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11 Fantastic and Simple Travel Trailer Additions (With videos!)

Published on May 9th, 2019 by Camper Report
This post was updated on July 26th, 2019

There are several different additions you can add on to your travel trailer, but here are some of the best additions that I love. Every person who has a travel trailer should invest in these additions because they can help make for a better traveling experience.

Along with each of the additions, I’ve added some explanations and some example items that have really enhanced my camping experience. Plus videos! These videos can help explain how to use each of the products I mention.

1. Quick Zip Bed Sheets

Before taking off on a journey, you may have the bed already but you can’t forget about the bed sheets. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve left and forgotten just simple bedding items.

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Now I found the best bed sheets that can make your life even better, they are super simple to use and make it easy with a traveling bed. Quick Zip Bed Sheets are sheets you can simply zip on and off. Great for keeping your sheets on the bed so they do not fall off and it makes it easier for cleaning.

I love these sheets because when you need to clean them all you need to do it unzip the top sheet and clean it! Instead of tackling the hassle of taking apart all the sheets, it works in a way that allows you to simply unzip the top layer and

2. Sewer Hose (Camco)

Some travel trailers have toilets but some don’t. If your trailer does not have a toilet, you can ignore this one. If you do have a toilet, this is a MUST HAVE.

When you flush the toilet, it doesn’t go straight out but instead stays inside your trailer so you will need to take the sewer out often. Which is why you are going to want a sewer hose.

You will need to get a sewer hose so that the waste goes through the hose to a campground sewage area.

I attached a video above of the Camco RhinoFLEX RR Sewer Hose Kit because the Camco hose kits are great kits if you are looking for a quality sewer hose.

Some qualities that this sewer hose has is that it can compress so it is easy for storage. There is a swivel and is easy to attach and detach.

It is relatively not too expensive, at about $33 for a new set. This includes the swivel, translucent elbow, storage caps, and dump station fitting. Here is the link: Camco RhinoFLEX.

Remember before you leave this is the best add on to your trailer because, without it, your traveling experience might turn into a mess.

3. Fridge Fan

Something that causes problems for several travelers is that the refrigerators inside their trailers do not keep the food as cold or fresh as a normal refrigerator would.

Here is the answer: Look into purchasing and installing an RV Fridge Fan.

Now I know you have a travel trailer, but this works great for an RV or travel trailer refrigerator. What exactly does the fridge fan do? It does exactly what the title implies. It sits in your fridge, blowing and moving the air around to keep your food cool.

This circulation of air is great because it will help your food last longer and saves energy.

It can be difficult to keep fridges cool when traveling in warm climates so this is a great way to keep all of your food cool the same way a normal refrigerator would.

Here is an example of a fridge fan that is perfect for camper refrigerators: Valterra 3-Volt FridgeCool.

4. Reflectix

Reflectix is a must-have addition to any travel trailer. It is insulation that you can put up in your trailer. When you do this, it helps control the weather inside. For instance, if you are traveling in warmer weather, it will keep your trailer cool. If it is the winter time, you will keep heat inside the trailer better thanks to the Reflectix.

Not only is Reflectix helpful, but it is also easy to install or put up. If you follow along with the video above, you will be able to see how to put up Reflectix in your own trailer. You can also click on this link to purchase Reflectix on Amazon: Reflectix ST16025.

The nice part about this add on is that it’s really cheap too. For a roll of 16 inches by 25 feet it’s about $15. Plus there is no one you need to call to install it because it is easy to install, just put it up where it is needed!

5. Portable Propane Fire Pit

I love campfires but sometimes I travel to areas that don’t have campfire grounds. The best advice I can give is to bring your own portable propane fire pit. It’s perfect for gathering around at night with family and friends especially if you are traveling to areas that may not have fire pits accessible.

It’s also a great option because I sometimes worry about making sure we have firewood or making sure we put it out the right way.

Also one of the reasons why I suggest the propane fire pit is because there is no smokey smell left afterward. Don’t get me wrong, I love the smell of a good fire but the smell of campfire on my clothes every night can be a hassle to clean every day. That or wait to do laundry and then smell the clothes inside the trailer. Nope, not fun!

The Portable propane fire pit is perfect, easy to move, easy to set up, great for gatherings, and no smell that sticks to you for a week. It’s perfect!

6. Solar Oven

One of my favorite additional items to bring is a solar oven. A solar oven is an oven (that looks like a normal container) that sits outside in the sun and cooks your food in it. It does not require electricity or anything of that sort. It only needs the sun!

Why do I love it? 1) Requires only energy from the sun 2) easy to set up 3) makes great tasting food and 4) makes cooking easy while traveling.

While you are out adventuring, you can leave food to cook with no fears of it burning down your trailer. It is like a slow cooker but used outside. It makes for a great food experience, especially if you’re spending lots of time outdoors because it just adds to the overall outdoor camping experience.

Plus if you’re not good at cooking or whatever your excuse may be, you really can’t go wrong with how you cook with a solar oven. Simply place the food in it, then let the oven cook for a certain time and that’s it. This also helps because when you’re out traveling you’re not always close by a local burger joint.

Before you set out on your trip I suggest trying out your oven and looking up recopies to bring along so that you come prepared.

7. Lithium Batteries

While traveling, lithium batteries can come in handy because they provide higher energy than a regular battery. Not only do they stand as a great power source, but they also are eco-friendly and charge quickly.

A Lithium Jump Starter also is helpful because it charges devices or jump-starts your vehicle if needed.

These batteries are great with maintaining a longer life span and still produce great energy. It can charge within 1 to 3 hours and is known for being a safe, lightweight battery. With this great addition, you will be able to go on trips that last longer thanks to the extended amount of battery life!

You do need to charge your battery so make sure to also purchase a battery charger. One you could look into buying is the UltraSafe Smart Battery Charger.

It’s nice too because you don’t need to do much maintenance with these batteries. so really when you purchase it, you are good to go for at least 5 years.

As far as which battery to purchase, there are several different products and sizes. So whichever battery you purchase, ensure that it fits in your trailer first. You can use this website to help find which battery works best for you.

8. WiFi Ranger

In this day and age, we use the internet daily. Whether it is finding directions, asking google questions, or working away from the office, it is important to have WiFi reception. Which is why I love the WiFi Ranger. This device helps you pick up WiFi even when you are way out of range and it also helps increase your WiFi so that it’s not as weak.

It is perfect for traveling because it can be used with smartphones, TV’s, laptops, gaming systems, and more! It is a great device because it can take your data and balance it all out to ensure you receive the best internet at a speed you want it.

Now you don’t need to have any fears that you can’t connect with your mom or with your online directions. It brings a sigh of relief when I have this because I know I can go out traveling while still having the security of my internet service right by my side, specifically Google, ready to solve any concern I have.

When the WiFi Ranger balances WiFi for you, it helps connect you with both WiFi and Cellular but in the best way that helps you have the ultimate WiFi experience. It even works if you have multiple different cellular devices.

Even if you wanted to control the data limits on some devices, it lets you do that. It is also set up with a security system to ensure that your information is kept safe while using public WiFi networks.

Honestly, this is a must have for any road trip or vacation. It is a great resource that you won’t regret adding onto your travel trailer experience.

9. Roof Gutter Drip Extenders

When it rains, the roof gutter drip extenders are made perfect for helping the rain drip off your trailer and away to leave your trailer streak free.

Even if you don’t have spouts on your trailer, there are roof gutter extenders that allow you to attach them. This is a great product because it is easy to install in a few minutes, plus it is relatively cheap.

For a set of four, Amazon provides them for $8-$13. Cheap and easy to install? Yes, please! Here is an example of some.

It is a great resource because it will help you avoid getting any dirt and streaks on the side of your trailer.

10. Collapsible Kitchen Utensils

When you are traveling, especially light in a travel trailer, the last thing you want is too much stuff taking up your precious space. Which is why I love the collapsible kitchen utensils.

Collapsible utensils are dishes that can be squashed down or can collapse down so when you store them they take up hardly any pace. So instead bowls are a third of their original heights. Perfect for light travel!

They are perfect for storage, keeping everything put together and condensed.

Collapsible kitchen utensils come in varieties, there’s not a specific brand that I use. Some utensils that you may want to look into getting is a dish plan, collapsible storage bowls, and mixing bowl.

I would highly suggest the dishpan. Here is an example of one.

This is a great tool because it can serve as a tub to hold dishes, carry and store food, be a drying rack, hold water in it, and more. Honestly, it’s a great multi-use tool that has so many benefits. I don’t know how you could survive without one.

11. Table Fan (Dyson Air Multiplier)

When you are traveling through hot areas, another great idea is to bring a table fan. There isn’t always the best air flow in trailers and can cause you to use a lot of energy cranking the air down too.

So one way help the circulation is to get a table fan, and if you’re asking for a specific fan that works really well I would suggest the Dyson Air Multiplier.

I love the Dyson Air Multiplier because it is unlike other fans I’ve used. For one, some of you may look at it and say, “That’s not a fan, there’s no blades!” Yes I know exactly what you mean. Yet with Dyson’s technology, this fan blows out air just like a normal fan does.

Without the blades, it makes it perfect for families with children or with pets because they cannot get a finger/paw stuck or hurt themselves.

Not only does it not have blades, but it’s also a quiet fan. So it produces the airflow you want, it’s quiet, and it isn’t dangerous, it’s perfect! There even is a little remote control with the new model that helps you set a timer or control how long it circulates the air.

I love this for camping trips because it perfectly circulates the air and keeps everyone cooled off inside. Perfect for warm camping trips! Here is the link to check them out.

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