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11 Of the Best Small Travel Trailers On the Market Right Now

Interior of a small travel trailer

If statistics can be believed, more and more RVers are choosing smaller Class C motorhomes and towable travel trailers than ever before. When the goals of travel include living sustainably, having off-road adventures, and getting back to nature, the appeal of a large recreational vehicle complete with widescreen TVs, giant leather loungers, and all the electronic gadgets diminishes significantly.

Travel Trailers Have an Advantage

In fact, many RVers find that small travel trailers have significant advantages over the larger coaches on the market. A small travel trailer is much easier to tow than a 35-foot trailer, it will often cost significantly less, and there are lots more options for parking and storage as well as camping.

Of course, a small travel trailer isn’t for everyone. If you travel with a large family or like to entertain a lot, sometimes only a large motorhome can meet your needs. Some of the cons of smaller RVs include smaller holding tanks, smaller bathrooms (or none at all), and less luxury.

Choosing a smaller travel trailer completely depends on your lifestyle, and while the luxury coaches may be nice to look at, they may not be what you really need, and having lots of space may end up being more trouble than it’s worth.

Because decreasing the size of your RV can increase your freedom on the road, we’ve listed here 11 of the best small travel trailers on the market. Take some time to explore the fun features of these unique models available now.

1. Forest River r-pod

Forest River r-pod

Forest River’s line of r-pod trailers is advertised as offering affordable luxury at the lowest tow weight in its class. These small travel trailers are designed to be easy to tow and incredibly functional. This line comes in 11 different floor plans.

With so many different layouts to choose from, you can decide where your priorities lie. Do you need more sleeping space? Do you like a rear kitchen? Do you prefer a roomier bathroom? Want to stay away from slides? No matter what you like or don’t like, there’s an r-pod layout for you.

The r-pod ranges in length from 19ft to 25ft, so every model is easy to tow and can fit in almost any camping space whether you’re parking in a national park, boondocking, or just stowing the trailer until your next trip.

Forest River makes the r-pod with a powder coated steel frame for durability, corrosion resistance, and little to no maintenance. Each unit comes standard with a 6-gallon gas/electric DSI hot water heater, a 3.7 cubic foot 3-way refrigerator, a two burner recessed cooktop with a flush mount glass cover, and a 4-speed MaxxAir fan. A convection microwave oven and 28″ 12V LED TV are now standard options as well.

Unlike some smaller trailers, the r-pod has a 6’6″ interior height, so those who hit the 6-foot mark will still have plenty of headroom to walk upright inside. Some models also include a wet bath, though all have at least a dry bath. Every model has an outside shower which uses both hot and cold running water.

If you like to upgrade your options, you can always add on an R-Dome awning with screen room, or the solar package (handy when you’re camping off-road) that includes a 110W panel, digital controller, and 1000 Watt inverter.

R-pod users really like how lightweight and easy to tow this model is, even on twisting mountain roads. They also like the convenience of the outdoor shower and how easily this model goes off-road.

Another popular feature that we like is the pet-friendly frame mounted utility hook and food/water bowls which make traveling with your fur-family so much easier.

2. TAXA Outdoors Cricket Camper

The 2021 TAXA Outdoors Cricket Camper

If you like a traditional design in a travel trailer, then the Cricket might not be your top choice. TAXA Outdoors’s Cricket is an innovative design that looks sleek, modern, and made for off-road adventure.

Cricket is ultra-easy to tow by even some 4-cylinder vehicles, and at only 15 feet in length, it is also easy to maneuver into the tightest places. But don’t discount this model’s ability to conform to your needs because it is also designed to sleep two adults and up to two children comfortably.

The amazing functionality of this little travel trailer is due to its ground-breaking design. Garrett Finney, the founder, and CEO of TAXA worked on the International Space Station and has lots of experience designing for purposeful usage in small spaces.

The Cricket has a pop-up roof with five mesh windows that, in tandem with the four swing windows, helps optimize ventilation and give you the feeling of being part of the outdoors. And even though you can capture the breeze, you can also have your privacy in crowded campgrounds because the swing windows also include shades and screens.

TAXA’s unique design allows you to access storage under the bed as well as the pop-up table even when the bed is in use, and a 32 x 20 window gives panoramic views of the scenery. The kitchen has a large counter with a covered sink that gives plenty of space for prepping and cooking, as well as storing your necessities.

A huge selling point of this travel trailer is its construction. With 1-inch plywood floors with ABS laminate and non-slip seamless nickel patterned flooring, you won’t find many travel trailers with this much durability. The laser-cut aluminum skeleton and powder-coated steel chassis keep the Cricket lightweight and incredibly strong.

Featured in places like Forbes and The Travel Channel, Cricket is designed for outdoor enthusiasts. Because of its emphasis on making the traveler one with nature, Cricket doesn’t have a lot of the amenities of other travel trailers or an infinite variety of floor plans. This travel trailer functions more like a base camp for outdoor adventure than as a home away from home.

This may not be your top choice for lounging around in or using as a workspace, but for those who are outdoor enthusiasts or want to step up from tent camping, Cricket’s ease of use and incredible functionality makes it a great choice.

3. Sonic Lite Ultra-Lite Travel Trailer

2021 Sonic Lite - Photo: Venture RV
2021 Sonic Lite – Photo: Venture RV

If TAXA’s design is a little too out-there for you, check out the Sonic Lite Ultra-Lite camper by Venture RV.

Venture RV offers the single-axle Sonic Lite in six floorplans, all of them under 3,600lbs. This attractive little trailer offers an impressive list of standards like an 8 cubic foot refrigerator, 6-gallon water heater, 38-gallons of fresh water capacity, and 6’8″ of standing room.

Construction features include a 1-piece fiberglass roof from stem to stern, aluminum rafters, R-14 insulation, and a Beauflor linoleum floor with a 7-year limited warranty.

Interior designs include bright modern colors, overhead storage in the bedroom, porcelain toilets, and a hidden charging station with USB and 110V outlets.

In addition to that big fridge, Sonic Lite kitchens feature large single bowl stainless steel farmers sinks and glass-topped, flush-mounted, 3-burner cooktops with oven.

4. Happier Camper HC1 Travel Trailer

Another really cute little travel trailer is Happier Camper’s HC1. Style wise, the HC1 has a 1970’s vibe, and neat design features like a large rear hatch, wide entry door, and a thick 1.5-inch honeycomb fiberglass floor.

The HC1 is also infinitely customizable so your camper experience is exactly what you need because its modular interior can be constantly arranged and rearranged depending on your day to day needs.

Available in 7 retro-style colors, the Happier Camper is 13 feet long with an interior height of 6’1″, and weighs in at 3500 lbs. The interior isn’t broken into floor plans because it uses the Adaptiv dynamic interior which is made of a system of 20 x 20 cubes that can be arranged in a limitless number of configurations. If you aren’t sure where to start, they offer configuration examples to get your creative juices flowing.

The floor panels of the HC1 also have built-in features like table bases, a drain, and frame-mounted D-ring tie-downs so you have options as to where to place your table, sink, cooking surface, or cargo. And the cubes that form your sitting, dining, storage, and sleeping space can also be used outside the trailer to make outdoor living space or for easy storage or cleaning.

The modular cubes also come in endless variety, used as benches, cushioned for sitting or sleeping, nesting to form table or counter tops, with lids for storage, as a cooler, or as a toilet cover component.

Because of the insane amount of options, the interior does not have divided or dedicated space for sleeping quarters, kitchen, or bathroom which could be a drawback for those not creatively inclined.

But for those who like the idea of being to customize their space on the fly, the Happier Camper also has a lot of great interior accessories, like the dry flush/turbo toilet options, a kitchenette with a Dometic drawer refrigerator, flexible reading lights. A rear hatch privacy screen is available, as well as exterior accessories like a loading ramp, contoured 100-watt solar panel package, and a heated and pressurized road shower.

The HC1 is also available with a lifted suspension to make it more compatible with off-road adventures for outdoor thrill-seekers. Users love that the rear hatch makes it easy to use as a toy hauler for bikes and other outdoor equipment and find the versatility of the interior a bonus because it can accommodate so many different functions.

5. nuCamp TAB 400

Another model on this list that uses the classic teardrop shape is the nuCamp TAB 400. nuCamp has burst on the scene with attractive, functional, lightweight travel trailers. The TAB 400’s weigh just under 2,900 lbs.

The nuCamp TAB 400 comes in two floor plans, Standard and Solo. The standard floor plan has an option for either a 2-way fridge, or a 3-way fridge. Other than interior space and the slightest of weight differences, specs for both plans are the same.

The TAB 400 features an overall length of 18’3″ and exterior eight of 8’8″, giving you an interior standing room of about 6’5″. The 22-gallons of on board freshwater feed a kitchen sink, a wet bath with a fold down sink, and an exterior shower.

That classic teardrop shape can be styled with attractive trim options, as well as a Boondock option package that includes 15″ sport rims, off-road tires, a solar package, and structural beefing up in critical areas.

6. Winnebago Micro Minnie

Another small travel trailer idea if you want something a little less “granola” is Winnebago’s Micro Minnie. This seven-foot-wide trailer now has twelve open floor plans to choose from and comes with lots of great options from a reputable manufacturer that has been around since 1958.

Some of the Micro Minnie’s standard features include the NXG engineered chassis, a high-quality frame that gives this travel trailer a strong, lightweight foundation, a TPO roof (which is heat reflective and energy efficient), and a 13.5K BTU low profile air conditioning system.

Three of the ten-floor plans come without any slides if you’re looking to decrease overall width to fit into tighter spaces or if you just prefer a travel trailer without moving exterior parts.

The Micro Minnie has all the modern amenities you could ask for in a tiny package with a full kitchen (complete with a split galley sink and pull-out faucet), convenient bathroom, roomy dinette, and a king mattress that can convert into two twin beds.

Micro Minnie also comes standard with kitchen appliances like a microwave, cooktop, and double-door refrigerator. Other features include a spacious mattress and windows designed for cross ventilation, patio speakers, and a power awning featuring LED lighting.

Micro Minnie models range in exterior length from 19’5″ (for the 1708FB model) to 25’8″ (for the 2225RL model). The interior height of each model is 6’4″, so these are great for those of you that are in the 6-feet or above range. Dry weights range from 3,360 to 4,540lbs.

Winnebago customers love that the Micro Minnie is an easy to use compact travel trailer that is great quality at an affordable price. They say it is easy to tow, thanks to the dual axles that aren’t usually found on a trailer of this size, and solidly built with a lot of features for the small space.

Another aspect of this tiny trailer that customers are happy about is the quality of the kitchen appliances and the amount of cabinet and storage space that increases the functionality of the available space.

Users of the Micro Minnie also report that Winnebago has great service and support, an important finding when you’re making this kind of investment.

7. Hiker Trailer

If you are looking for an affordable, hand-crafted, custom travel trailer consider Hiker Trailer.

This company offers trailers custom built to the customer’s preferences and individual specifications. These insanely customizable compact trailers can be towed with most small vehicles, including cars, mini-vans, and crossover SUVs.

Hiker Trailers are all about customization. White is the standard color, but you can choose others. Using their Quote A Hiker page, you can configure and quote dozens of options to build your own unique Hiker Trailer.

This company offers three distinct models; Highway, Mid-Range, and Extreme Off-Road. The Highway is available in three sizes: 5 x 8, 5 x 9, and 5 x 10. This model comes with a black powder coated frame, 14-inch aluminum wheels, two windows with screens, and a white all-aluminum exterior.

The Mid-range model is offered in the same three sizes but has larger 15-inch aluminum wheels a higher rated axle, and additional ground clearance. This model also has a large rear side-opening galley door and sturdy black steel diamond fenders.

The final model offered by Hiker Trailers is the Extreme Off-Road Deluxe is available in only the 5×8 and 5×9 configurations. This model has large 17-inch wheels with 33-inch tires, perfect for off-road adventures. The two rear drop-down legs offer great stabilization no matter what the terrain and a front storage box offer additional space.

When using the Quote page, you can then select the exterior features like color, trim, racks, fenders, awnings, and doors. Other options include the hitches and mounts, the heat, air, and electrical systems, and interior features like cabinetry.

If you aren’t sure about how you’d like your build, Hiker Trailer also has rental units available so that you can try before you customize and buy.

Customers generally feel that Hiker Trailers offers good quality at an affordable price and find these trailers to be pretty utilitarian, which is great for outdoor lovers looking for a small, easily towable camper for weekend getaways.

8. Scamp Trailer

While the Hiker Trailer is more for bare-bones campers and off-road adventurers, Scamp is another retro-looking trailer sure to please those looking for something a little homier.

Established in 1975, Scamp is a trailer manufacturer located in Backus, Minnesota that sells all its trailers factory direct through their Minnesota dealership. This company prides itself on producing American-made travel trailers and use only US-based suppliers.

Scamp trailers come in three lengths, the 13-foot trailer is best for singles, couples, or small families; the 16-foot trailer offers more space for families; the 19-foot trailer sleeps up to six people easily.

Without slides or complicated external features, Scamp fiberglass RVs are easy to tow and set up once you’ve reached your destination. The 13-foot model can be towed by most smaller vehicles (including 4-cylinder cars), the 16-foot model is designed to be towed by medium-sized cars or smaller trucks and SUVs, and the 19-foot model is only available as a fifth wheel.

The 13-foot Scamp is one of the original models the company offers and has a two-burner stove, icebox, and sink. This model also comes in a variety of choices in the available flooring and cushions. This model sleeps 2-4 people and the rear dinette seats four. A new 13-foot layout includes a front bathroom option now.

The mid-range 16-foot Scamp is a great choice because the extra length offers additional counter and storage space. This model sleeps 2-5 people and comes in a choice of five floorplans. Like the 13-foot model, the dinette converts to sleeping space and the couch converts into two bunks.

The main difference between the 19-foot fifth wheel and the 16-foot model is the addition of a loft bed at the front of the trailer which increases the sleeping space to accommodate up to six people.

Scamps are all built on heavy gauge tubular steel, and the axle uses a torsion suspension system for independent suspension to each wheel. The frame is also coated for rust prevention, and the body of the trailer is fiberglass construction.

Scamp owners are notoriously loyal to the company and appreciate that Scamp stands behind their trailers and offer great customer service. These trailers also hold their value well because of their solid construction and commitment to customer satisfaction.

9. Safari Condo Alto Travel Trailer

Popular YouTubers FitRV review the Alto

Another company that specializes in small, lightweight travel trailers is Safari Condo. These travel trailers are inspired by aircraft design to be aerodynamic and durable. Part of the Alto line’s appeal is the independent Flexiride suspension that gives great stability to its weld-free aluminum frame.

Safari Condo is also environmentally conscious, designing this travel trailer to be towed with minimal fuel usage and by smaller vehicles. These trailers are also built using mostly recyclable materials. Three Alto models (R1713, R1723, & F1743) enjoy dry weights under 1900 lbs.

The roof and walls of these trailers are designed with a plastic honeycomb core that is sandwiched between aluminum on one side and either aluminum or Alufiber (a material that combines the strength of aluminum with fiberglass’s durability).

The Alto line encompasses two series of models. The R series is distinguished by its retractable seamless aluminum roof. The R series is meant to fit easily inside a standard garage, so when the roof is down, the exterior height is only 83.5 inches. Once its roof is raised, however, the interior height is 82 inches, giving plenty of headroom for taller campers inside an exterior length of 17’3″.

There are two R series models, the R1713 whose 72 x 76 king size bed converts to two twin beds and the R1723 which has a smaller 60 x 76 bed. Both these models sleep 3-4 people and have a dining area that is available even while the bed is in use.

The table in the R series models can be moved to create two distinct areas, a two-seat and another five-seat dinette. These models also have a fixed flush toilet and handy storage in the toilet area.

The F17 series is a fixed roof model which the company bills as a “European-style.” This model includes double-glazed panoramic acrylic windows with a built-in blind and screen combination system that gives the feeling of being outdoors when inside the trailer.

This larger fixed-roof model has an exterior height of 95 inches and needs a bigger garage, but can still be towed by most compact cars and small SUVs.

The F1743 sleeps 3-4 people with a 60 x 81 queen size bed and the conversion of the front dining area into a 36 x 81 bed. This model also features a fully enclosed interior shower and toilet as well as a large bathroom cabinet and a large wardrobe.

The largest model Alto is the F21 series which also has a fixed roof and a greater exterior height of just over 101 inches. The F2114 model differs from the F17 model in its more spacious interior and additional storage. The F2114 is designed to fit 4 people and includes both king (a whopping 80 x 81) and queen (60 x 81) beds.

The F2114 also has a larger fridge and a more powerful heating system in addition to a four seating front dining area. The table in this area can also be moved outside and attached to the exterior of the trailer for al fresco dining.

Customers love the amount of natural light inside the Alto models and the way this easy to tow trailer doesn’t sacrifice on stability, even in heavy crosswinds.

10. Airstream Basecamp

Airstream Basecamp 16

A staple brand in the RV world, Airstream’s Basecamp is its smallest model, designed for those stepping up from tent camping or first-timers who want to spend time outdoors.

Basecamp’s exterior length starts at 16’3″ and has an interior height of 6’3.5″ enclosed in a floor plan ingeniously designed with a kitchen, bathroom, and dining area that converts to sleeping space for two. Basecamp models run all the way up to the 20X, which is 20ft. long and includes loads of other features. Our focus here is on the Basecamp 16.

The dining area holds two removable tables that adjust to different heights and move in different directions so that you can customize them to how you use them. The tables and their legs stow away inside the surrounding benches.

The benches around the tables offer to seat for up to five people and convert to either a half bed on one side or a full bed (76 x 76) across the back of the trailer. This end of the trailer also has bungee storage perfect for storing hiking gear.

This small travel trailer has a wet bath with a shower, toilet, and sink in one enclosed space. The shower head pass-through makes it convenient to create an outdoor shower as well.

The front of the travel trailer is the kitchen with a two-burner gas stove, sink, microwave, and fridge. The cooking space also includes spice and grocery storage and the countertop follows the curve of the trailer and faces the gorgeous panoramic windows.

While the interior layout is set, this model does come in three different interior decor themes. Another fun feature is the rear door that holds additional storage and is separated from the interior by a screen. The main door includes a screen as well.

Airstream also offers the Basecamp X designed for off-road use with higher ground clearance and larger tires. This model also has stainless steel protectors on the front of the trailer to protect from rock or other debris damage that swing out for easy cleaning. Solar stone guards also protect the front glass windows.

Both models also offer optional tent packages that can be added onto the trailer. These tents attach to the rear hatch and main door to extend the trailer’s livability outside.

Those who’ve used the Basecamp rave about how easy it is to set up and appreciate the strategically placed LED lights that make setting up in the dark no hassle at all. They also like how easy the rear bed is to set up and like that the storage bench has rings to snap in the legs of the tables so they don’t roll around or get damaged when not in use.

11. Oliver Travel Trailers Legacy Elite II

The final travel trailer on this list is also the longest of the small travel trailers here. The Legacy Elite II by Oliver Travel Trailer is a 23’6″ tandem axle travel trailer that is also the company’s most popular camper trailer. The Elite II has a dry weight of 4,900 lbs.

Legacy Elite II is a four seasons trailer with two-floor plans that have either a standard rear bed (79 x 75) or twin beds in addition to the bed that converts from the side dinette.

Both floor plans come with a complete bathroom that has a molded vanity with toiletry storage and mirrored cabinet doors. The bathroom also has a chrome faucet and a sliding frosted window with a screen and a mirror tinted glass door.

Standard features on the Legacy Elite II include the Dexter E-Z Flex suspension, dual charging station, flip down TV mount, and the reading light package. This model is designed to be a high-quality luxury in an off-road ready trailer.

There are also some great add-ons that make this a nice off-road choice like the 340-watt solar package that lets you go off the grid more easily and the four Trojan dual purpose AGM deep cycle battery touted to be maintenance-free and exceptionally reliable.

Another aspect that sets this Oliver trailer apart is the attention to detail like the rubber-lined storage space that provides a no-slip storage surface and the LED lighting inside the cabinetry that adds a nice ambiance to the trailer.

The fridge in the kitchen is larger than normal for the trailer size at 4.5 cubic feet. The kitchen drawers also have a soft-close function that also easily clicks firmly into place with just a small tap.

The Legacy Elite II was designed with luxury boats in mind and uses many of the same features in the flooring, counters, and use of space to give the same refined feeling you would find in a state-of-the-art yacht.

The entire trailer is molded fiberglass bolted to an aluminum frame to keep it lightweight, durable, and easy to clean. The plumbing, holding tanks, and drain pipes are also enclosed between shells with heat to prevent them from freezing in colder temperatures.

Manufactured in Tennessee, Oliver Travel Trailers offers factory tours if you’re close by (or traveling through), and you can get personalized walk-throughs of their models all across the US.

Another cool bonus to purchasing directly from Oliver is that they provide a customer education class when you take delivery so you’ll know how to operate every aspect of your travel trailer including hookups, safety equipment, and sway control.

They also pay for your first night of camping in one of their local campgrounds so that you can test your trailer right away while they’re nearby to offer assistance and answer any questions.


Any one of these travel trailers would make an excellent choice. Remember you can often rent a travel trailer through peer-to-peer services like RVezy to try out a few options.

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  2. How come you guys never mention the Sunlite 16BH. It is a great product and only weighs 2400 lbs dry. We have the off-road package. It looks good and is very well built.

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  5. I want a 22’ travel trailer that has a dinette at one end with three sides of windows, a queen bed at the opposite end and the bathroom and kitchen in the middle. I know the SOL Horrizon, but, there are others with this floor plan! Please Help me find it ,

  6. You didn’t include the Canadian ESCAPE. High quality, low weight and price compared to the Oliver, great service. We’ve travel 40,000 miles in our 2016 21’er without a problem.

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