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11 Unforgettable RV Camp Spots Near Scottsdale, Arizona

Published on April 1st, 2019 by Camper Report

After purchasing an amazing RV, you need to know where to take it. Traveling down and exploring Arizona is one of my favorite things to do. If you are looking to head down near Scottsdale, here are some of the best places to park your trailer and camp.

11. Riverside Campground

This campsit lays by the Bartlett Dam. You can get really close to the water side which makes for a nice, relaxing trip. There is some good bird watching here, and you can see a Bald Eagle fly by if you are lucky.

Cost: $10 per night. You can get a 50% discount if you are a senior.

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  • Bathrooms
  • Fishing
  • Picnicking
  • Canoeing
  • Views
  • Wildlife
  • Open Year-Round
  • Secluded
  • Inexpensive


  • No big trailers – trailers much be under 16 feet.
  • No hook-up
  • A little bit harder to get to.
  • No reservation so it is a first come, first serve situation.

This location is really, really worth staying at if you don’t care about roughing it. Given, this area is not really designed for trailers, but it’s such a nice place to camp. So if you are willing to not have a glamorous trip, try staying here.

Miles from Scottsdale: 45 and it is about an hour drive into the city.

What Makes This Spot Unforgettable: The nice views, both at night, and during the day totally make it worth staying here.

10. Lake Pleasant Regional Park

Lake Pleasant is an amazing campground. It is probably out of the way for those who are traveling to the Scottsdale area but it is an amazing place to stay, and lots to do. If it was closer to the Scottsdale area, it would definitely be higher up on the list.

The lake makes this spot seem like an oasis! Who is to say that it’s not?

Cost: $22 – $40 (depending on location) plus a small reservation fee.

Book early, because this is a popular location!


  • Water and Electrical Hook-ups
  • Dump Station
  • Covered Ramadas for Every Site
  • Picnic tables
  • BBQ grill
  • Fire Ring
  • Lake Views
  • Showers and Flushing Toilets
  • Hiking
  • Discovery Center Nearby
  • Easy to Spot Wildlife
  • Fishing and Boating
  • Also Spots for Tents
  • Closer to the Grand Canyon


  • Lake Pleasant is not open year-round, similar to McDowell
  • It is out of the way for some who want to be central to Scottsdale
  • It can be crowded at times.

The water level fluctuates depending on the time of year that you go. I would recommend going in the spring or early summer when the water is higher.

Miles from Scottsdale: 52.5 miles – about an hour and a half’s drive with traffic to the heart of town.

What Makes This Spot Unforgettable: Watching the sunset over the lake is so much fun. You can create so many memories with your family in this place, from fishing to hiking, to nights by the fire. A great place to see once.

9. Eagle View RV Resort

This is less of a camping spot and more of a resort, as the name suggests. It’s designed for RV’s and has some privacy, along with a lot of amenities. It’s near a lot of fun and cool outdoor parks so you can enjoy the day, and come back and relax.

Cost: For a deluxe spot in the summer, it’s $36 a day. During the fall, it’s $46 a day, and from January to mid-April, it costs $51 a night. For a premium site, it is $40 during the summer. If you want to see specifics, click here.

There are opportunities to pay weekly or monthly if you plan on a long stay. You can save some money if you pay all at once.

Package deals are available, so I recommend checking out the website for full details.


  • Water and Electrical Hook-ups
  • Dump Station
  • 150 Sites
  • WiFi
  • Clubhouse
  • Showers
  • Free Pastries and Coffee Every Day
  • Fitness Area
  • Basketball
  • Swimming Pool
  • Pool Table
  • Close to the Casino
  • Stay for As Long As You Want


  • It’s not exactly a trip to the wilderness, not a lot of camping involved
  • Can be pricey with some fees depending on what time of year you want to go.
  • Reviews say that it’s a bit strict with the things you can do what you can’t.

Miles from Scottsdale: 18.5 miles away which is not bad at all. It’s about a 32-minute drive.

What Makes This Spot Unforgettable: The way this resort feels is what makes this the best place to park your RV. If you have kids, they have plenty to do and since you are so close to a lot of activities I’m sure you will make tons of memories.

8. Usery Mountain Regional Park

This park is tucked in between the Goldfield Mountains and Tonto National Forest. It is not a huge park, but it is a lot greener than a lot of areas that you find in Arizona. There is a total of 73 sites, which is a lot for an area that is this size.

Cost: $32 plus a (small) reservation fee.

Booking here does not have to be as far in advance. You can also reserve more than one campsite at a time if you are going to do a group trip.


  • Water and Electrical Hook-ups
  • Dump Station
  • Picnic tables
  • BBQ Fire Ring
  • Flush Toilets
  • Showers
  • Hiking
  • Biking
  • Park Nature Center
  • Horseback Riding
  • Archery Range
  • Outdoor Fitness Equipment


  • Trailers bigger than 45 feet can not fit in this park.
  • This park is not open year-round. It’s open from March to the end of September.
  • 14-night limit stay at this park.

Miles from Scottsdale: 26 miles – about a 40 minute drive.

What Makes This Spot Unforgettable: The views and hikes here are what make this spot unforgettable. You can see mountains or green forested areas. Plus, with all the fun activities that are available, you are sure to have done something that makes staying here stick out!

7. Tortilla Campground

This great spot is awesome for those who want to head to Arizona during fall/winter seasons. There is a lot to do and a lot nearby! One of the best things is how cheap it is.

Cost: $12 a night. You can get a senior discount if you apply and 50% off.


  • Drinking Water
  • Flush Toilets
  • Beautiful Scenery
  • Boating
  • Fishing
  • Hiking
  • Rock climbing
  • Sewage Hook-ups
  • Picnic tables
  • Only 25 miles from Roosevelt Dam


  • It’s a bit cramped inside of the campground because there is not a lot of space in between sites.
  • Traffic can be heavy getting there.
  • Tortilla is not open year-round, it is only open from October 1 to March 31.

Miles from Scottsdale: 44 miles away which is about 1 hour 19 minute drive with traffic taken into consideration.

What Makes This Spot Unforgettable: The beautiful scenery, along with a ton of fun activities make this spot enjoyable. The best thing is the history – there are fun stories told and an old restaurant that is right across the way. It’s fun to learn about, and it feels like you are living back 200 years ago.

6. Arizonian Travel Trailer Resort

Another resort on this, but trust me, it is a great one! There is plenty to do and plenty of perks for staying here. It’s really close, only a couple of minutes from any trails to go use your toys or go hike. Don’t worry, it’s for more than just travel trailers!

Cost: The daily costs is $46. You can pay for a week for $310 or monthly for $699. You can also sign up to live here for multiple months, or even a year.


  • Water and Electrical Hook-ups
  • Dump Station
  • WIFI in the Rec Hall
  • Swimming Pool
  • Spa
  • Two Large Recreation Halls
  • Shuffleboard
  • Planned Activites
  • Desert Golf
  • Laundry On-Site


  • Have to drive to go hiking, as well as any fishing.
  • It feels like a residential area at times.
  • There is an increase if you are staying with more than two people.

If you want to stay in Arizona for a while, this is a good place to do so. Just keep in mind that for kids, it’s extra.

Miles from Scottsdale: 44 miles or about an hour long drive into Scottsdale. It is pretty close to Mesa.

What Makes This Spot Unforgettable: This spot is put so high up on the unforgettable list because the views, the amount of space and the luxurious feel of staying here is unparalleled.

5. Coon Bluff Campground

This campground is close to the Lower Slat River and is a popular place to visit or to camp. It has some nice shaded areas which are not super common for Arizona camping spots.

Cost: A Tonto Pass or $8 which is a really good price.

This camping spot is a really good place for those who like to chill out during the day. You can go tubing down the river and hang out. You can fish and then head to Mesa for some dinner if you don’t catch anything.


  • Restroom
  • Pets allowed
  • Fishing
  • Picnic Areas
  • Swimming
  • Secluded
  • Good Bird Watching Location
  • Close to the City
  • Close to Other Camping Areas


  • No hook-ups available.
  • Overnight camping is only allowed from October to the first of May.
  • Trailers that are longer than 40 feet long are not permitted.
  • The facilities available are limited and the ones offered are not great.

If you have a nice trailer, this may not be a super big issue, but can be hard for some people. It is a little bit more like traditional camping.

Miles from Scottsdale: 27 miles away which is about a 40-minute drive with traffic. It is only 17 if you need to take a trip into town since there is no fresh water access.

What Makes This Spot Unforgettable: River access makes this spot a super fun place to stay. In the Arizona heat, the shade and the opportunity to splash around make staying here well worth the limited resources.

4. McDowell Mountain Regional Park

The McDowell Mountain Regional Park is located northeast of Scottsdale and is huge! It is a desert setting, with a lot of lands to explore, over 21,000 acres.

Cost: $32 – $40 per night with a small reservation fee of $8.


  • Water and Electrical Hook-ups
  • Dump Station
  • Lots of trails to hike or bike (50 Miles)
  • Showers and flushing toilets
  • Picnic table
  • BBQ fire ring
  • Horseback Riding
  • 76 sites to choose from
  • Playgrounds


  • It is not open year-round (closes after Labor Day)
  • Can only be reserved for 2 weeks
  • Not a ton of activities for those who like to be active

This campsite is super nice, but it really is not for people who like to have a ton to do. When I am on vacation, I like some days that I can hang back and be calm, and McDowell is a great place to do that.

If you want a jammed pack, action visit, then maybe McDowell is more of a stop along the way to a more wild part of Arizona.

Miles from Scottsdale: 31 miles – about an hour away from the city center.

What Makes This Spot Unforgettable: It’s quiet, beautiful, and there is a ton of areas to explore by hiking or biking. The clear night sky is surely something you won’t be able to get out of your head.

3. Lost Dutchman State Park

Doesn’t the name of this state park just make you want to go there?! This is one of the top spots that you need to see and spend time in if you are taking a trip to the area!

Cost: $20 – 30 a night plus a $5 reservation fee.

There can be other fees depending on what you do. Entering the park itself is $7.


  • Water and Electrical Hook-ups
  • Dump Station
  • Open Year Round
  • Picnic Table
  • Grill
  • Firepit
  • Bathrooms Available on the Main Campground
  • Pet-Friendly
  • Lots of Hiking Trails
  • Events Hosted
  • Visitor Center
  • Park Store
  • Exhibits
  • Biking
  • Wildlife
  • Lots of Things for Kids


  • 14-Day limit
  • No motorized vehicles can be taken on the trails
  • It’s a busy area so it might not be a relaxing trip.

This is honestly one of the best places to travel if you are coming to Arizona to see the tall cactus, beautiful red rocked cliffs, and watch those gorgeous desert sunsets.

It’s a popular area for a reason. Even though it is busy, a lot of people just come for the day, so don’t let the popularity of this spot scare you.

Miles from Scottsdale: 31 – it’s about a 50-minute drive with traffic.

What Makes This Spot Unforgettable: The challenging hikes, amenities, history of this campground make this place one of a kind. Oh, and don’t forget the amazing views.

2. Cave Creek Regional Park Campground

Cave Creek is one of the best plays to stay if you want to explore the desert areas that Arizona has to offer. The trails that lead to the cave are super pretty and exploring leads to some pretty great picture opportunities.

Cost: $32 per day.


  • Water and Electrical Hook-ups
  • Dump Station
  • Flush Toilets
  • Shower
  • Picnic Tables
  • BBQ Fire Rings
  • Horseback Riding
  • Hiking Trails
  • Regional Park Nature Center
  • Mountain Biking


  • It is a smaller area, which limits the number of camping sites available
  • It’s not open year-round. Even though it is warm all year, which makes it a bit of a bummer if you were looking to go somewhere warm for the winter.

Miles from Scottsdale: 32 Miles – It’s about a 50-minute trip down to Scottsdale from here with traffic.

What Makes This Spot Unforgettable: The incredibly huge cacti that are around you are definitely something that is memorable, and so are the caves themselves. You are sure to make lots of family memories at this spot.

1. Apache Lake Marina & Resort

Apache Lake Marina and Resort is an amazing location. Here you can choose to rough it as much you want or choose to enjoy the amenities. Whatever you choose, you are in the depths of the Tonto National Forest. It’s beautiful and truly unforgettable.

Cost: $40 a day for 30 amp or $50 for a 50 amp service. There is an additional forest service fee, and it is $8. Boats are an additional cost as well.


  • Water and Electrical Hook-ups
  • Dump Station
  • Picnic Tables
  • Firepits
  • Clear Lake Water – Nice and Clean
  • Not Over – Crowded
  • Fishing
  • Boating
  • Hiking
  • Restaurant and Bar
  • Wildlife
  • Horseback Riding


  • There is a 2 week limit for staying at Apache Lake. ake
  • Limited availability because there are only 21 single space units.
  • Pricier than some other camping spots.
  • Far from Scottsdale because it is deep into a forest area.

There really isn’t a lot to find wrong with staying here. It really feels like camping and a high-end vacation at the same time. You can choose to be more isolated, or participate in what the resort has to offer or both!

Miles from Scottsdale: 60 miles – about a 2 hour drive to Scottsdale.

What Makes This Spot Unforgettable: This spot is luxurious, private, and beautiful. It really is gorgeous. The cliffsides are beautiful and the water is clear. If you like to boat, the water isn’t choppy. You can have a great trip with your family and make memories that last forever.

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Are there any RV resorts to stay at near Scottsdale, Arizona? There are plenty of RV resorts down in the Scottsdale area as well as many RV friendly campground. Some of the best RV resorts to stay at includes the Eagle View RV Resort and the Arizonian Travel Trailer Resort.

What RV campsites near Scottsdale, Arizona are open year-round? There are many campsites that are open all year, it just requires some research to find them. Here are a few: Apache Lake, Lost Dutchman National Park, and Coon Bluff Campground.

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