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11 Must-See Travel Trailer Floor Plans

Published on February 12th, 2019 by Jim Harmer
This post was updated on May 4th, 2021

5th wheel in desert campground amidst tall cactus at dusk.

When it comes to travel trailers, there are so many different floor plans and designs. But the real question is which one is best for you and your needs?

Here are the 11 Must-See Travel Trailer Floor Plans:

(5th Wheels)
Full Family
(5th Wheels
Only the
5,000 lb
Tent Trailers
Series 324CG
Grand Design
Solitude 372WB
Travel Trailer RP176T
Time Fury 2910
Gold G380FLF
Travel Trailer
Jay Sport
Adrenline 25QB
Bighorn 3850ML
ICamp Elite

Each trailer has a different feel, and the way things are set up creates an entirely different atmosphere for your camper. You can have the same ammenities and capabilities, but without the right floorplan, it does not feel like it is truly yours.

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Toy-Hauling Fifth Wheels

These are the campers you need if you are planning on making a long trip. Sometimes it is not possible to have two vehicles with two full-length trailers going to your families’ excursion. With it’s combination of form and function, this option is the best of both worlds.

Prime Time Fury 2910

The Outback is great for campers that are ready to go out for a nice ride. With a ten foot garage right behind the bathroom, there is plenty of room for your toys as well as a large ramp that lowers from the back of the camper.

This floorplan is great because the garage is located next to the bathroom and has a door on both sides. There’s space for a mudroom to clean your shoes off after a muddy or dusty ride. It also has a twenty-gallon fuel capacity, which is handy if you want to keep extra fuel for the vehicles or dirtbikes you bring along.

This floorplan is not only ready for your weekend of riding but also has everything you would want from a fifth-wheel. There’s a nice master bedroom with plenty of storage, a full kitchen and dining area for you to fuel up after your exploration, and plenty of seating for you and your buddies to relax after a long day.

Hitch weight923 pounds
Unloaded vehicle weight
7262 pounds
Cargo carrying capacity 2161 pounds
Vehicle’s height11 feet
Exterior length34′ 6”

Keystone Outback 324CG

Stock exterior view of Keystone Outback travel trailer.

This camper is known for its diverse uses. Not only is it going to be great for bringing your all-terrain vehicles, but also easily converts to fit all of your passengers.

The front of the camper can be used to haul all your extra equipment, but it also easily converts to two bunk-beds in their own separate room of the trailer.

The master suite is in the back with a king-sized bed and plenty of storage. The main couch is also a sleeper couch which is ready for a quick conversion as soon as it’s needed.

The fully equipped kitchen is ready for your family’s large meals. There’s also a nice dinette that is very roomy since it’s part of one of the large slide outs. This camper is ready for the adventurous family that is ready to take it to the road.

Floorplan of Keystone Outback travel trailer.
Hitch weight870 pounds
Unloaded Vehicle Weight8006 pounds
Cargo carrying Capacity 2494 pounds
Vehicle’s Height11′
Exterior length of vehicle34′ 4”

Coachman Adrenaline 25QB

The Coachman has the largest mini garage out of the three we’ve discussed so far. The open design plan allows for convenient space and plenty of room for you and your friends.

The garage area is over twelve feet long, ready for a weekend riding with friends. It also comes equipped with a 30-gallon fuel up station to allow you to extend the fun of your weekend.

There is plenty of room for everyone in here with a queen bed, 2 optional sleeper couches, a normal couch, and a pull-down bed. There’s space for tons of friends and family to stay in this layout!

For those muddy rides, there is also an outdoor rinse-off station to keep the dirt out of your camper, no matter what the weather is like.

This is a great camper for families of older children that are looking to go long rides. The space and layout are also perfect for weekends with friends that want to experience the outdoors.

Floorplan of Coachmen Adrenaline travel trailer.
Hitch Weight1264 pounds
Unloaded Vehicle Weight8797 pounds
Cargo Carrying Capacity 4467 pounds
Exterior Height11′
Exterior Length36′

Full Family Camper Fifth Wheels

Theis style of camper is great if you are looking to bring the whole family comfortably on a vacation. These vehicles have plenty of room for everyone to sleep without having everyone packed like sardines.

Grand Design Solitude 372WB

The Solitude’s floor plans are known for their abundance of slide-outs, which just means more room for you. This is a full-luxury design with plenty of seating and sleeping areas.

The floorplan in this model is great for creating a nice open area in the main space of the camper, where everyone can see each other and the entertainment center. But it also gives a private and separated master suite for times you want to be alone.

This great fifth wheel has 2 options for sleeper beds. There’s also a nice large kitchen table for your family dinners on the go.

The slide-outs also have large awnings for some nice shade on a summer day.

Hitch Weight2350 pounds
Unloaded Vehicle Weight12100 pounds
Cargo Carrying Capacity Weight2800 pounds
Exterior Height13′ 5”
Exterior Length34′ 11”

KZ Durango Gold G380FLF

Exterior stock photo of Durango 5th wheel.

The great thing about the floorplan in this vehicle is that it creates more of a homey feeling. The setup of the vehicle creates the feeling of three separate rooms.

The master suite comes with a king-size bed and the kitchen area is split off by the bathroom on one side. In addition, the placement of the couches creates different sections like in most close floorplan homes. You have a feeling of separation and personal space in an area that’s pretty limited.

Another great aspect of this separation is that it creates barriers for sound. You can have the kids playing games in the front room and not be able to hear them from the back room due to the great sound buffer.

This is also great to keep everyone from being distracted by electronics during dinner time!

By having the separation, it also creates more privacy for those sleeping on the sleeper-beds. When someone enters the vehicle, they are not immediately stepping into someone’s sleeping space.

The full kitchen area is great for meals and has a nice slide-out eating area.

Floorplan of Durango 5th wheel.
Hitch Weight2250 pounds
Unloaded Vehicle Weight12580 pounds
Cargo Carrying Capacity Weight2700 pounds
Exterior Height13′ 6”
Exterior Length39′ 11”

Heartland Bighorn 3850ML

The Bighorn by Heartland sports a great open floorplan and is a vehicle that’s perfect for any adventure that you have planned. There is plenty of walking room as well, which is what qualifies it for our list.

It does not have as many beds as the previous two, but just the pure amount of walking space gives it a different feel.

The floor plan has a large master suite, with a ton of room and storage options. This bathroom is huge with a full bath for a nice relaxing weekend. The full-size stadium seating couches are prepared for you to entertain a group of any size.

This is a great vehicle if you are looking to go full-time in your camper. After a few days away in the camper, it is easy to feel cramped and the need for indoor piece begins to grow.

This vehicle does not just cram too many things in so there is room to breathe or follow along with your favorite yoga video.

Hitch Weight2725 pounds
Unloaded Vehicle Weight12480 pounds
Cargo Carrying Capacity Weight3500 pounds
Exterior Height13′ 3”
Exterior Length36′ 3”

Only the Necessities Camper (under 5,000 lbs)

These campers are perfect for people who do not want to commit to all the extra space, maintenance, and towing problems of a larger camper. These are perfect for people who are interested in lighter road trips and more minimalistic camping. The floor plans in these models are great, because they make the most of the space that they have.

Forest River R-Pod Travel Trailer RP176T

Forest River r-pod sits in lush field at edge of forest.

The great thing about the R-Pod Travel Trailer floorplan is that it has a lot in the small size of the trailer. It still has the basic accommodations that most campers need.

And the great thing it still has a bathroom! This is not the case with most of the trailers of this size.

I love this floorplan because it creates a nice one-bedroom apartment feel with a kitchenette, large bed and even a dining space place within the trailer. This is a great camper for beginners or for those who want to bring smaller groups. This has all the essentials that you need without the stress of investing in a huge trailer and truck!

With the different choices that the r-pod has, you can either chose between one large bed or two full-size bunk beds in a separate room in the trailer. Either option can give you a good amount of privacy in a limited space.

Forest River r-pod floorplan.
Unloaded Vehicle Weight2669 pounds
Hitch Weight280 pounds
Cargo Carrying Capacity Weight1111 pounds
Exterior Height9′ 7”
Exterior Length20′

Aliner Expedition Travel Trailer

White Travel trailer pulled by white truck on scenic highway near river and mountains.

What is so unique about this floorplan is the triangular shape of the trailer’s roof. Over the sleeping areas, it is much lower, which creates a vehicle that is smaller and easier to transport.

It is definitely one of the smaller trailers, and the great thing about it is that still has a bathroom. Obviously, this is really important for anyone who’s going to be on the road a lot! The great part of this model is that there are three sleeping options you can choose from. These are a queen size bed, two twin beds or a full pull out couch bed.

There is room to eat and do some basic cooking in this trailer. This is a great option if you are looking to go to more remote places. It is a much safer option if you are planning on going up a lot of windy roads or if this is the first time you’ll be towing a trailer.

It is a diverse floor plan that gives you what you need. And for many campers who do not plan on being in their camper the majority of their trip, it is perfect. For the smaller campgrounds, you will have plenty of room for this trailer and your normal vehicle.

Hitch Weight240 pounds
Unloaded Vehicle Weight1850 pounds
Cargo Carrying Capacity Weight1000 pounds
Road height68”
Exterior Length18′

ICamp Elite

There are not going to be many campers smaller than the ICamp. Most cars will have the capacity to pull this little guy behind them. This is great for the new camper or for people that are just looking for a nice weekend escape.

The cool thing about this trailer is its ability to convert into whatever you need it to be. This makes the most out of the square footage. The dinnette transforms into a full-size bed!

The kitchen area has the capacity to convert into a countertop and the bathroom has all the essentials you need. I highly recommend models like this to new couples who want to begin camping.

But it also works if you are a lone fisherman or just someone who wants to keep things focused on the outdoors.

Hitch Weight236 pounds
Unloaded Vehicle Weight2366 pounds
Cargo Carrying Capacity Weight524 pounds
Exterior height8′ 1”
Exterior Length10′ 7”

Tent Trailers/ Pop-Up Trailers

Tent trailers have a special place in my heart, as we had one when I was growing up. They’re great for growing families that want to spend more time out in nature.

Their unique design maximizes their limited space and makes it easy to tow them around. The large cloth pull-outs on these trailers are great for optimum space, and allow them to fold up to the smallest size possible.

Rockwood Freedom Series 1640ltd

Rockwood Freedom popup camper in fully closed state.

The floorplan of the Freedom by Rockwood is a great standard tent trailer. It folds up to the smallest size possible, allowing most vehicles to still be able to see out of the rear window of their vehicle.

The two queen size beds that are on both sides of the trailer both zip up for some form of privacy. There is a dinner table that can transform into a twin sized bed and there’s also a couch that pulls out to the size of a futon.

There is a small kitchenette for the basic cooking that you need to do, as well as storage which is conveniently hidden under the couch and table. There is also an option to have a porta potty to link onto the outside of your trailer if you are like me and want somewhere to do your business in peace.

This also includes a shower if you are planning on being gone for more than just a few days.

A tent trailer is a great option for people who are planning on being gone for a weekend once in awhile. They also do not necessitate as many repairs as the more full-stocked trailers.

Hitch Weight263 pounds
Unloaded Vehicle Weight2439 pounds
Cargo Carrying Capacity Weight824 pounds
Exterior Closed Height5′ 6”
Exterior Closed Length17′ 3”

Jay Sport Pure Escape 12SC

Stock exterior view of  Jay Sport pop-up camper fully opened.

Again the tent trailer options are great to get when you have a small space, and still want to have room to sleep in peace. With a king size bed on one side of the trailer and a queen on the other, this has the space to sleep multiple people in comfort.

It also has a dinette and couch to give it that home-like feel. I love having other options to sit so I can keep the outdoors out of my sleeping area.

There is room for you to do some basic cooking, plus plenty of space to hide things. There is storage under part of both the beds, under the couch and under the kitchen sink.

The cooking is going to be part of the outside attachment with a nice camping stove that gives you optimal space for whatever you are cooking up.

Floorplan of Jayco pop-up camper.
Hitch Weight280 pounds
Unloaded Vehicle Weight2270 pounds
Cargo Carrying Capacity Weight980 pounds
Exterior Closed Height4” 10′
Exterior Closed Length18′ 6”

Related Questions

What are some essentials I need for my new trailer? For your trailer, you’ll want a generator, which will be used both to charge any electronics, and to operate powered slide-outs (which most large fifth-wheels and trailers have). You’ll also want dump hoses for your bathroom and any additional water.

What kind of hitch do I need? There are five different classes of hitches that you can get. It depends on the weight of your new trailer. For small trailers that are around 2,000 pounds, you would need a class 1. If you are pulling a fifth wheel, you’ll need a specific fifth wheel hitch. For the small trailer that I would say that you will want a class 3 hitch, and for a tent trailer a class 2 or 3 should work. The class 2 and 3 hitches are great for larger SUV and smaller trucks.

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