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13 Ultra-Helpful Apps for RVers to Download and Use

Published on March 25th, 2019 by Camper Report
This post was updated on September 9th, 2021

13 Ultra-Helpful Apps for RVers to Download and Use

In today’s world of technology, there is an app for everything! Even RVing! However, with millions of apps to download to your device, it can be hard to find a quality app that works perfectly for you.

You’re in luck! Below I have 13 tried and true apps that are sure to make your RVing experience better! Whether you’re trying to plan the perfect trip, find an open site nearby, or are just looking for nearby activities to do. There’s an app for all of that and more! As an added bonus, each of the 16 apps we’ll be talking about are free.

1. RV LIFE GPS & Campgrounds

Turn your phone into an RV Safe GPS. No more worrying about steep mountain passes, low clearances, bridge weight limits, or propane-restricted tunnels.

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Get RV Safe GPS directions custom tailored to the height & weight of your RV. Turn-by-turn navigation, including voice- and lane-guidance, work even when you’re offline.

Whether you are looking to replace an RV GPS, or simply want a second opinion to the one you currently have, the RV LIFE app will show you the campgrounds, state parks, and national parks you are looking for and provide turn-by-turn RV safe driving instructions to get you there.

RV LIFE Pro access is included with an RV LIFE Trip Wizard subscription. You’ll also have access to in-depth articles and information, campground reviews including a Favorites feature, and a fully functional campground finder with filtering. You’ll be able to access your RV LIFE Trip Wizard trips within the app and use Turn-by-Turn directions to take those great trips. The icing on the cake is that your entire RV-friendly route can be available OFFLINE when no internet is available.

2. KOA | RV, Cabin & Tent Camping

If you have never stayed at a KOA (Kampgrounds of America), you are sure to be in for a treat with this helpful app. KOAs are located all over the United States and are sure to offer you exactly what you need to make your road trip perfect!

With the KOA app you can find any location that is close to you, see a list of amenities, camper reviews, activities to do nearby, and read about the campground hosts!

Find the prefect KOA campground for you by using their filter tool!

Another benefit of the KOA app is that you can keep track of your membership rewards!See available deals near you and redeem your points all from the Value Kard Rewards section of the app. Make a camp site reservation right from the KOA app and receive notifications updating you on the status of the campground!

For more info on KOA campsite be sure to check out their website and download their all inclusive, easy to use app!

Available on iOS and on the Google Play Store

3. Outdoorsy

Enjoy camping and RVing, but don’t own an RV or travel trailer of your own? With Outdoorsy you can easily rent an RV, travel trailer, campervan, or any other adventure vehicle!

Once in the app, you can choose to either rent an RV or to rent out an RV of your own. The second option is handy if you do have an RV and want to make a little money off of it.

To rent an RV, it shows you a list of all the nearby options and what it costs per night to rent.

Outdoorsy works to make sure that you can safely rent (or rent out) an RV with insurance protection, background driver checks, 24/7 roadside assistance, and a customer support hot line.

Find more information on Outdoorsy on their website and be sure to use their app to find the perfect RV for your next camping adventure!

Available on iOS.

4. inRoute Route Planner

With the inRoute Route Planner app you can easily plan your stops, and find gas stations, local sites, and stores along the way!

With all of the features to customize your route, it may seem too complex. However, the inRoute Route Planner has an easy to follow tutorial in order to help you plan the perfect road trip route easily!

Set a start and stop location and begin editing all your stops in between! Change things like the time spent in each location to estimate departure and arrival times.

Use the inRoute Route Planner app to make sure you don’t forget anything when planning your perfect road trip route!

Available on iOS.

5. iExit Interstate

The iExit Interstate app is a necessity for anyone using their RV on a road trip.

With this app, you can find nearby gas stations, restaurants, lodging, coffee shops, and rest areas! Using the iExit Interstate app, you’ll be able to specify exactly which type of fuel you use in order to find the right gas station for you.

Craving a specific meal for dinner? With the filter feature, you can easily search for fast food, American restaurants, Mexican restaurants, BBQ places, grocery stores, and ice cream shops! With the iExit Interstate app, you can even find a nearby campground or local attractions.

The iExit INterstate app has everything an RVer could dream of and therefore fits the description of an ultra-helpful app that every RVer should download.

Available on iOS and on the Google Play Store.

6. REI Co-op National Parks Guide

A National Parks app made by everyone’s favorite outdoors store? How could that not be perfect!

Not only does this app work extremely well, but it has great visual quality and is user friendly. The REI Co-op National Parks Guide app allows you to choose which National Park you will be visiting.

Once you choose the National Park, you’ll be able to see a map of hiking trails, a list of the main attractions, a customizable to-do list, available campsites, and so much more!

REI made sure to include everything an RVer passing through the National Parks could ever need! You can even check the National Park webcams in order to see weather conditions before you get there!

If you plan on taking your RV into any of the National Parks, having the REI Co-op National Parks Guide app is a must!

Available on iOS and on the Google Play Store

7. All-Trails

If you enjoy traveling to find the best hikes, then the All-Trails app will be perfect for you. With this app, you are able to scan an area for all available hikes.

If you find a hike that interests you, find it easily again by marking it as a favorite!

Worried that you won’t find a hike within your skill level? All-Trails allows you to filter the hikes shown to you by distance, difficulty ranking, and by elevation incline.

Any avid hikers or nature walk enjoyers are sure to find something that interests them while using the All-Trails app.

Available on iOS and on the Google Play Store.

8. GasBuddy

As an RVer, you know the importance of finding the best gas prices wherever you go. However, it can be difficult to find the best price when you’re traveling through a new area.

With the GasBuddy app, you will never have to overpay for gas again!

After creating a free account in the app, you are able to choose what type of gas you want to buy and and check out the closest and cheapest gas near you!

With the GasBuddy app, you are also able to create a “Car Profile” to receive notifications about any active recalls or safety information. When you report gas prices to the GasBuddy app, you receive points and with those points, you can enter into win a $100 gas card every day!

Driving anywhere will no longer cost you a fortune so long as you have the GasBuddy app traveling with you!

Available on iOS and on the Google Play Store.

9. My Pilot

The My Pilot app is another gas pricing app, only this app is specific to Pilot stations. With the My Pilot app you have access to mobile fueling, shower reservations, rewards programs, find stations near you, and you’ll save money every time you fuel up from the app!

Another benefit of the My Pilot app is the Trip Planner. At the push of a button you can plan out all your stops and be sure to always know where a gas station is along the way!

Wondering if there are any open lanes at the pump for a quick fuel up? On the My Pilot app you are able to check lane availability before you even arrive!

Never miss a beat (or rather a stop) while RVing by using the My Pilot app!

Available on iOS and on the Google Play Store.

10. BoonDocking

Want to find the best boondocking locations near you? Download the BoonDocking app and quickly see all the available options in your area!

Boondocking refers to camping or RVing without any electrical, water, or sewer hookups. While boondocking you are sure to get the most out of your RV trip by “roughing it” a little. With the BoonDocking app, you’ll be able to filter the campsites shown to you by elevation to make sure you find a campsite located in the perfect place.

Once you identify the boondocking locations for you, you can see what is available at the campsites and even find local sites or attractions! Double check the current weather for your potential campsites within the app too!

RVers who love to go boondocking, the BoonDocking app is sure to be a big help when planning your next trip!

Available on iOS.

11. LeafSnap

Wondering what that plant along the path is? Worried it may be poisonous? Not finding the answers you need in botanical books? Well with LeafSnap, discover exactly what kind of plant that is simply by taking a picture of it!

Browse LeafSnap’s long list of leaves to learn all about them and the plants they come from.

Help you or your kids learn the names of plants based off their leaves by using some of the games within the LeafSnap app!

Interested in starting a plant collection from everywhere you take your RV? Use LeafSnap’s “Collection” feature to record your leaves and their names easily.

Become a plant life expert with the LeafSnap app!

Available on iOS.

12. SkyView

One of the best parts of going RVing is escaping all the light from bigger towns and being able to see the stars.

If you have ever wanted to be able to know the names of all the constellations as you stargaze, then the SkyView app can help you do just that! Just point your camera at the stars above you and you’ll be able to see stars, planets, and constellations.

You can even select a planet, star, or constellation to see its name and to learn a little bit about it! Become an astrology expert by using the SkyView app on all of your RV trips!

Available on iOS and on the Google Play Store.

13. First Aid: American Red Cross

The most important part of RVing and camping is being safe.

With the First Aid: American Red Cross app, you can easily access first aid tips, videos, and instructions for a plethora of injuries. You can also locate hospitals near you, and even quiz yourself to make sure you are prepared for any situation that may occur while camping!

Follow the Red Cross’s first aid kit checklist to make sure your first aid kit will be effective in the event you need to use it. Always be prepared for any situation you encounter while RVing by keeping the First Aid: American Red Cross app by your side!

Available on iOS and on the Google Play Store.

Related Questions

Do I need a separate navigation app for RVing? While having a navigation app designed specifically for RVers can be extremely useful while traveling, it is not required. You can use your phone’s pre-downloaded navigation app while RVing.

Do I need a special license to drive an RV? Some states do require special licensing for drivers of vehicles over a certain weight and length. However, many states such as Montana and Utah do not require any special licensing for the drivers of RVs.

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