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17 Unforgettable RV Camp Spots in Minnesota (Both Parks and Rustic)

Published on April 8th, 2019 by Camper Report
This post was updated on May 24th, 2019

If you are looking for an adventure in the outdoors in the great state of Minnesota than you are in luck. The land of a thousand lakes has plenty of options for you.

Filled with fun in and out of the water, you’ll be able to enjoy to wilderness while still having your comfortable couch to come back to at night. Looking to discover that perfect hidden rustic campground? Below we have 17 of the most unforgettable camping spots, both parks and rustic for you to take a look at!

1. Kiesler’s Campground & RV Resort

Photo Courtesy of: Kiesler’s Campground & RV Resort

Nearing 50 years of camping service Kiesler’s Campground & RV resort know just how to give your family a good time. With plenty of activities and options for everyone to enjoy you’ll be able to appreciate the great outdoors while remaining in the comfortable beds in your RV.

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For those interested in games in the family, there are plenty of sports options on top of some indoor options as well. You’ll be able to play horseshoes, volleyball, shuffleboard, basketball, and mini golf outdoors.

If you are tired of standing out in the sun you can head on indoors to enjoy some games in the recreation center or you can visit the 2000sq foot pool to cool off.

If you have little kids who aren’t into sports yet there is a large playground with everything your child could want. This play set is massive allowing your child to enjoy there time just as much as the rest of the family.

If you are not really into sports or running around you can enjoy the remote control race track. This really unique option that lets you move from pushing around your own matchbox cars to standing around these zipping little remote controlled cars that make racing worth your time.

If you want to hit the water there are plenty of watercrafts that you can rent to get out there. Fishing is encouraged, so take your rod out there with you and you’ll be able to cast and catch.

Finally, you’ll be able to enjoy dance parties with a live DJ and plenty of wilderness to remind you that while you are having fun, you also are part of something beautiful.

2. Dakotah Meadows RV Park

With 122 paved back in or pull-through campsites, you will immediately get the sense that your RV is where it is supposed to be. You also have a full hook up to take care of any needs that your water tanks or electricity will need to get ready for whenever you want to take off again.

The commodities for your RV continue with the self serve RV wash and gas stations. Take care of RV and whether this is just a pitstop or a full vacation you’ll be ready to go whenever you need to.

Just outside of your campsite you have access to the playground and the pavilion. There you can set up any family gatherings that you need or have a great view of the fountains in the pond while you chow down on some lunch. The playground is perfect for young kids. Watch them while your partner prepares the food and you’ll be raring to go.

However, the real perks of staying at the Dakotah Meadows is just how close you are to all the action. We are talking about casinos, hotels, play works, and a sports and fitness center all in the near vicinity. You can rest in the RV park and when you want some time away visit one of the many options in the area.

Little Six Casino is the nearby draw that is open 24/7 take a chance to earn some big money with several gambling options. If your not interested in the casino than may Playworks is more for you. Playworks is an indoor play structure that allows kids to have the time of their lives. They are very accommodating even allowing adults that are accompanying a child to enter free.

So experience the urban possibilities in and around the Dakotah Meadows RV Park.

3. Thumper Pond Resort

Among 250 acres of swaying red pines. You’ll instantly feel transported to a new place in the Thumper Pond Resort. Enjoy the trails and the scenery or head on indoors to visit the indoor water park. The choices are yours but you’ll never find yourself bored at the Thumper Pond Resort.

If you want to have some fun among the great outdoors then Thumper Pond Resort delivers with their 18 hole championship golf course. Continue to drive golf balls down the grass as you soak in the sun’s rich rays.

You get a beautiful course that is made by the land itself. You have natural curves from the lakes and forests of Minnesota that have been cleared out to make golfing possible. So enjoy the luscious freeways as you keep your score low in one of Minnesota’s favored golf courses.

If you are not one for the outdoors then there is no need to worry Thumper Pond Resort has an indoor water park that will make your visit worth it. There is a section for everyone from a shallows kiddie pool to a hot tub for just the adults.

There are extra commodities for you to use in the water park as well. With a whole set of innertubes available for the family, you’ll be able to fill the experience with lounging. Or take swimming to a new level as you shoot some hoops from within the water.

Finally, after a long day filled with activities or business, you can come to Willy T’s the lounges restaurant and enjoy some of the best cooking Minnesota has to offer. Make sure you bring your appetite and you’ll be able to fuel up after all that hard work.

4. Trail’s End Campground

If you want to fully experience Minnesota’s outdoors than the Trail’s End Campground is the place for you. The innate beauty of nature is the driving appeal of this campground as they let the natural world speak for itself.

To fully experience the beautiful outdoors as it is you’ll need to walk to trails between the trees and take a boat out onto one of the nearby lakes or rivers. The further into nature you bring yourself the more majestic the scenery grows.

The Ham Lake fire struck the area a few years back which has left the land in a mosaic state where certain areas are filled with charred and burnt down trees that have just started to grow while other patches of land were never touched.

This provides a perfect opportunity for you to visit and see nature regrowing in parts of the forest while still having long-lived trees in the other neck of the woods.

Camping in a tent is a great option out here. While there are plenty of RV sites available it may be worth you time taking to a tent and living among the trees. There is just an increased natural experience to sleep among the trees in the great Minnesota wilderness captured in the Trail’s End Campground.

5. Frontenac State Park

Frontenac State Park is known for having a history that was involved in the French Indian War as well as the amazing birdwatching opportunities that exist in the area. Camping at the State park is an inexpensive option with limited tent campsite options and plenty of RV campsites available.

The major setting of the States park is the steep limestone bluff that overlooks Lake Pepin. On the bluff is a natural limestone arch called In-Yan- Teopa a Dakota name meaning rock with opening.

Hike the trails in the area in any season to get a whole new experience. The fall is one of the most popular time as the autumn colors really add feeling to the trees in the area and pull your eye to the natural wonder around you.

There are horse riding trails that are available in the summer to fall months. You’ll need to store and care for your horse on your own so come prepared but the option is available to any of the equestrians out there.

6. Eagle Ridge Resort

The Eagle Ridge Resort is a small but focused resort with many possibilities despite its small nature. You can enjoy either fun on the water or on one of the many trails that run through the nearby forest for a great hiking experience.

Free kayak and paddleboats are available to guests free of charge, so bring your family out onto the water as you move to the center of the lake to get a better position to fish or just take a dip in the water. If the lake isn’t enough travel for you then you can take a canoe to follow the 11.5 miles of coastline.

For the avid fishers out there you will be able to catch the local Walleye, Northern, Largemouth bass, Crappies, and bluegills that are found biting on Gull Lake.

Just to the north, there are plenty of woodland options for your explorer’s spirit to venture into. Among the sites is the Chippewa National Forest is the first national forest established east of the Mississippi River and holds the record for having the most wetlands of any national forest. With several hundred thousand acres actively kept by the park, you have plenty to explore in this national forest.

There are further options for local fun with several hiking trails and even hunting spots available on the Eagle Ridge Resort’s grounds.

You also have the option of swimming on the Eagle Ridge Resort’s private beach. So come enjoy the outdoors in as many a plethora of options as are available in the Eagle Ridge Resort.

7. Headquarters RV Park

If you want to step out of your RV into natural Minnesota then headquarters RV park is a great option for you. You are given your space in the resort to entertain yourself with the luxuries of the wilderness. And, there is little better a place to do it to as Headquarters RV park is located near Voyageurs national park and rests right on the edge of crane lake.

Voyageurs national park is a great place for you to stop by if you have the chance. It is a giant interconnected maze of water highways that allow for travel on the water between masses of land.

Plan ahead to find out how you can best travel on these watered trails. Whether that be by a boat you bring with you or with one of the rental options the national park has available.

Keep your RV close at hand and enjoy the wilderness around the Headquarters RV park Crane Lake or travel down to the meshed waterways of Voyageurs national park, either way, the trip will be well worth it.

8. Schreier’s on Shetek Campground

Photo Courtesy of: Schreier’s on Shetek Campground

Known for Shetek Lake the campground has built a strong duality between water options and land options. So whether you plan on keeping your feet firmly planted on the ground or swimming with the fishes there are accommodations for you.

With some marina rentals available you have plenty of opportunities to explore the lake. If you want to stay closer to the shore but still take a dip in the water there is a swimming area with a raft to help with your entrance into the water.

On the land, there are plenty of fields from those setup for you to play sports on to 86 acres of wildflower prairie you’ll have plenty of land to explore as you walk the grassy area. You can also enjoy the campground miniature golf course.

If you are more of an indoor person that you can enjoy the lounge and recreation center that has a billiards room and a fair amount of tables set up for easy gathering. Set up a game of cards with the family or grab a pool stick and get ready to take aim at the pockets on the table.

If none of those options appeal to you then you have paved and private walking and biking trails that will grant you a little further submersion with the environment around you without forcing you to have to carry a walking stick and strap on your hiking boots.

9. Treasure Island Resort

If you are looking to have some fun with a few nights out at the casino while you stay in your RV than the Treasure Island Resort is the place for you.

This place certainly gives you the feel of Vegas when you stop on by. You have plenty of options from five-star restaurants to eat out in or a water park to spend a relaxing day in you’ll have plenty of fun in the area with the added option of some gambling if you want to take a chance.

Among the many great options for you, have bowling and golfing as sports to get you active, or if you want to explore more of the outdoors than you can go on the spirit of the water cruise. A luxury cruise down the Mississippi River.

The river is a landmark of American history, so hop on the cruise and see just what many other explorers had to face without the difficulties of travel, and instead much much luxury.

If sports or the outdoors don’t appeal to you then you can enjoy the arcade and the live performances that the resort has to offer. Honestly, if there is anything you want treasure island will be ready to please.

10. Pimushe Resort

Photo Courtesy of: Pimushe Resort

Calling themselves a summer lake vacation Pimushe Resort pushes one thing their lake. Pimsuhe is a beautiful blue body that will make anyone pause when beholding its beauty.

Of course. the resort plans plenty of activities around the lake and often pushes fishing as one of the best options to spend your time while at the resort. So for all those fishers out there, I think you know where to go.

But fishing is not the only water-themed activity that the resort/lake has to offer. Check out the hidden water park. So-called as each fo the items, or water toys as they call them are mobile so that they can remove them in the colder parts of the year.

Prepare yourselves for an in water floating trampoline called the water tramp, the hydro paddler, Saturn (A water float), a jumbo water mat, stand up paddle boards, water bikes, and so much more.

Honestly, I hadn’t even heard of half these things until Pimushe Resort introduced me to them. It is so much fun to see your family try these cool water toys and really experience what the wonders of water and flotation devices are.

And if the water is not for you than they have several hunting and golf options available so that you can keep having fun while remaining on the ground and dry.

11. North Star Lake Resort

It is hard to find a resort that is more family-focused than the North Star Lake Resort. With options for everyone, you can tell that whether you have a young child that just wants to splash around in water all day, or you are trying to appeal to your partner that is more into learning about history than you have options available to you at North Star Lake Resort.

Looking at the lake once again you will find yourself with the opportunities to grow what you understood to be fun on the water. With more water toy options. You have miniature floating rock climbing walls, and several varying sizes of water trampolines your family will have a blast.

As children and adults alike are tossed into the water from their floating safe havens. You’ll have a blast in the water, or you can take it up a notch and pull out the water skis.

If the water is not something you are partial to then you have plenty of options in the nearby vicinity. Like the international wolf center. A facility focused on promoting the survival of wolves through the teaching of their lives.

Of course that not the only place to visit you can also visit the Ironworld Discovery Center or the Soudan mine. Two options that demonstrate the underground world that is so rich with resources in Minnesota.

12. Vagabond Village

A simple RV park that only provides the basics of camping. You’ll be able to enjoy your family in the beautiful scenery that Minnesota provides.

Birch and pine trees will surround you, and where they don’t you’ll have a view of potato lake. Take in all that beauty while enjoying your family time and the commodities of the campsites mini store.

Sit around the campfire exchanging stories and lick ice cream as you enjoy the outdoors wit the comfort of knowing you have an RV to rest in.

13. Itasca State Park

Established in 1891 Itasca is Minnesota’s oldest state park and the second oldest state park in the United States. At Itasca, you’ll get to experience the beginnings of the Mississippi River as it travels its 2,552-mile course to the Gulf of Mexico.

You can step into one of America’s most famous rivers as at the Mississippi River headquarters you can step through the shallow beginnings of the river. But the river isn’t the only natural wonder in the area. There are over 49 square miles of natural park preserved land.

In them, you can see the wonders of the red and white pines of Minnesota. Travel through all this land through the many hiking and biking trails that have been cut through the acres of available nature.

If that natural majesty isn’t enough you can get an extra dose of history with the historical lodging sites they have available. There is even more history to uncover at the Itasca Indian Cemetery and the Bison kill site.

Overall, It’s an experience that brings you back to the past but allows for over 200 full hookups for your RV. Enjoy your stay as you travel back in time to enjoy this wonderful campsite.

14. Stony Point Resort & Campground

At the Stony Point Resort & Campground there is always something to see or do!

Whether playing in the indoor pool, taking a fishing trip on Cass Lake, or participating in one of the many other water activities featured at this campground, you and your family are sure to have a memorable trip!

The Stony Point Resort & Campground features RV spots with full hookups and access to boat canal. Bring your furry friends along for this adventure, because pets are welcome in each of the camping spots!

In the area around Cass Lake, you have the opportunity to explore all 11 lakes, go canoeing, boating, fishing, swimming, hiking, or just to spend some time relaxing in nature!

15. Autumn Woods RV Park

Located only minutes away from the Mayo Clinic, the Autumn Woods RV Park is one of the most popular campgrounds in the Rochester area.

On-site there are 92 full hookups for you to pull your RV or travel trailer into! In each of the spots, pets are welcome to tag along and you can find Wi-Fi accessibility.

Besides the Mayo Clinic, some other popular places to go nearby are the golf courses, the Mayowood Mansion, Oxbow Park & Zollman Zoo, or the Quarry Hill Nature Center.

Kick back and relax after spending a day exploring at the Autumn Woods RV Park.

16. Royal Oaks RV Park

Experience a family-friendly camping trip while staying at the family-owned Royal Oaks RV Park.

Whether you need to take a shower or to do some laundry, the Royal Oaks RV Park has all the facilities you could need to make your camping experience even more enjoyable.

Not sure what you activities to do or what sites to see while you stay? Take the day to visit Itasca State Park or to view the Paul Bunyon and Babe statue!

While the RV Park may be minutes away from downtown Bemidji, there is also plenty of hikes and access to the lake located nearby.

Don’t travel alone, at the Royal Oaks RV Park it’s perfectly fine to bring your family pets along!

17. St. Cloud Clearwater RV Park

The St. Cloud Clearwater RV Park has plenty of space for tents and campers to stay! Take a step away from the hustle and bustle of life to enjoy the Minnesota wilderness.

St. Cloud Clearwater RV park has activities each weekend allowing you to experience some fun holidays in the summer. Including events like Halloween week or city wide garage sales. Enjoy all that clear water has to offer while staying close to your mobile home.

The park is always kept in pristine condition. You’ll be able to enjoy your stay in the cleanliness while enjoying activities like mini golf, shuffleboard, horseshoes, a heated pool, and playgrounds.

Enjoy camping your way in your camper while still enjoying the natural world around you. Come relax and enjoy the experience that is highly recommended by others.

Related Questions:

Can you drink alcohol in MN state parks? Minnesota does not allow alcohol to be brought in, or drunk on any state lands, not just state parks. Some other states do allow alcohol to be drunk in their state parks. Check with any local laws and guidelines before bringing alcohol.

Are pets allowed in MN state parks? Pets are allowed at MN state parks as long as they are on a leash that is maximum six-feet in length. There are certain areas such as the beach and park buildings where only service animals are allowed.

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