Entry Door Lock is designed a little bit differently than the other models of keyless entry systems we have looked at so far.

How so? Well, rather than the keypad being integrated with the handle itself, Lippert has a separate keypad that connects wirelessly to your new keyless handle.

Along with the new handle and the separate keypad, your purchase comes with a remote key fob, 2 keys, and all the hardware needed for installation!

If you want each of your family members to have a key fob of their own, you can purchase multiple remote key fobs for only $19.88 each to connect to your system.

As well as having a separate keypad, you are able to purchase this keyless entry system in white (rather than the generic black handle)! After all, if you are truly upgrading your motorhome’s entry system, should not the look good as well as securing you and your things?

The Lippert Keyless – Wireless RV Entry Door Lock in white comes at a cheaper price than the black model ($148.88). Not only making your motorhome more stylish but more affordable as well!

To learn more about the Lippert Components Incorporation and each the products you can add to your motorhome, be sure to check out their website!

5. Bauer EM Alsentis Motor Home Door Lock

by AP Products 013-531

While the Bauer EM Alsentis Motor Home Door Lock by AP Products may not be the sleekest, fanciest looking keyless motorhome entry system is one of the most power efficient models on the market!

With most keyless motorhome locks, you need to push a button to “wake up” the system before tying in your key code. However, this drains a little bit of extra power (especially if the system lights up).

In order to combat all of the power lost, AP Products created the Bauer EM Alsentis Motor Home Door Lock. This system does not need to be woken up before use, leaving you with less power usage and longer battery life!

Simply type in the 4 digit entry key code you chose in order to quickly and conveniently open unlock your motorhome.

As well as using energy more efficiently, the Bauer EM Alsentis Motor Home Door Lock has been equipped with HSS technology! This new technology allows the keypad to recognize the difference between human touch and some of nature’s elements that may interfere (for example water).

Want to learn more about what this means for your new keyless entry system? View the video from Bauer Products to find out all that comes with HSS technology!

Once again an easy to install the product. The Bauer EM Alsentis Motor Home Door Lock is 8.5 inches by 10 inches by 13.5 inches and weighs a little bit heftier 8 pounds!

After installing this big boy, you can rest assured that your motorhome (and everything that is inside of it) will be protected.

To learn more about this and the many other products offered for your motorhome by Bauer Products, take a quick glance at their website!

Bonus Upgrade!

As promised, I am including a bonus upgrade for your and your motorhome!

After replacing the lock system on your motorhome with one of these fantastic keyless entry systems, it may seem rather mundane to still need keys in order to access your baggage or storage area.

Well, with this bonus upgrade, even your baggage area can be secured in style!

RVLock Keyless Compartment/Baggage Handle

with integrated Keypad and remote fob

For only $179.99 you can upgrade the lock system on the baggage or storage compartments of your RV or motorhome to the RVLock Keyless Compartment/Baggage Handle with an integrated keypad and separate remote key fob!

Once again designed by the trusted RVLock company, these handles will be easy to install and come with 1 remote key fob and 1 key. Do not forget that RVLock includes your first set of batteries with your purchase as well!

In order to get the proper fit on your baggage or storage compartment locks, RVLock allows you to indicate the thickness of your door at the time of purchase!

As I mentioned before, each of the RVLock remote key fobs is capable of connecting to an unlimited number of keyless door locks. However, this does not only apply to the motorhome entry systems!

With the RVLock Baggage RVLock Keyless Handle, you are able to program one remote key fob to open both your storage compartment and your front door!

With this upgrade, your motorhome will be the talk of the RV park and you will never have to fear an intruder getting into your motorhome or the baggage are!

5 Great Keyless Locks for Motorhomes

To learn more about this one of a kind upgrade to make camping much more convenient for you and your motorhome, visit the RVLock website!

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3 thoughts on “5 Great Keyless Locks for Motorhomes (My favorite upgrade!)”

  1. I tried the RV Lock on our 2015 Forest River Class C and unfortunately after replacing (3) different circuit boards in less than (1) year and no support with their customer service I simply reinstalled the original lock. I tried their gaskets, silicone and even had a local pro-lock smith take a look at it and he stated water gets in thru the front of the unit. Customer Service repeatedly stated, not to power wash or spray water directly on touchscreen, can cause damage. I not only never power wash our RV, it is garage kept and my problems simply were caused by rain. Even both fobs stop working as well, after replacing all with new expensive batteries. No more RV Lock products for me.


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