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11 Unforgettable RV Camp Spots Near Brisbane (Both Parks and Rustic)

Published on March 23rd, 2019 by Camper Report

For nature lovers and enthusiasts everywhere, Australia is one of the most exotic and natural places in the world. Camping there among the creatures and trees seems a scene out of a dream. So, for those nature lovers and campers, I have compiled a list of 11 Unforgettable RV Camp Spots near Brisbane, Australia.

11 Unforgettable RV Camp Spots Near Brisbane:

  1. Brisbane Holiday Village
  2. Lake Wivenhoe Campgrounds – Wivenhoe Dam
  3. Gold Coast Holiday Park – Gold Coast
  4. Rivershore Resort – Sunshine Coast
  5. Somerset Park Campgrounds – Somerset Dam
  6. Cooloola and Inskip Peninsula, QLD, Sunshine Coast
  7. Mungo Brush Campground, NSW, Myall Lakes
  8. Boorkoom Campground, North Coast NSW
  9. Tattersalls Campground Karuah National Park in the North Coast Region
  10. Gillards Campground, Narooma South Coast NSW
  11. Moreton Island, Brisbane Area, Queensland

While this list doesn’t even come close to covering all of the places available to camp near Brisbane, this gives you a place to start! And each of these camping spots has their own unique attractions, rules, and adventures. Be sure to do thorough research to find which location works best for you and your families needs.

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1. Brisbane Holiday Village

Brisbane Holiday Village has all an adventure lover or traveler could wish for. They are a resort that has everything from suites, to cabins to sites that you can camp at, and it’s right inside Brisbane!

It’s perfect if you want to do some exploring of the city. The Village is only about 15 minutes from Brisbane CBD.

Each of the Villages sites can host up to 6 guests per sites, and each of the sites has their own benefits and perks. According to their website, there are several categories of sites including XL Ensuite Sites, Ensuite Sites, Powered Sites, Powered Camp Sites, and Unpowered Camp Sites.

  • XL Ensuite Sites: These sites are perfect for your large motorhome or large caravans. It can accommodate up to 30 feet. There is an extended concrete slab so there is more room for one to set up the motorhome.
    • A minimum of 4 nights stay is required.
    • Arrive before 5:30 pm to not disrupt others vacations.
    • Offers private ensuite, power, sewage, and water supply.
  • Ensuite Sites: These sites have a nice mixture of roughing it out in the wild while still having the luxuries and comforts of life. Each site has a private bathroom facility by the site. It accommodates normally sized caravans.
    • One of the most popular sites so reserve early!
    • A minimum of 4 nights stay is required.
    • Arrive before 5:30 pm to not disrupt others vacations.
  • Powered Sites: These sites are nice for anyone who has their own caravan, motorhome, trailer or RV. Powered sites are spacious and offer everything one needs to have a successful and relaxed RV vacation. They can accommodate vehicles up to 25 feet long.
    • Arrive before 5:30 pm to not disrupt others vacations.
    • Offers power, water, and sewage.
    • Tents are NOT allowed on powered sites for safety reasons.
  • Powered Camp Sites and Unpowered Camp Sites: We won’t go into too much detail on these campsites as they do not accommodate for RVs. Rather they accommodate for backpackers and campers with small (10amp power) caravans.
Daily PriceEight Mile Plains, Queensland
AmenitiesDifferent amenities for different sites

2. Lake Wivenhoe Campgrounds – Wivenhoe Dam

Lake Wivenhoe Campgrounds is only 70 km away from Brisbane CBD, which translates to about an hour drive. These campgrounds are perfect if you’re looking for someplace to run away to and have the adventure of a lifetime, this is the place for you.

Lake Wivenhoe (aka Wivenhoe Dam) has two campgrounds it operates. It operates Lumley Hill Campground and Captain Logan Campground.

Each of these campgrounds has diverse options for sites. There are grassy sites, powered sites, and tent sites. But, one thing that they have in common is that each of the sites has a great view of the lake, plenty of shade and creatures.

Because the campgrounds are right on the lake, there are so many opportunities for great water sports and activities. You can swim, paddle board, kayak or canoe.

Along with all of the fun on the water, there are things to do on dry land for those who aren’t super fond of water. There are hiking trails and playgrounds!

Daily PriceSomerset Area Queensland
Amenitieskiosk, car park, BBQ facilities

3. Gold Coast Holiday Park – Gold Coast

Even closer to Brisbane than Lake Wivenhoe, Gold Coast Holiday Park is only 60 km away, which is just short of an hour drive. Gold Coast has always been a big tourist location, and popular among the locals as the coast is full of fun.

With its heavenly beaches spanning for what seems like forever, and the forests and theme parks, there is always something to do.

The Gold Coast Holiday Park is one of the best simply because of its convenient and dreamlike location!

The Park has 32 acres of full and inviting sub-tropical gardens which lie next to a creek. This beautiful environment is sure to help you relax, and get back to your roots.

But, the environment isn’t the only thing Gold Coast Holiday Park has going for them! There are many different kinds of camp spots, so you can be as glamorous or rustic as you please during your vacation.

There are numerous things to do such as play at the tennis court, race around a BMX track, go swimming in the pool, play on the water slides, and even visit their petting zoo!

If you want to take a break from roughing it, the fun amusement parks that lie along the coast are approximately only 5 minutes away from the Holiday Park. There is Movie World, Wet’N’Wild, Dreamworld, Whitewater World and Outback Spectacular.

Daily PriceAround $168
Amenitiesdog friendly, powered and unpowered

4. Rivershore Resort – Sunshine Coast

Rivershore Resort likes on Sunshine Coast and is only about an hour and a half away from Brisbane. While the resort definitely has the opportunities to allow you to spend the weekend inside a cabin.

They definitely have some really nice suites and such, but they also have some great places and chances to rough it with your RV in the more natural part of the area.

The resort sits snugly in the banks of the Maroochy River, making it so there are always things to do. You can explore the river on a cruise that floats down the river, and there are also pontoons, boat ramps, kayaks, and paddle boards!

In the resort you can play on water slides and even play mini-golf, making this a great place to bring the whole family.

LocationDiddillibah Queensland
Amenitiestwo 15amp power ports per powered site, pet friendly,
never feels crowded, near modern amenities

5. Somerset Park Campgrounds – Somerset Dam

The Somerset Park Campgrounds are similar to the Lake Wivenhoe Campgrounds, except these campgrounds sit next to the Somerset Dam. And, they are only about an hour and a half drive from Brisbane!

The campgrounds sit at the bank of Stanley River. The quiet lapping of the river and the flowers and plants create a perfect environment for you and your family to sit back and have a great relaxing vacation.

They have a great variety of campsites, from grassy powered sites to grassy unpowered sites to drive on sites, they have it all.

There are many things to see and do here. Because the campgrounds are right on the river as well as the Somerset Dam. People fish, swim, water ski, inner-tube, or even just soak up the sun while relaxing on the bank. But, water activities are not the only attraction of these campgrounds.

If you’re seeking something more exhilarating, you can skydive in Toogoolawah. Once you fly up before you jump you can see the entire south-east end of Quensland.

LocationSouth East Queensland
Reservationno, first come first serve
Amenitiestoilets, grassy sites, powered and unpowered

6. Cooloola and Inskip Peninsula, QLD, Sunshine Coast

The area of Cooloola and Inskip Peninsula offers many incredible opportunities for campers, hikers, and adventurers of all kinds. The variety even among each activity is mind-blowing.

People enjoy things such as fishing, swimming, surfing, and four-wheel driving. Then there are many places where you camp. They have sites on the beach, and some on the side of the river.

These are some of the most recommended camping spots, the Fresh water campsites.

Daily Price$5.60 per person
LocationBetween Noosa Heads and Rainbow beach,
about 2-3 hour drive from Brisbane.
ReservationYes. Bookings can be done through the QPWS office in
AmenitiesHot and cold showers for a gold coin donation and
free gas barbeques at the day-use areas

7. Mungo Brush Campground, NSW, Myall Lakes

The Mungo Brush Campground is a great place to take your RV out camping. There are many campsites to choose ones, and each of them are plenty big enough to accommodate your RV, whatever size it is.

Daily Price$8.00 per person
LocationNorth coast of NSW.
ReservationYes. Bookings can be done through the QPWS office in
AmenitiesHot and cold showers for a gold coin donation and
free gas barbeques at the day-use areas

8. Boorkoom Campground, North Coast NSW

Boorkoom Campground is one of the most secluded and spectacular campgrounds for miles. What seems like straight from a gothic novel, Boorkoom is made of rocky cliffs that fall sharply into serene water.

There are only 10 campsites, and they all sit upon the clifftops at the Northern end of Wilson’s Headland. With only 10 campsites, your stay here is bound to be peaceful, relaxing and even inspiring.

There are many activities to do here with the wide water right below your campsite. You can watch the annual whale migration, swim, surf, fish, or even walk along the boardwalks along the edge of the sea.

When camping here it is important to have your own supply of water as there is no safe source on site. Also, watch pets and children with intent focus when they are near cliff edges and in the water, as these can be quite dangerous.

Daily Price$11.50 per person
LocationNorth coast of NSW.

9. Tattersalls Campground Karuah National Park

Tattersalls Campground is located in Karuah National Park and sits right on the bank of Karuah River. Because of this and the thick, beautiful bushland inhabiting the camp, there are many different critters that you will encounter!

You will never get bored at this campground. There are always things to do! Many people enjoy exploring the bushland around the river, and others enjoy popping a squat and bird watching! You can even get out and explore the water with either a paddle, kayak or canoe!

Maybe the best thing about this park is that it is completely free! Many people describe this campground as being quiet, reclusive, and clean. While they don’t have the best facilities, they have the facilities that you pay for!

One thing to be sure of though is that you’re prepared. Yes, it’s important to be prepared every time you go camping, but especially when camping at Tattersalls, because it is particularly remote.

Daily PriceFREE
LocationNorth Coast Region
Water Provided?No. Bring your own water for drinking
and cooking.
Powered Sites?No. But in certain areas, generators are

10. Gillards Campground

The Gillards Campground is the perfect family vacation. There are great opportunities for both individuals and families to have the time of their lives.

The campsites of the campground are close to the beach, which of course making for a great trip when you’ve got water opportunities galore.

You can go surfing, fishing, and hiking along the shore or the nearby areas. Not only do you have the ocean on one side of the campground, but on the other side, there are plenty of places to explore.

There are even things to do right off there at your campsite! You can walk to the beach, fish and have some fun in the sun!

One thing is though, is that Gillards Campground isn’t a safe place to swim. The water moves very fast and suddenly, as rips and currents are often present at this beach.

While this may be a bummer, there are many safe swimming places that you can go swim such as Tathra, Bermagui, and Merimbula.

Daily Price$11 per person
LocationNarooma South Coast NSW
Water provided?Does not provide water so you will have to
bring your own for cooking and drinking.
Sites Suitable For:Caravans, motorhome and camper trailers
Maximum stayTwo weeks tops during school holidays
Four weeks tops rest of year

11. Moreton Island

Moreton Island is a very unique little place that is a great adventure for travelers and campers all the same. It is located in the Brisbane Area in Queensland.

Often when camping you’ll see classic attractions such as mountains, trees and maybe a river or beach. Moreton offers much more than that. Dave Eddy on Camplify states,

“Tall sand dunes, miles of sandy beaches, crystal clear creeks and lagoons, coastal heath, rocky headlands, and abundant wildflowers make Moreton Island a jewel in Moreton Bay.”

Dave Eddy

To camp here, one needs to get a camping pass and have it always displayed at the campsite whether you and your family are there or not. There are actually five different campground/camping zones along the shore that you can camp at.

The important thing to remember, whether camping on the beach or in the sand dunes, it is important to only camp in designated campsites rather than anywhere you please.

Dave Eddy also reports that “Moreton Island is a 38 kilometers long, 9 kilometers wide wedge-shaped, sand island located 40 kilometers from Brisbane.”

Dave Eddy
Daily Price$5.95 per person
LocationBrisbane Area, Queensland
Water provided?Does not provide water so you will have to
bring your own for cooking and drinking.
Sites Suitable For:Caravans, motorhome and camper trailers
Maximum stayTwo weeks tops during school holidays
Four weeks tops rest of year

The Queensland Government gives some great advice about how to camp safely, easily and how to make sure it stays fun! They urge you to do the following things before setting up camp.

  1. Make sure you are in the correct camping zone or campground that you have booked.
  2. Make sure that you camp only within the campsite footprint near the camping totem. Do not place tents or other equipment outside of fenced campsites or existing cleared areas.
  3. Make sure you are camping in a designated site. Camping is not permitted on the beach.

Related Questions:

Can you “free camp” (camp wherever you please) in Australia? It is not legal to just set up camp wherever and spend the night. This shouldn’t be a problem though because there are many different parks and campgrounds reserved for campers, and a lot of them are either really cheap, or free!

Is it dangerous to camp in Australia? It is not inherently dangerous to camp in Australia. Between all the venomous and mean animals, and the intense outback, Australia can be intimidating. But if you’ve done your research and you know what to stay clear of Australia is as safe as any other camping location.

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