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12 Teardrop Trailers That Make Great Use of Space

Published on May 29th, 2018 by Nicole Malczan
This post was updated on April 3rd, 2021

Bean Teardrop Trailer
Bean Teardrop Trailer – Photo: Bean


Vehicle size is a major consideration on the mind of every shopper looking for a teardrop trailer. You need adequate room for cooking, sleeping, and relaxing. Teardrop trailers aren’t exactly synonymous with space, though, at least not most of the time. After all, the average teardrop trailer tends to be about five feet tall and 10 feet long, and even that length is on the generous end.

Not every RV enthusiast wants or can fit a large motorhome into their lives and their budgets. In response to that, many teardrop trailer manufacturers are designing these vehicles to be more accommodating than ever before.

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With advanced and spacious floorplans, you almost won’t believe you’re in a teardrop trailer when you check out these 12 models. From well-known brands like Winnebago to smaller manufacturers like Little Guy Trailers, each of these trailers has one thing in common: their super impressive floorplans. Be prepared to never think of teardrop trailers the same way again!

Purchasing a teardrop trailer, like any RV or camper, is an investment that requires a lot of time and research. One way we recommend doing your due diligence is trying one before you make a purchase. RVshare is a great way to try a teardrop trailer on your next trip.  You can see RVShare’s local rental inventory by clicking here.

1. Winnebago’s Winnie Drop

I bet you never thought you could squeeze a queen-sized bed into a teardrop trailer. You can if you get the Winnie Drop trailer from Winnebago. The WD1710 floorplan has space for a 60×74 queen-sized bed with included storage beneath it. You can also bring a micro refrigerator into the small kitchen space. That same kitchen includes a sink and a stovetop cooker with overhead storage. With a 42×74 dinette, you can eat comfortably with friends or family. There’s also room for a toilet and a sink in the bathroom. Look around and you’ll find sliding seating and a TV mount in the mini living room.

Need more space? The WD170S floorplan includes all the above, but with a much bigger bathroom. There’s a shower, toilet, and sink in there. You also get a wardrobe and pantry space behind the bathroom. With overhead space in the dinette and kitchen as well, you can fit all your essentials onboard.

If you have kids or you’re traveling with a bigger group, consider the Winnie Drop WD170K plan. This one has 30×74 bunk beds in lieu of a queen-sized bed. The bathroom has a toilet and a shower, and there’s also a TV cab. You can feed more people with the 58×74 U-shaped dinette.

2. Little Guy Trailer’s MyPod

Yes, that’s right, it’s the MyPod, not the iPod, but it’s compact size is reminiscent of one of those electronic devices. This trailer weighs 630 pounds dry and has a 110-pound tongue weight, which is quite modest. What’s so fun about this trailer is that you can customize the exterior color. Available choices are red, blue, black, silver, and white.

You wouldn’t think it from looking at it, but this fiberglass trailer has room for plenty. It has a 62-inch exterior height, a 37-inch inside height, and a 60-inch inside width. You get a single bed that’s 52×76.

Other noteworthy features are its three-speed Fantastic Fan and built-in AC for comfort, window shades, and an included entertainment center. Feel free to bring the TV and the video game consoles with you for the trip to keep younger kids occupied. You can also stash gear on the roof rack, but don’t expect to fit as much in the trailer itself.

Little Guy Trailers works with to retail many must-have accessories to make your MyPod even more functional. These include mini side-mount screen room tents, tailgate tents, and covers for the off-season.

3. Oregon Trail’R’s FronTear

The adorably-named FronTear from Oregon Trail’R is one of their bestsellers. It’s almost completely customizable both inside and out. Other FronTear owners have redesigned their trailers with black or yellow outer decorative metal shells (the base color is silver), for instance. With its distinctive shape and look, the fact that you can make your FronTear even more your own is great.

Let’s talk specs, shall we? According to Oregon Trail’R itself, the base towing weight of most FronTear configurations is between 1,000 to 1,300 pounds. Tongue weight may be as little as 10 percent of that weight and as high as 13 percent. A base FronTear will have an eight-foot body length, four-feet height, and five-foot width. That makes the FronTear one of the tiniest trailers around!

As for what’s in the trailer, well, that’s completely up to you. You can add options ala carte. The totals for this can add up pretty quickly, but considering you can get a FronTear for under $1,500 (as of this writing), you’re still saving a lot of money overall.

There’s a standard cabinetry package that includes storage cabinets above the bed as well as at the vehicle’s rear. Some shoppers have chosen to get their cabinets customized with drawer slides and soft-close European hinges (the manufacturer will take care of this).

Other customizable features that might be of interest are:

  • Custom key hooks
  • Trailer backup lights for safety
  • A battery sled for more convenient battery maintenance
  • Folding cup holders
  • Fabric curtains with a moisture-resistant barrier backer layer
  • Bigger doors
  • Digital audio amps for higher-quality sound
  • The Fantastic Fan for better temperature control (rain sensor upgrades are available as well)
  • Halo Dome LED lights, which are a warm white for better illumination and aesthetics
  • A base mattress that boasts a custom mattress cover and four-inch LUX foam
  • A propane system with heat shields, a two-burner stove, and an 11-pound propane tank
  • A stainless steel and aluminum roof rack system that connects to the gutter

4. The Teardrop Trailer’s Diamond in the Rough

The Diamond in the Rough is the largest offering from The Teardrop Trailer. It’s roughly five by eight, which isn’t huge, but boy is it opulent. What, you didn’t think it was called the Diamond in the Rough for nothing, did you?

It earns its name with a five-wide diamond-plated roof, side diamond-plated checker-plating along four inches of the trailer’s base, a front diamond plate box, and diamond plate fenders that are nine inches. Oh yeah, and there’s appealing chrome rims that are 14 inches each, too.

The vehicle comes with curtains and a mattress as well as a 3,000-watt inverter and dual deep cycle marine batteries. Solar panels make this trailer almost self-sufficient.

The Diamond in the Rough is one of the smallest trailers available, so storage gets interesting in a hurry. For instance, there’s a large panel that folds out to reveal your portable kitchen with two shelves. The top one has a small wooden railing for keeping your glasses, plates, bowls, cups, and Tupperware secure. The second shelf lets you hang wine glasses and stash plates or cooking essentials. You also get a paper towel rack, a pull-out oven, and space for a small fridge or cooler.

Like many teardrop trailers from smaller manufacturers, The Teardrop Trailer’s Diamond in the Rough is completely customizable. The following items are able to be added to your order:

  • Trickle charge seven-inch round blades
  • Additional 12-volt plug-ins
  • A customized kitchen with an oversized front box for more storage
  • A faucet and sink with a manual water pump; you can even upgrade to a 12-volt electric trailer sink
  • A Bunkie, which is a mini bunk bed perfect for kids

5. nuCamp’s T@G XL

The T@G is the flagship teardrop trailer from smaller brand nuCamp. It’s the bulkier model of the standard T@G, so you should expect more space. The colorful, cheerful exterior of the T@G XL is also a standout. You can select from hues like white with red, white with yellow, and white with black.

The exterior width of the vehicle is 92 inches, while its exterior length with the coupler is 163 inches. The T@G XL has a 72-inch exterior height as well. The Gross Axle Weight Rating (GAWR) for this trailer is 2,220 pounds. The tongue weight is 100 pounds without a spare battery but can be as much as 1,210 pounds with the battery and spare tires. It can carry 11 gallons of freshwater.

The interior width is 70 inches while the interior height is 47 inches. That means even taller passengers should be able to stand up and walk around without worrying about bumping their heads. There’s an included king-sized bed that’s 70×78.

nuCamp’s trailer floorplan is quite spacious. The bed goes in the center of the room. There are cabinets on all sides, so you get four of these. With a cooler cabinet and an AC cabinet as well, storage space should not be an issue. There’s also a cooking surface, including a built-in microwave, a sink, and a stovetop oven.

The beautiful wood paneling throughout the interior of the T@G XL makes this teardrop trailer a winner. Admittedly, the trailer does seem to be lacking any bathroom amenities, including a toilet or a sink. You’ll have to get creative there.

6. Timberleaf’s Teardrop Trailer

Timberleaf is both the name of the manufacturer and the trailer. Described as “featherweight” by the brand, the trailer has a dry weight of 1,400 pounds. The max tongue weight is 140 pounds, so the Timberleaf definitely fits the self-described bill. With a bright metal exterior bearing the Timberleaf logo, this teardrop trailer has a similar style to the Oregon Trail’R FronTear and the MyPod from Little Guy Trailers.

While we’re talking about exteriors, you can choose from a rainbow of hues so everyone will know which Timberleaf trailer is yours. There’s everything from bright purple to Caution Yellow (the sunniest color on the block), bright red, Extreme Green, and Pepsi Blue (a vivid robin’s egg blue). No matter which color you choose, the Timberleaf comes equipped with:

  • Baltic birch plywood detailing throughout that’s covered with a layer of low-VOC acrylic polyurethane
  • A cooktop shelf with a pull-out drawer for stashing utensils and other cooking essentials
  • A water tank that can hold 12 gallons and a cold-water dispenser in the sink
  • Gallery cabinets that boast extra storage room and sliding doors
  • A counter that’s almost 20 square feet and made of retro laminate
  • A Colorado queen mattress with thick foam that’s four inches
  • A skylight (44×26) made of tinted polycarbonate that includes pull-down shades and dual screened venting windows (14×17 each)
  • A Fantastic Fan
  • Aluminum sides and an anodized aluminum roof as well as ceiling and wall insulation that’s rated R-11

Want even more? You can get it with the Timberleaf. Here are some extras and accessories you might want to consider adding to this teardrop trailer:

  • A Euro-style roof rack
  • Mesh room tenting
  • A roof rack pioneer platform that’s customized to the size of your trailer
  • An awning
  • A 22-inch stove that includes a windscreen and dual burners
  • A locking aluminum tongue storage box for more space
  • A custom wood cooler that’s 45 liters and can be built with a countertop lid
  • A detachable wood exterior shelf or a pair of interior wood folding shelves

7. Vistabule’s Teardrop Trailer

Like the Timberleaf, Vistabule’s trailer is eponymous. It’s another lightweight vehicle that clocks in at 1,220 pounds total when empty. It was made to be aerodynamic so towing is a breeze. The two-inch ball hitch that comes with the trailer doesn’t hurt, either.

If you’re carrying a 15-gallon propane tank, the tongue weight of the trailer increases to 160 pounds. Otherwise, it’s 130 pounds. If you fill up the vehicle with water, propane, and gear, the total weight is 1,520 pounds. There’s a nine-gallon graywater storage tank and a nine-gallon freshwater storage tank included.

Pound for pound, the Vistabule is on the smaller end. Including the fenders, the total width is just under seven feet. The width of the trailer’s body itself is five feet. The overall vehicle length is 14 feet, with 10 of those devoted to the body.

The main bed measures 58.5×78, and it includes foot room and storage beneath the bed that’s 6.5 inches long. There’s also an included gallery counter that can be between 36 and 38 inches high. That’s pretty good dining space for a teardrop trailer.

Speaking of dining space, there are dual double-duty tables so everyone can eat at the same time. One is within the sofa bed and includes folding side tables while the other one is mounted to the vehicle’s floor.

The headboard in the bedroom nook doubles as a hanging storage space for keys, hats, mirrors, bags, and more. There’s an upper storage area within the headboard too, so you can keep your clothing and other valuable items private. When it comes time to go to sleep, just pull out the sofa into a queen-sized bed.

Then there’s the kitchenette. Like some of the other teardrop trailers covered so far, you will have to get used to cooking outdoors. The Vistabule opens up to a pretty large space, complete with a sink and cooking surface. With three cabinets (one that opens and two with sliding doors), you can fit plates, cups, and bowls. There’s also room for utensils and cookware like pots and pans. With dual pass-throughs, you’ll see that cooking, plating, and servicing food will be fast and simple.

8. Camp-Inn Teardrop Trailers’ 560 Raindrop

There are two models Camp-Inn Teardrop Trailers is known for, and the 560 Raindrop is the biggest. It has a width of 10 feet, making it one of the heftiest teardrop trailers on this list. Its weight ranges from 1,030 to 1,430 pounds depending on what you load into it.

There’s plenty of amenities for such a tiny trailer. It includes either bunk beds or a pull-out couch. There are dual cabin doors for stowing your gear and equipment securely. The stylish round design and panoramic front windows are also big selling points. On the note of selling points, with wheel chock blocks, a fold-up hitch jack, level jacks, and a two-inch ball hitch, towing and parking are more convenient than ever.

Included in this trailer is a propane tank, a graywater tank (eight gallons), and a freshwater tank (also eight gallons) with a water tank monitor. These tanks will contribute to the overall weight of the trailer.

The kitchenette, which expands outdoors, has a utensil drawer and beautiful kitchen cabinets made of sturdy birchwood. You also get a two-burner stove and a stainless steel sink with a sprayer hose. There’s handy under-counter storage for keeping all your cookware. When it comes time to eat, just bring your food over to the stainless steel cooler stand, dining table, or countertop.

There’s also plenty of other small but significant conveniences, such as under-floor storage, a Fantastic Fan on the roof, lined curtains, screened side windows, cabin coat hooks, beverage holders, and a front storage cabinet. You get a mattress made of foam with a cover; you can also opt for bunk beds. You can even choose a couch that pulls out into bunk beds with some floorplans. How cool is that?

9. Colorado Teardrops’ Mount Massive

The Mount Massive trailer from Colorado Teardrops is meant for the bigger family who likes to take their kids on the road. It’s called Mount Massive for a reason; it’s 1,430 pounds. It’s recommended you tow this teardrop trailer with a full-sized minivan, a mid-sized SUV, or a pickup truck.

The vehicle boasts a pretty stargazer window and a chic, modern design. Its outer silver metal shell isn’t customizable, but there are Colorado Teardrops trailers that are. Mount Massive has storage beneath the floor, great insulation, a full queen-sized bed, and a sofa that converts into bunk beds. That bedroom space with the queen-sized bed includes a center cabin light as well as dual reading lights. There’s also a pop-up vent that’s 14×14. You can even find some interior storage and shelving around the bed.

The kitchenette has a single tall countertop with rotating and sliding shelves meant to hold a stove or cookware. There are also dividers for a water tank or ice cooler. Around the counter are two shelves, a paper towel hanger, a cleanup tub, and three extra storage cubbies you can use to stash smaller kitchen items like plates and utensils.

The entire Mount Massive trailer is decorated with light maple plywood. This is covered in sheer low-VOC polyurethane so the wood doesn’t risk warping, bending, or degrading over time.

Here are some of the vehicle’s specs: it has a tongue weight of 199 pounds. Mount Massive is 82 inches high with a cabin height of 56 inches. The total width is 169 inches and the cabin width is 60 inches. The included gallery counter is 41 inches high, and that queen bed mentioned above is 60×78.

10. Escapod’s Dreamscape

For under $12,000, the Dreamscape from Escapod is a smart little teardrop trailer. You’ll crawl into a comfortable Utah queen bed with a Memory Foam mattress that’s five inches. With a Fantastic Fan in the room that runs on three speeds, you can adjust the temperature the way you like it when you sleep. The bedroom nook is also insulated (the floor, ceiling, and the walls) to reduce outdoor noises and maintain the room temperature.

The interior cabin is loaded to the max with storage options. Beyond the bed, you’ll find a hidden closed storage compartment great for keeping clothes and personal valuables. With three cubbyholes and four additional cabinets, the trailer will stay clean.

The expandable outdoor kitchenette has a 65-liter cooler for keeping your drinks and food frosty. With rear cabinets and three large drawers, you should be able to stay organized when you cook. The stainless steel countertop includes a stovetop cooker and has plenty of room for a cutting board, coffeemaker, mixer, microwave, and more.

Getting to the numbers, the Dreamscape is eight inches long and five inches high. That’s pretty typical. This trailer is constructed here in the United States and is made of powder-coated steel that promises better longevity and durability. With a 3,500-pound max weight, the Dreamscape is hefty, but not a behemoth.

Other included items are USB charging stations, a deep-cycle battery, dual insulated side doors, LED lighting, and vehicle-wide insulation. If you so choose, you can pay extra for the following features:

  • A fully-articulating hitch
  • A 110-volt electrical conversion
  • Water tanks and a propane heater
  • A shower and water heater
  • An awning and rooftop tent
  • Kayak racks and bike racks
  • A mount and spare tire
  • A propane tank and stove

11. Sierra Madre Teardrop Trailers’ Basic On-Road Teardrop Trailer

There are five teardrop trailers in the Sierra Madre family: the 4×8, 4×9, 5×8, 5×9, and the 5×10. Depending on how much gear you plan on lugging along and how many passengers you want to bring, you can choose a trailer that meets your needs. All models have a chassis with a safety chain, front wheel jack, Dexter torsion axle, and a two-inch welded square tube A-frame.

The main cabin has a spacious foam mattress and insulated ceilings for temperature control. You also get an interior bedside shelf. The kitchen area in the gallery boasts an upper shelf and a countertop. Below the countertop, there’s more open storage space. You won’t have to worry about running out of room for your kitchen gear with a Sierra Madre teardrop trailer.

The 12×18 window will give you pretty views into the outside world. There’s a second window that’s also 12×18 attached to the front door. You’ll also get plenty of lighting, such as a reading light in the bedroom nook, a gallery dome light, and a cabin dome light. Like many of the great teardrop trailers in this article, the Sierra Madre has a birch plywood interior that’s covered with clear lacquer to lessen UV damage.

12. Retro Ride Teardrops’ Trailers

My last pick for awesome teardrop trailers with plenty of space comes from Retro Ride Teardrops. Like the Sierra Madre brand, you can choose from several sizes. With Retro Ride, it’s 4×8, 5×8, or 5×10. Let’s focus on the biggest option, the 5×10 trailer.

It has a 78×58 cabin, which contributes to its total width (nearly seven inches). This trailer is practically 15 inches long and weighs 1,110 pounds. Its tongue weight is 160 pounds. The eight-inch cotton mattress is not included, so you’ll have to pay for that. In fact, most extra features will cost you. These include:

  • Climate-controlled air conditioning and heating
  • A spare tire
  • Extra windows
  • A 12-volt battery
  • 15-inch radial tires

What you do get is a two-inch receiver hitch for towing as well as leveling jacks. The gallery has shelving for stashing a battery box (which is included), and there’s plenty of shelving options throughout the vehicle. With a front rack, you get even more storage space.

Retro Rides’ trailers are simple in design, with a steel silver exterior that has the old-school feel the brand promises. While maybe not as nice in the looks department as some of the other teardrop trailers on this list, you can get a 5×10 trailer for less than $10,000, so it balances out. The interior is vanished and stained, which doesn’t cost extra. The brand is based in Wisconsin but should ship across the country.


Don’t sleep on the teardrop trailer, unless you’re talking about doing so literally. In that case, then go ahead! If you have just a few passengers, this trailer type is perfect. There are some manufacturers with floorplans that make the last out of every square inch a teardrop trailer has to offer. You can get large queen-sized beds, bunk beds, showers, and kitchenettes in one of these trailers if you so desire. Happy shopping!


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  1. What I like about teardrops are they are usually light enough for a basic SUV to tow, even some cars. If anyone is trying to get their feet wet in the RV market, a teardrop trailer is the best place to start.


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